Wednesday, June 24, 2015

PawPack June 2015 Small Dog Subscription Box Review and $20 Coupon

This is my first PawPack and I'm very pleased with it. I'm sort of hooked on dog boxes because they provide so much entertainment for my dogs. Yeah, I'm one of those types of dog moms. There's a lot on the market right now and I feel like I'm trying them all. Not all dog boxes are created equal and I'm working on a major post about them.

For now, it's PawPack! PawPack strives to send the best local, artisan and small business all-natural treats and toys. So you'll get toys, treats, chews, bones and accessories from boutique and independent business as often as possible.

The Cost: $39/month

What You Get: Each PawPack comes with 4 or more premium full sized items as well as samples and other goodies that will always be All-Natural and Grain Free.

Charlee Bear Bear Crunch Chicken Pumpkin Apple Flavor- First, I love Charlee Bear treats. They're little training treats with less than 3 calories. That's important when you're training a puppy especially. You're doing so much training at that point that treat rewards really add up. I've never seen these ones before, though and I'm really happy to have them. I haven't purchased these in awhile because I've been getting treats in my boxes but these are great.
The other good thing about Charlee Bear is that all major ingredients are from the US and Canada and the treats themselves are made in the USA. These are completely worry-free. Love.
Value: $9

CloudStar Grain Free Wag More Bark Less Soft and Chewy Beef and Spinach Treats- Whew! Long name. These treats are made in the USA and are free of corn, soy, by-products and anything artificial. These are stiiiinky and the dogs love them.
Value: $7
CloudStar Buddy Splash Rosemary and Mint- This smells very good. It's a leave in conditioner for skin and coat. It's also a deodorizer. Dexter is half hairless so he needs some moisturizing action on his skin. He doesn't really like the application process though. He slinks over with his head down when he sees me with the bottle. But he smells good afterwards! This product was not tested on animals and is safe for human use but I don't know if rosemary is what I want to smell like.
Value: $9

Charming Pet Latex Squeaky Lion- Normally, Bugsy isn't into toys of this kind. I am sort of glad about that but he took a liking to this one because it really squeaks. Big time. The bad thing is that it gets really slimy and throwing it gets old quick.
Value: $9
The Natural Dog Company 6" Chewy Bull- Well, I can't find any information on this company other than they are based in Colorado. The treat itself is made in Brazil. And I don't know what the treat is made of. It's not a bully stick. It's a casing with something stuffed inside. I gave it to Bugsy and he loved it without issues. I was disappointed because I thought it would last as long as a bully stick. Nope. Ah, well.
Value: $4?

Wag More bark Less Bumper Sticker- I was hoping this was the kind that you can peel on and off but it's just a sticker.
Value: $1

VERDICT: I liked this box a lot. Partly because the treats were so great and partly because it had a useful deodorizing spray. It's kind of fun to get things like that, it doesn't happen a whole lot with other dog boxes. However, I also was sad to see there was only one toy. It's not actually a big deal and the box was worth the $35 monthly price. I'm really curious to see how the next few boxes turn out.
I got a six month subscription on Gilt City for... let me think... $84? I had a coupon code plus Ebates cashback so it might actually have been a little less. I really love both Gilt City and Rue La La for their deals on subscription boxes. I'm able to review a lot more because those two companies make some much more affordable.

If you'd like to sign up for PawPack, you can do that here. Use code REFERRAL20 to get $20 off your first box! They ship to the contiguous 48 states free but if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, they charge an extra $15. Gulp.

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