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Memebox x Makeup by Evon #HDReady Creme Matte Lipstick Review

Memebox has really been sprucing up it's beauty product catalog. These Memebox x MakeupbyEvon Creme Matte Lipsticks are fairly new and definitely haven't been given enough press. Memebox sent me all three of them for review and I admit I was initially skeptical.
Honestly, I don't know why. I've actually been really please with all of their lip products. The Lip Crayons and I'm Lipsticks are excellent and well-loved by me. In any case it seems fitting that I also fall in love with their matte lipsticks.

Maybe I don't get out much but I have no idea who Makeup by Evon is. A YouTube makeup guru, I'm guessing. She's absolutely gorgeous and she looks fantastic in all these colors. I hope she had fun working with Memebox because these colors turned out great.
There are three colors of this Creme Matte Lipstick. They're all based on the 2015 Pantone Color of the year which is Marsala. Marsala is a robust, earthy wine-red. And if I'm going to love anything, it's a good wine-red. Gimme everything off the blue spectrum, please, when it comes to reds. Anything that goes orangey instead is no good on me. Seriously. If I want to look like I have yellow teeth, I can slap on a coral lipstick and you'll think I've been drinking orange Kool-Aid for the last three days. And I don't have yellow teeth, dammit!

But these gorgeous colors? Yessss! My cool tones adored all three of these colors but my heart was stolen by one. The Daring Marsala!

This is Daring Marsala. It's the boldest, most richly colored of the three and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's a beautiful and striking wine red. I've worn it often since I received it.
Here's all three lined up together. Daring Marsala, Shy Marsala and True Marsala. I know that Shy and True look really similar in this photo but they really aren't. I did some swatching of my own so you could see them.
Of course, in the swatch I switched them around. Whoops. So the swatches are True Marsala, Shy Marsala and Daring Marsala.

So we all know that color is very important when it comes to lipsticks but if the formula is crap, no on wants to wear it. These have doe-foot applicators and I find that the consistency is quite thick. Maybe it's me but I have to be careful or this will glop on around the edges of my lip. It's the one thing I don't like. This is not something you can ever put on without looking because of that tendency.
All three colors are incredibly matte. I don't think they could BE anymore matte. Hence their name. I know in my swatch one looks shiny but that's just because it's fresh. Memebox says their semi-matte but they're so matte, I don't know where the "semi" comes from. They also have a sort of powdery smooth finish. As in absolute zero stickiness. In that vein, you'd think they'd be drying but they aren't.

I've had some lipsticks that dried my lips out the second I applied it. These do not have that issue at all. If you start with unchapped lips, you will continue to have unchapped lips. Now, these are not moisturizing enough to take care of chapped, dry lips so if you've got them, you'll need to fix that first with something else.

There's a lot of positives about these #HDReady Creme Matte Lipsticks. The color, the fact that they don't dry your lips out, the pigmentation is great, etc.
The negatives are pretty easy to get around for most. Namely, they stink. They stink like flowers. I hate floral smells. But I can deal with that because I like the colors. Second, they can't be put on without a mirror. At least for a small-time makeup newbie like me. Maybe someone else can swipe, swipe and put this on perfectly but I'm guessing the formula is just a little too thick for that.

If you'd like to get one or all of these, they're on sale at Memebox right now. There's also a couple sets you can get, too.

You can get all three of these Creme Matte Lipsticks for $20 here. They're $10 each on their own and of course my personal recommendation is Daring Marsala but the pinky nude Shy Marsala is pretty and the True Marsala has a nice hint of brown.

Memebox has so many nice sets including these lipsticks I feel like buying them on their own is sort of a waste. Look at what you can get for $6 more. Plus it helps you get to the $30 mark for free shipping faster. Haha! I'm a shipping snob and I hate to pay for it. Why pay for shipping when I can pay the same money and get something!? Anyway, look at these:
 Makeupbyevon x Memebox

Yes! A lip brush and a mini of either the Tony Moly Peach, Cherry or Blueberry Lip Balm! And I just noticed shipping is free with these sets! Even better. Go to this page and scroll alllll the way to the bottom and you'll see them.

Always use coupons! If you are a new customer, you can get 20% off a purchase of $25 or more with this link! And check out my Memebox deals page for all the latest coupons before you every purchase anything there.

Did you try these MakeupbyEvon x Memebox #HDReady Creme Matte Lipsticks? What did you think? Is there a secret way to prevent that glopping?

*These products were sent to me for review. No compensation was received. All opinions are belong to me. (Extra points if you're old and know the meme!) Affiliate links were used in this post.

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