Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paper Pumpkin July 2015 "Thanks a Latte" Review

Paper Pumpkin is one of my new favorite things. I've always love being crafty and used to scrapbook in a limited fashion. I am not the type to spend copious amounts of money on paper, stamps and pretty stickers but this is waay too much fun to resist.
Part of it is because all the crappy parts are done for you. There's no hunting the perfect shade of ink to match the paper. No looking for special stamps or cutouts. No cutting hearts freehand. Nope. This is all prepped for you. Sure, you have to use glue dots (included!) to stick things together and you have to punch things out but it's nothing compared to spending hours at the fabric store or Michaels.

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: Everything you need to create the perfect craft including ink and a stamp set.

There are directions on how to complete the craft included as well, so you're not floundering. I tend to screw things up and I always have one thing that has a blaring mistake but for the most part these crafts tend to be pretty forgiving.
I think the best part of this box are the things you get to keep that will last forever. That's the Stampin' Spots and the actual stamps themselves. In your first box you will get an acrylic block that is for your stamps. You'll peel the stamp off of the plastic card, put it on the acrylic block (it will stick!) and then stamp away. It's so much fun!
This set comes with two ink pads- Cucumber Crush and Early Espresso.

Besides the ink and stamps, everything else comes wrapped up in a packet. Inside are all the paper goods and little accessories like glue dots and in this case, ribbons tied on paper clips.
Here's a look at part of what is in this set. Striped gray and orange stickers, dimensionals, glue dots and patterned paper. Plus those orange ribbons on paper clips. This isn't everything but there was no way I was getting it all in the picture.
One thing I've noticed Paper Pumpkin has you do is make your envelopes. So you have to stick your envelope together with long sticky strips. Then there's the paper for the cards and little punch-out coffee cups with plants growing out of them. Oh, and the little notepad looking paper that is part of the card. So technical. I know.
I made all the envelopes and put the stickers on the notepad decoration. Just need to put the cups on now. I did not make them all the same. I gotta add some kind of flair. I think...
Wheee! Me having fun stamping and stuff! The top left corner shows the acrylic block I was talking about. It has a stamp on it in this photo. You only get one block and it comes with your first order. I got this one last month.
Yay! I stuck the cups on with dimensionals, which are puffy sticky things that raise up the cup off the bottom piece but still sticks it on. The finished product (well, before it goes on the actual card, is at the top of this photo. Gray floral paper on the bottom with the notepad with stickers and coffee cup on top.
Voila! The finished masterpiece! Yesssss, I'm an artist! I am crafty! I am amaaaazing! Now I just need to figure out who to mail these to. :D

VERDICT: Paper Pumpkin is far too much fun! So fun, in fact, that I went and bought more kits outside of my subscription. Woohooo!! I got them the other day and sat down immediately to put them together. I'm now overflowing with cards and projects. There's just something so satisfying about it.

If you would like to sign up for Paper Pumpkin, you can do that here on their website. I believe they are a branch of Stampin' Up, if you're familiar with that. Everything is of very good quality and I'm really happy with both my subscription and my purchases.

Have you subscribed to Paper Pumpkin or something similar? What do you think? I'm not a pro but I think this is piles of entertainment. Maybe I'm easy to please... :D


  1. Seriously, I need to move to the US just to get all the good subscription boxes. Do you think they'd give me a visa for that haha?

    1. Haha! But think how much money you save by not being able to buy any of them! :D