Monday, July 13, 2015

Confession Time! And Other Tidbits...

I've been having a great time unboxing and writing up my reviews but that's not the only thing I do with my life. So just in case you were wondering I'll tell you what else is going on with me.

First up! The confession...

Botox. So I've always been like "Ew! Plastic surgery!" and been totally scared of the doctor. Well, I still am so I don't think I'll ever go under the knife. I've never been in the hospital except when I was born or welcoming other peoples babies.

My friend just got a job at a plastic surgery and medical spa clinic. She's a CRNA (which means shes a certified registered nurse anesthetist) and she puts people under for their surgeries. She's previously worked at a very prestigious hospital in our area but wanted a little more downtime. So now she works with other girls who do the Botox at the clinic. Then she had it done.
When I first saw her, I was like "WHOA! Shiny forehead!" but after about five days that went away and I was totally jealous.  Not of her forehead but of the elevens. Those furrows between the brows. I have genetics that mean I will have hardcore furrows before long. They're pretty much my only wrinkles right now (okay, that's wishful thinking but they're the only ones I care about) so I'm going to go get them done. Maybe I'll let them talk me into the forehead but I doubt it.

I'll be taking before and after pictures and I'll post about my experience because I know I've always been curious about it. I've always wanted to ask someone who has had it what they think and did it hurt and would you do it again and all that. This time it'll be me and I'm going to try to answer all the questions I know I would want the answers to. I mean, I think it's interesting!


I'm starting a SkinnyMint TeaTox 28-Day program. They approached me and asked me if I would try it and review it. I agreed because I'm in the process of trying to lose ten pounds that have crept up on me. And because it's harmless. It's just a green tea in the morning and then a senna (natural laxative, pretty mild) tea every other night. Trust me, I know it's not going to cause my fat to fall off. As much as I wish it would. Hah!

Since I'm heading to the gym in the mornings with my husband, a little green tea energy boost would be nice. I'm giving up my Rockstar Punched Zeros for this. Luckily the teas smell amazing. They're both flavored- the Morning Boost is Orange and the Night Cleanse is Lemon.

It's also only 28 days and I'm not gonna lose ten pounds that fast. I have my Fitbit Flex to tell me when I'm being lazy and the fridge is stocked with chicken breast and veggies. I can dooooo this!! /cry  Why isn't this easier? Why is food so tasty?! :D

Last, I think.

My mailman just stopped by to tell me that the route got changed. Now instead of being first, I'll be last. My delivery today got here at 4pm. Sadness! My OuiPlease replacement package arrived. Ugh. I mean, yay, I got Tassia Canellis earrings but not-yay I got a soap instead of the beauty oil that had opened and spilled everywhere. Not.happy. And they didn't replace the sachet that arrived ripped in my Mother's Day box!

Am I the only one who is excited about Prime Day? I feel like I live on Amazon so I have my wishlist primed and ready (omg, no pun intended!) so if anything goes on sale that I already want, I can snap it up quick.

The other thing I did that I totally shouldn't have (or didn't need to do) was get both of the Julep Mystery Boxes PLUS the Mega Add-On. Brandy tempted me with all those coupon codes and it totally worked. I don't think Julep polishes are worth $14 but they sure have some pretty colors.

I've been testing some products for Memebox. The Botanic Farm Salmon Egg Eye Gels and their Black Bean Sleeping Pack. Then I also was sent some of the Makeup by Evon Lippies. I'll tell you right now that I looove those. That'll be a fun review. Hopefully I can get those up soon. I've had company for the last week and I'm getting worn out!


I almost forgot. Since there has been company and since it's been in the 90's I haven't had much time in my garden. Mostly it's to water and deadhead. And notice all the things I want to move.
Baby Talk Daylily
So there's a hummingbird that hangs out and yells at me when I'm fussing around pulling weeds. There's actually probably a couple but I did get to see a pretty awesome mating flight today. A male showing off to a female. He flew up really high and then divebombed as fast as he could go. As he dove back down he made some weird popping noises which I guess are supposed to make the female swoon. I also just read that he does his dive near where the female is planning a nest so I'm going to head out and check my trees. I think it's actually in the neighbors dogwood though. Bummer.
Strawberry Candy Daylily
By now all my daylilies have shown their faces and I know what they all look like for the first time. My Limelight Hydrangea is also blooming now. Which, if you live in a super hot area and you love hydrangeas, you may want to see if you can grow this one. One of my Limelights has been in full raging sun with zero water for two months and it's totally happy. I just got lazy and never watered over there.

Okay, I think that's it!


  1. I feel your pain I'm also the last one on my mailman's route. I see everybody getting their boxes early but mine will only be here later on . :(

    1. Today it's really killing me because my Popsugar box is out there on his truck, just waiting to be dropped off at my house. Get heeeerrreeeee :*(

  2. We're also at the end of the route but I'm at work until 5pm or 6pm on weekdays anyways so not a big deal. But if I were home and had a blog for subscription boxes... that would kill me!

    I've been wanting to try Botox on my crow's feet so bad!! I saw that Jen on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom did it on her forehead and that went well. I can't wait to hear how yours goes! I just wish I could get a discount. :)

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything!

  3. Yes, I'm getting excited about Amazon Prime Day tomorrow!
    Did you see the teaser list of deals they're going to have? Including "Free luxury beauty sample box with $50 purchase of luxury beauty products, with promo code LUXSAMPLES"

    1. What!? NO! It starts at 12am... Maybe I should take a nap now... Haha! Also, I just made my appointment for Botox tmw at 11:30... I'm nervous. I'm going to have my husband take before photos today :D

    2. Good luck!!

      Here is the link to an article about some of the items that will be include tomorrow:

    3. I just filled my cart... :D

  4. Can I just say I am SUPER excited to hear about your Botox experiences?! I am one of those people who are completely FOR plastic surgery although I don't think I would get anything major done on myself considering the crazy price and the risk in general, but I think it's an awesome way for people to feel more confident with themselves- so why the heck not, right?

    I've always been scared of Botox because needles and injections on my face....eep. But so very curious! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    1. I've never minded needles except in my mouth. (I hate you, dentist!) But I've never had them in my face so this will be a new experience. It's TOMORROW! ACK! I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I don't even know how much it costs!
      I'm definitely going to blog about more than just before and afters because I always have wanted to know more than just what it looks like. :D

  5. I'm definitely curious to hear how Botox goes for you! And I don't think that sort of stuff really has the same stigma as surgery (like getting a nose job or something). I can't imagine ever going under the knife, but needles? Ehhhh maybe.