Saturday, June 20, 2015

Candy Club $20 Off Coupon Code!

 candy club $20 off coupon
Candy Club is running an awesome coupon right now! If this will be your first experience with Candy Club, I think they send the same thing to everyone on their first month. So I'm pretty sure you will receive this box:

You can read the full review on this box here. I really enjoyed it. Especially the Sour Cherry Ribbons and the Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy.

Use code MEOW20 and you'll get your first box for $7.99 plus $6 shipping. I figure it's worth that although I did cancel my subscription after two months. I feel like $33.99 full price is just too much to spend on candy. I'm only one person and I *shouldn't* eat that much on my own. Although I totally will (and did) and that's the problem. :D

Sign up here and use MEOW20!!

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