Monday, July 20, 2015

OrangeGlad July 2015 Sweets Subscription Review

OrangeGlad sends desserts and baked goods to your door every month. They chose goodies from some of the best bakers around the country. You'll find things in your OrangeGlad box that you can't get anywhere else because a lot of these companies are small, family owned businesses. So it's a lot of fun!
The Cost: $19/month

What You Get: Five deluxe treats and desserts like gourmet brownies, delicious cookies and buttery shortbread.

McTavish Ice Cream Shortbread- This company has been featured in several subscription boxes lately. The super hard shortbread they specialize in is not my favorite but if you want a buttery shortbread, this is perfect.

A Couple of Squares Raspberry Jam Shortbread- I ate this. First. I couldn't help it. The leaf broke off and I had to eat that. To clean up a little, right? Well, one bite led to another until this melt-in-your-mouth, buttery shortbread cookie sandwich with tart raspberry filling was gone.
Darling Gourmet Goodies Vagabond Biscotti- This is made with white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. It's appeared in OrangeGlad before and is apparently "back by popular demand." Not my demand, though. I'm not a big fan of biscotti.

Greyston Bakery Brown Sugar Blondie- The non-chocolate version of a brownie! This is made with real brown sugar and ingredients you can pronounce easily. As for me, I pronounce this mouth-wateringly delectable. Soft, squishy deliciousness.
The Art of Caramel Bananas Foster with Dark Rum Carameled Popcorn- Ohhhh. The highlight of the box for sure! This is absolutely amazing! Caramelly banana with a hint of cinnamon and rum. I die. I have to savor this piece by piece. This is fantastic.

I realize the photo is weird. That hand is not mine. It's on the really nice booklet that comes with each OrangeGlad box explaining each item and the origins of each business. It's pretty fun.

VERDICT: If you have a sweet tooth and you love all kinds of desserts, you are going to want to try this. They've recently lowered their prices which I think is awesome. OrangeGlad is a good way to try treats you will never find in your local supermarket. I feel like there tends to be a lot of shortbreads but it makes sense this time of year. You can only send what can take the heat and they're making good choices in that regard.

My favorite item is the Caramel Corn, then the Raspberry Jam Shortbread, then the Blondie. I'm not sure I would pay $5 for any of them but since OrangeGlad is sending artisan goods, it's just one of those boxes that isn't going to have an incredible value very often. Of course, I wish it did but ethically, I want small business owners to succeed so it's a toss up.

If you would like to sign up for OrangeGlad, you can do that right here!

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. Or at least I think it was. I'm pretty sure I unsubscribed while I'm trying to eat like a good girl.


  1. Yesssss the caramel corn was amazing but my favorite was the blondie. SO GOOD. i actually want to order more. XD I have given into the temptation of Orange Glad. Diet? What diet? :ppp

    1. Yah, that was my exact problem! I unsubbed because of the ole waistline. :D

  2. IDK, I thought it was a lame box. Maybe because they can't ship chocolate well in the heat, and I LIVE for chocolate? I thought it was a bland box.. The mini box was worse- they left the brownie out of it. Unsubbed to both, and added a different type of sweets box. ( Family sized Munch Pak).

    1. Yes, if you live for chocolate, it's probably better to wait until it cools off. I did think it was nice they managed to get a teensy bit of chocolate in the box (in the blondie). That blondie was so good. I totally forgot there was a mini box! And yeah, if they left out the brownie, they left out one of the best things. At least get rid of one of the shortbreads. Or the biscotti.