Monday, June 8, 2015

Petbox May 2015 Small Dog Review

The May 2015 Petbox is my second to last. I only have one more left on my year subscription. It's been a good run and we've received lots of fun treats and toys.

They tend to run a special on Groupon fairly often. This review is for a box I signed up for with a voucher. This particular box is considered a "Deal Box" according to the invoice included in my box. So it's different that the Premium box (you'll get at least one more product than whats in this box) that costs $39.95 and it's one more product than what you would get in the $19.99 box (Deluxe box).

The Cost: $9.95/month to $59.95/month. This box review is for the Small Dog Deal Box (off Gilt City) and is valued at $29.99/month.

What You Get: In the Deal Box, you get 4-5 items. You'll get 4-6 in the Premium box ($39.99) or 2-3 in the Deluxe Box ($19.99). They send toys, treats. accessories and everything in between.

Outward Hound Invincibles Toy- We've had these in snake form before and Bugsy loves them. I can't tell what animal this one is... fish? Frog? Either way, Bugsy went nuts for it. He *loves* squeakers. And sure enough, the first thing he did was rip it open and take out a squeaker. These squeakers are huge and keep squeaking even if they're punctured. However if the squeaking mechanism is removed from the squeaker, it stops. Thankfully. 
This toy has at least four squeakers which will give Bugsy plenty of toys for awhile. Does anyone else's dog have a weird fascination with squeakers? Bugsy will bring them to my feet and beg me to throw them, thats how much he loves them.
Value: $13.99 (although Amazon has them for about $9, depending on who you get it from)
Natural Balance Burger Bites in Turkey- This is a full size bag of treats. I always appreciate full sizes when it comes to treats. Natural Balance is one of my favorite food brands. My dogs have allergies and Natural Balance is really good about single proteins (meaning if it's Turkey, it doesn't also have chicken in it) and treats/food without corn and wheat. The boys have been eating Natural Balance food since they were puppies. Sometimes I switch it up and put in some Acana or Taste of the Wild. I'm SUPER picky about food because of their darned allergies.
Value: $8

Mine! Chews for Dogs Moo Tube Beef Trachea- I know. It sounds gross. And it is gross. But it's good for the dogs. They're high in protein and have glucosamine and chondroitin which are good for joints. Dexter has luxating patellas (trick knees) and even though he's had surgery, I dose him with glucosamine just in case. These also last a long time. Not days but hours which is always better than minutes when it comes to busy dogs with lots of energy.
Value: $2
Sly Dog Rope Toy- Personally, rope toys are my least favorite kind of toy. I don't like to leave the dogs alone with one and I hate the rope shred mess. Considering how much toy stuffing I've picked up, you'd think it wouldn't make a difference but for some reason it does. I just consider it more hazardous than anything else (except rawhide). This one is braided rope knotted and braided into a bone. So far so good. No shreds!
Value: $3

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food Sample- These have been showing up in the last few Petboxes. They must have a lot to get rid of! The boys like these but only Bugsy gets chicken.

VERDICT:  I should mention that this box also had a QR ID Tag from  The value for this box is low for what it is. However, I'm happy with the contents and it is still worth more than what I actually paid for it since I got one year with a discount. I won't be renewing Petbox but I will still be getting my Barkbox so you'll see those. And then I signed up for a six month subscription of PawPack. One of these days I'll need to do a comparison post of all the boxes I've tried.

I really like getting dog boxes. I thought at first that I wouldn't but Barkbox sucked me in. I haven't had to go to the pet store in months for treats or toys. Plus, in reality I'd easily spend the same $30 there and not get as much. It's fun to spoil the boys!

If you would like to sign up for Petbox, you can do that here. Try using CODYANDKACI to get 25% off your first box.

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  1. THOSE SQUEAKERS. I gave Pebbles a brand new squeaky tennis ball and in two minutes she was holding the squeaker in her mouth. How do dogs find them so quickly??! And my weirdos seem to think squeaker = food so I have to bribe/wrestle them to get it back :( I love rope toys! It gives me a few minutes to sit back and watch them play tug of war so I don't have to play fetch with them :)

    1. I think I'm lucky that Bugsy doesn't actually eat them. He pulls out the plastic bits and spits them out. I should send you all my rope toys! Any toy is a fetch toy for Bugsy.... he will catch as long as I can throw. :*(