Saturday, July 25, 2015

Decoterie Summer 2015 Home Decor Box Review and Coupon Code

Decoterie is a new subscription box curated by Letitia Elizabeth that deals in Home Decor. Since there are very few boxes like this out there, of course I had to get one! Now that I've received the first box, I think it's not just home decor but fashion, as well.
One of the goals of this box is to send goods that are produced in the US (although not exclusively), and are made from scratch without using any materials from China or making use of child labor at any step of the creation process.

When I got the box, it was so full that the lid was popping off. That's because of the squishy and wonderful pillow that was tucked/squeezed inside. :D

The Cost: $150/quarterly

What You Get: A luxury, hand-packed box containing a selection of 2-5 items ranging from home decor, textile goods, art, decorative accessories, and exclusive collaborations with top designers known as the HERO item. Every box will be curated around a central theme and will have a retail value of at least $300.

PlumeEtPapier Ceramic Bowl- This might be my favorite thing in the box. Maybe. There's a couple great things. This is a size that fits in the palm of my hand. It's not huge but I love the imprint of my name in it! Granted, it's spelled wrong but Decoterie contacted me earlier in the week and told me they realized they had done it and had already sent off the replacement. Super cuuuute! I cannot believe they imprinted the name of every subscriber! That is pretty awesome personalization, I must say.
Value: $8.50
Anne Taylor Thank You Notecards- Watercolor blue Thank You notecards/postcards. I believe these are the extra item included "just because." I appreciate the fact that they just say "Thank you." It makes them really easy to use.
Value: $10

Hawaii Not Coaster Set- Edges are gold leafed and the coasters are sealed to protect from water & scratches. I had expected actual marble coasters not marble painted coasters. Whoops. And at $24 I feel like they *should* be marble. I just wish the gold-leaf wasn't already chipping off the edges. They're described as being "his and hers" but I think I would have rathered two of the same color. I think these are the one thing that don't fit the "feel" of the box. They're obviously handmade but... a little too handmade...
Value: $24
Letitia Elizabeth Throw Pillow- This is designed by Letitia Elizabeth herself! There are also several variations that I've seen. Mine is grey and pink spotted. I love the squishiness of the pillow itself so much. Even the pillow was made in the USA. The pillow cover has a sturdy gold zipper. While the fabric is thinner than I was expecting, it's well made. I was expecting a more luxurious fabric, though. The info card mentions that future boxes may have different pillow covers, although it seems unlikely that there will be more full sized pillows included. I'm not sure.
Value: $115
Letitia Elizabeth Silk Scarf- This is beautiful and very soft. It's made of 100% raw silk. It's designed by Letitia Elizabeth, the curator of this box. It sort of reminds me of a Rorschach print. It's an infinite scarf but the part where it connects is rather intricate. It drapes really well. I'm not sure if I have anything (yet) that will work well with this. I need to dig through my wardrobe. The included info card mentioned something about raw edges but this doesn't have any edges... I wish the info card explained a little about how this was made.
Value: $195
Letitia Elizabeth Leather Case- This is a nude-colored leather wrap case. It's fairly small and is easily gripped with one hand. It's long enough (and then some) to fit my Samsung Galaxy but not truly... tall? enough, though it does fit because it's a wrap. It's suggested to use it as a pencil case, makeup case or mini essentials bag. I could work any and all of those. And maybe I will! I love the color and the leather. I want to use it all the time so it can get that leather "lived-in" look. Mmm! Plus if I pack it full enough, it should stretch.
Value: $30
LiveLoveSoy Marble Organic Soy Candle in French Pear- This smells FABULOUS! Loveeee it! It's got a really heavy marble container with a metal lid. So when the candle is gone you can use it for anything. This is hand poured in Australia and uses essential oils. I think there are several variations of colors and scents. The scents could be Vanilla, Vanilla & Hazelnut, French Pear or Coconut & Lime.
Value: $60

VERDICT: Decoterie has sent quite a variety of useful items in this box. It's not quite what I was expecting but then again, I'm not sure what I was expecting either. I really do love the pillow but I'll be honest, I wouldn't pay $115 for one ever. In my lifetime. Unless maybe it was made of gold and studded with diamonds. :D Same goes for the scarf. It's gorgeous and well made but never in a million years would I pay $200 for one. Unless it was Hermes. Know what I mean? But I tend to be a thrifty kind of gal that way.

