Monday, June 22, 2015

MissionCute Mini June 2015 Review

MissionCute is a fun subscription that focuses on small businesses and independent artisans. This is the kind of box where you really can receive just about anything. I think it's the perfect kind of box to send as a gift. But you do have to have an eclectic sort of taste.
I decided to subscribe to the MissionCute Mini Box. It's $20 which is reasonable for me. It's a gamble, of course because I have a pretty distinct style (or lack thereof) but I took the plunge. They also have a larger box with more items that is $40/month. While I'll happily throw that money at Popsugar, this box is a little more artsy that I usually go for so I'm reluctant to do it. Plus, I already reviewed the regular size box so it was time for a Mini!
MissionCute also donates 50% of their net proceeds to non-profit organizations nominated by subscribers!  If you have a non profit close to your heart, you can suggest that it be the Mission of the Month here. This month Project Yesu will receive the proceeds. This is an organization dedicated to providing food, medicine and education to children in Uganda. You can visit their website at to see more details about how they provide services and support.

The Cost: $20/month

What You Get: Two to three carefully chosen items each month for your home & wardrobe ranging from locally crafted candles to trendy necklaces.

SucreShop Koozie- A very bright drink koozie to keep your hands warm and your drink cold. I'm not going to lose my drink with this thing on it. I don't actually use these or at least I haven't. Maybe because I've never had one? Or thought one was necessary? :D
Value: $3.50
Aqua Beaded Cuff- I don't know the maker of this piece but it's quite the statement. I actually really like it but I've always been a fan of beaded cuffs. This one is pretty cute and I will wear it.
Value: $15
UWPluxe Pink Sugar & Lemongrass Soap- This smells amazing! This sweetly seductive soap combines the sparkling scent of confectioner’s sugar with crisp notes of lemongrass and vanilla. It's also packaged so beautifully I feel like I need to give this as a gift.
Value: $8

VERDICT: I said it was going to be eclectic! It's so funny to find a koozie in the same box as a pretty beaded bracelet but that's part of the fun. The value of this box is just over $25 which is about on par for this box. Since MissionCute utilizes small companies and Etsy artisans, that makes sense. You don't get this box to be wowed by the value but by the unique and interesting products you may find. Although I'm going to admit that a koozie is a disappointing product for me. The bracelet and the soap will definitely get used but I'm not sure about that thing.

I really love boxes that use small, independent artists and businesses so this box is right up my alley. I'm going to get the next box.

If you would like to sign up for MissionCute, you can do that here!

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  1. I saw a review of the larger box, and they put the cutest products from the Large box in the Mini box.
    It's really great when a company takes the time to curate the smaller boxes well. :)
    I really like the bracelet and the soap. I'm getting the next mini box to try. Thanks for the great pics of the items out of the box. No one else did this that I've found.