Friday, June 12, 2015

Fabletics June 2015 Review and 50% off Coupon

Fabletics is a women's athletic wear subscription. I like it because you can skip months if you don't like any of the offerings and you get to choose what you want. There's no styling fee, no being sent things you hate or think are too expensive. No returning anything (unless you don't like it or it doesn't fit or something) with a penalty, etc.

The company is fronted by Kate Hudson, who helps design some of the outfits and of course, looks really good in everything. You will fill out a profile that asks questions like "Do you like your arms covered?" or "What is your favorite part of your body?" and then clothing suggestions are made taking into account the fact that you love your arms and hate your hips or love your abs and hate your calves. Personally, I just look at ALL the outfits and pick the one I think looks the most comfortable.

The Cost: $49.95/month

What You Get: Your choice of one, two or three piece outfits and a discount on any other activewear.

If you are in good shape, you are going to look fantastic in all the outfits. Some of them are very... unusual. I don't even know how some of the shirts could stay on your body (especially during yoga) with the way they are designed with slashes and loops and gaps. You'll see what I mean if you look around the shop.

Each month they introduce a new color scheme so there's always something new to choose from. I find that I get about four outfits a year. Sometimes I hate the color scheme so I skip. Sometimes I don't like any of the outfit combinations, so I skip. Sometimes they don't have the size I want, so I skip. It's really easy to do. You can also return and/or exchange anything you get. It's really easy to do and they don't make a fuss at all.

If you don't skip and don't pick an outfit, you'll be charged $49.95 for that month and it will be added as a credit to your account. I haven't had that happen because they always send an email saying "Pick or Skip!" to remind you.

This month I chose the Idyllwild. It has a pink Adventura Tank and their Hamilton Sweatpants. I always go for comfortable. And I don't like to show a ton of skin, especially my midsection and back. I could, of course, but I'm not the type.
The cropped sweatpants are ridiculously comfy. They have a drawstring waist, which I like because I can either tie them at my waist or my hips and not worry about them slipping around. I got a Medium but I should have gotten a small. It's okay, though. Comfy is better. I don't like to feel self conscious in the gym. Although, these are so comfy, I'll probably end up wearing them more around the house. :D
The tank top is a light pink. It's a racerback and is much thinner than I was expecting. It also has gigantic arm holes. I think they're like that so you can show off your sports bra. They have a lot of outfits like that. I am going to keep this one because I can use it for layering even though I should exchange it for a Small.

VERDICT: Fabletics is a lot of fun if you like to get new, interesting and cute workout wear without even leaving the house. You will definitely be the most stylish one in the class. The quality is very good on every piece I've received. From pants to jackets, everything has been high quality. No loose strings, no see-through yoga pants (although they do have ones with mesh inserts on the legs). I absolutely think it's worth the $25/piece. Nothing has worn out or ripped or been ruined on anything I've owned. I haven't blogged about all my outfits because I'm so terrible at taking clothing photos but I've been subscribed for about a year. :D

If you would like to try Fabletics, you can get your first outfit for 50% off! That is an amazing deal and it's what I did when I first started. It appears that you do have to call to cancel but they have an online chat session that you can use, too. That's what I used when I got my exchange done. Super easy. I haven't cancelled yet, I just skip until I want something.

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  1. I love fabletics. It gets addicting though and I've purchased more than one outfit before, thinking it will give me more motivation to work out. sometimes it does work! love the pants you chose, I may have to look into those. I got a top like that but in the cucumber color :)

    1. I don't know if they motivate me but I do like feeling cute. I used to just wear old t-shirts that were too big and running pants but now I feel like I'm dressing up a little when I head to the gym. My clothes actually match! :D