Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MissionCute Mini Box July 2015 Review

MissionCute is a subscription box that sends an eclectic array of cute and useful goods each month. I really liked last months Mini box so I decided to stay subscribed another month. This month has two pieces of jewelry and a placard.
MissionCute also donates 50% of their net proceeds to non-profit organizations nominated by subscribers!  If you have a non profit close to your heart, you can suggest that it be the Mission of the Month here. This month CLOUD Projects by NWC will receive the proceeds. This is an organization dedicated to encouraging local and global sustainability, both environmental and economic.You can visit their website at http://thenwc.com/ to see more details about how they provide services and support.

The Cost: $20/month.

What You Get: Two to three carefully chosen items each month for your home & wardrobe ranging from locally crafted candles to trendy necklaces.
All the Good things are Wild and Free Placard- This card is really sturdy and pretty. I want to matte and frame it. I think I'd like to collect a bunch of things like this, frame them all and then hang them up in a collection on my office wall.
Value: $9
FabParlor Mirror Earrings- These are earrings made of mirror, I think. The edges are pretty sharp, I'm not super excited about this. I will be gifting these because I know the perfect person for them. It is pretty cool that the artist makes these with a laser cutter. She also uses a 3D printer for some of her stuff.
Statement Necklace- I'm really not a big fan of unbranded items. I don't know why. But this has no brand it's a pastel floral necklace. It's not super cheap but it's not super nice either. Not that I'm expecting high quality jewelry from a $20 box but you know what I mean.
Value: $16

VERDICT: While I love the sentiment behind MissionCute and how they support so many charitable organizations, I think this is a little too hit or miss for me. I like that they focus on small businesses and independent artisans, though. I do like to support women owned businesses as well. I have a feeling I'll be subscribing again just because. :)

If you would like to sign up for either the Mini or the regular box, you can do that here.

Have you subscribed to Mission Cute? What do you think of this box? I've only received a few boxes and been mostly happy with them.

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  1. Thanks for the recap! I thought it was a big miss for me...jewelry is such a personal item, it's really a gamble on the recipient's "style"...loved the postcard & gifted everything else.

    1. Same! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wouldn't mind a box that was just some of the postcards, actually. I've liked every card I've seen and/or received in a MissionCute box.

  2. Yhis is the worst way to spend $20 I've seen in my life. There's nothing cute about these items at all, just some kind of silly shoolgirl accessories

  3. I didn't like my mini box at all either. This was my first and last one. Maybe I'm just over the " cute" stage of life, IDK.
    The full sized box wasn't any better. Had an ugly hot pink clutch bag ( think Little Black Bag giveaway) and a $5 paper picture frame which does NOT coordinate with the print at all.

    Looks to me like this was extremely poorly thrown together. I hope they cancel mine post haste and do not send out another one.