Monday, June 15, 2015

BuddhiBox June 2015 Review and Coupon Code

BuddhiBox is a subscription box focusing on delivering ethically sourced, cruelty-free, mindful living products to enhance your yoga practices on and off the mat. They work only with organizations and businesses that follow ethical and eco-conscious practices. BuddhiBox also strives to send organic and vegetarian items when at all possible.
Each BuddhiBox is carefully packed and will include healthy food, supplements, beauty products and yoga accessories to encourage and uplift you. Each month, BuddhiBox also chooses a charity to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each box. The charity this month is Connections to Success. The goal of Connections to Success is to provide a way for those living in poverty to experience economic independence by providing mentors, clothing, workshops and more to encourage both personal and professional development.

The Cost: $30.95/month

What You Get: Each month, delivered straight to your mailbox, you will receive a mix of 4-6 samples and full size products all dedicated to pure and mindful living.

Real Beauty for a Cause Detox Face Mask- Unfortunately, even though this seemed to be closed all the way, it was everywhere inside my box. It coated everything so I had to wipe everything else down, even the cards! This mask is made with bentonite clay, activated charcoal, Frankincense and peppermint essential oil. I really like charcoal masks. My skin always feels and looks fantastic after I use them. My current go-to is the Origins Charcoal Mask but I'll definitely use this. Mix it with equal parts water, apply a thin layer, wait 30 minutes then rinse.
Value: $7.50

Real Beauty for a Cause Peppermint Shower Tab- I love these things! You put them on your shower floor almost out of the way of the water stream and they melt and release their scent. Peppermint is really high up on my "love to smell" list and it seems especially appropriate for a morning shower. I need to learn how to make them.
Value: $1.50
Indo-Love Jewelry "Namaste" Bracelet- This is a handstamped aluminium bracelet. It's very lightweight and adjustable to any size wrist. Namaste is a respectful Hindu greeting. The literal translation is "I bow to you" and can be accompanied by a gesture of palms flat together in front of your chest with a slight nod of the head.
Value: $18

Kalika Fortin Music- Flowers for Kali Album Download- Head to the CDBaby website and type in the code to get Kalika's whole album. I'm not big into music which apparently makes me really strange. I just never got into the habit of listening to music since we didn't have any radios growing up. It just distracts me from whatever I'm doing.
Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal-These are two different hot cereals. One is Goji Cacao and has goji berries, cacao nibs and cinnamon along with oatmeal, oat flour and hemp flour. The other is Espresso Maca Mulberry with mulberries, cacao nibs, espresso powder mixed in with the rolled oats and hemp and oat flours. These are pretty carbtastic with over 40 carbs per bucket. I only mention that because my husband has been cutting back on his carb intake. I, however, just eat everything (in moderation). Unless its Haribo Gold Bears... Oops.
Value: $8 ($4 ea)
Foursee Apparel Yoga Sugarskull Cotton Tote- A lightweight, cotton bag can carry your yoga essentials or your farmer's market fruit.
Value: $10
Grokker Premium 30 Day Pass- Grokker is a video network providing expert-led videos in Yoga, Fitness, and Cooking. They have thousands of Premium how-to videos will help you achieve your wellness goals. It's specifically designed for busy people on the go, Grokker makes it possible to achieve your wellness goals from the comfort and convenience of your home.
This pass is for  30 days of premium access. Unfortunately, you have to make an account and enter your credit card info in order to use it so I don't count that toward box value.

Also included in each Buddhibox is an inspirational quote and a Yoga Pose Card. This month's card is the Cobra Pose. They're printed on nice cardstock and give a little background on the pose and how to do it. This month there's also a discount "fourbuddhi" to get 15% off at Foursee Apparel.
Last but not least there's always a recipe card with a tasty recipe. This one is Chinese Orange Cauliflower and is courtesy of Jasmine Briones of Sweet Simiple Vegan.

VERDICT: This Buddhibox seemed less full because there were fewer tangible items in it. I think the album download is a great idea, especially for someone who really wants to enhance their yoga experience. I'm not into yoga (in fact, I almost passed out in my first hot yoga session. My friend neglected to tell me I should probably drink a lot of water beforehand) either as an exercise or as a practice so I can't really assess the suitability of these items in a true yoga lifestyle.
Buddhibox offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons a little in terms of mindfully sourced products in beauty, skincare and life in general.

If you would like to sign up for Buddhibox, you can do that here. Make sure to use coupon code YOGAEVERYDAMNDAY to get 10% off your subscription.


  1. Ugh, that's annoying that your mask got everywhere :( I wonder if they'd replace it for you if you contacted them?

    I've always wanted to try a shower tab. LUSH used to sell them but now they're only available in boxed sets and I'm not really interested in those, so I'll have to check out Real Beauty!

    1. I love them! You can find them at Level Naturals (they call them Shower Bombs but they only come in one scent--it's very invigorating) and then Fortune Cookie Soap has them, too, but I feel like they're way too expensive there.