I love love love the style of Letitia Elizabeth which you can see on her website. I think I was expecting a little more of her and her style in the box. I adore everything on her site. I believe 50-70% of the products in each box will be designed by Leticia Elizabeth herself. I'm so curious to see what other kinds of things she'll include in later boxes.

Since this is a designers box, I think I was expecting a little more information on the creation of some of these products. Many of them are from Etsy which surprised me. For a $150 box, I wouldn't think there would be Etsy items. Not that Etsy is bad or has inferior products, it's just not (again) what I was expecting. I'm super curious about the next box. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Still, I really liked the products in the box (except the coasters) and I'm already in for the next one. It's interesting and eclectic. I think this will be one of those boxes that you just have no idea what is going to be in it but there will always be at least one fabulous item to fall in love with. But I know $150 is a whopping amount to spend for that kind of thrill. For that 40% off, totes worth it, though.

This summer box is sold out but you can sign up for the Fall box. Use code WELCOMEBB to get 10% off your first box. I think I saw a hint about the fall box having a throw blanket...

So! Tell me what you think... 


  1. Etsy items from a website that has been up for some time touting an " interior designer"?
    Something seems kind of off with this concept, at least to me.
    It also looks very cheap that they couldn't add an " h" to your name or discard that bowl and make you one that's correct.
    The coasters are not something I would ever gift, use or take out of the box once I saw that they were, shall we say, " faux' marble.
    An artisan would have bought marble tiles and hand cut and buffed the edges. And not put gold leaf paint that chips off on them.
    The pillow? Not my style at all. My furniture and style is traditional but not in grays.

    If you aren't getting this box free for the blog publicity for those who love little Etsy things, then I think you are getting ripped off.
    Oh, which reminds me, have you seen the review of the apparent companion site's horrible 80's clearance bathroom linen subscription box? It's called Linen Crate and has the same type of overpriced nicknacks as this one.

    JMO, but I think the home decor boxes are all over-priced rip offs. Just go to SteinMart. T.J. Maxx, or some place like that and get 5 times the merchandise that is truly your style for the same money.

    1. They already sent the new bowl and it's in the mail for me, I should get it soon. Woohoo! Now I just need to find a Sara to give this one to!
      Omg, that Linen Crate was SO bad! I saw it on MSA. I have a Home Goods store next to me that I have to ration my visits to. I always find way too much fun stuff that I can't resist! Hmm.. I haven't been there in awhile either... :D

  2. AHHHHH your review makes me wish mine had arrived today! (no idea where mine is haha, hopefully it'll show up on Monday) ANYWAY. THAT PILLOW! I'm not one for pink, but it's so subtle that I love it anyway. And I hope I get the same candle as you - French pear sounds amazing. *____* I can't believe they actually took the time to tailor that bowl to every subscriber! That scarf looks pretty awesome too - overall, I'd say this was definitely a great first box... and if that rumor about a throw for the fall box is true......... well. XD

    1. I know, right!? I updated my post to note which items were designed for the box. I really do love her style. She says her IPhone 6 fits in the clutch. I think mine would too, if I took off my OtterBox. The pillow is so perfectly squishy!

  3. I was wondering what this box would include, I'm not sure that it's worth $150 honestly the scarf and the pillow prices seem way way over inflated to me.. I do like most of the items included but I think the price is too high. A throw for fall does sound nice though.

    1. Agree. I think $150 is much too high but someone mentioned they might offer a smaller version. I'd be interested in that.

  4. Prices are definitely over inflated... or as you said, there is no way I'd spend that much on a pillow or a scarf or even a candle! The personalization of the bowl is impressive though.

  5. People are tearing this box APART on MSA. The owner/ designer lied to one lady about a discount coupon in exchange for removal of a negative comment on MSA before the box shipped, then didn't honor the discount promised.

    I think this is a VERY SHADY business run by a possible scammer. I wouldn't give that woman one cent for anything she ever promoted.

    1. I don't get any feeling of shadiness (and I've *definitely* had shadiness feelings for a few boxes- some unfounded and some not) with this box. But box reviews are definitely a way for everyone to make their decisions on whether to purchase or not. I think $150 is too much. I should pop over to MSA and see what's going on.