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PetGiftBox July 2015 "Bark-B-Que" Small Dog Box Review and Coupon Code

The July 2015 PetGiftBox for small dogs was a LOT of fun. The theme was "Bark-B-Que" and all the treats and toys fit right in. I've been really impressed with PetGiftBox. They've been around since the beginning of the year but they've been doing so well. This box was pretty packed with all the things my dogs love.
PetGiftBox doesn't only send dog boxes either. They also have cat boxes! It seems like cats can get the shaft sometimes with boxes like these but no, PetGiftBox is here for you.
If you just want to buy one box (or more) without worrying about a recurring billing, you can do that, too. Sometimes it's nice just to buy one box and not have to worry about cancelling. If you want to do it like that, then choose Gift A Box.

The Cost: $27.99/month-to-month down to $17.99/month if you get a year.

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.
Every box comes with an information card describing what you've received. You can also join their referral program and get a free box when a friend subscribes.

On to the goodies!

Hot Off the Grill Squeaker Toy- This does have an excellent squeak. It's quite loud. Bugsy was entranced! And then he chewed a hole in it and it no longer squeaked. Bummer. He did look cute running around with it in his mouth, though.
Value: $5

Burger Buddy- This is shaped more or less like a ball so Bugsy sat and cried the whole time I was taking pictures. Hence the slight blurriness. I finally gave it to him aaaand he immediately ripped off the plastic meat and took out the stuffing. That dog.
Value: $5

Little Hot Dog- I made Bugsy work for this one because I am a mean mom like that. Okay, not really. But he did it! And then he ripped the hotdog off of the bun. This one got to keep it's stuffing and he took it to bed with him last night.
Value: $5
Nathans Famous Treats- Beef pepperoni-looking sticks for dogs! Dexter was very happy to be able to eat these. I'm going to use them for "I'm leaving the house" treats. Made in the USA.
Value: $8

Grill-icious Chicken Treats- Since Dexter can keep chicken down, these will be for Bugsy. I haven't opened them yet because we are overflowing with treats right now. Chicken and sweet potato are his favorites so these should be good. Made in the USA.
Value: $6
These Condiment Packets are glucosamine supplements. Each packet has two servings and are flavored differently. There is pork, salmon and beef flavor. I'm going to put this on top of their kibble tonight. I meant to do it this morning but I forgot.
Value: $9

VERDICT: This box was a lot of fun theme-wise. I do wish the toys had been a little more sturdy. I mean, maybe there are dogs out there that don't rip their toys to shreds but mine do. I'm actually pretty used to it but these bit the dust even more quickly than most. The treats, on the other hand, are perfect. I'm really glad to have them. We've never had either kind before and that makes it more interesting.

I do not recommend PetGiftBox for dogs under ten pounds. The Small Dog category is 20lbs or less so this is the same box you would receive if your pet was under ten pounds. Other than that, go for it!

If you'd like to sign up for PetGiftBox, you can do that here! If you'd like to sign up for PetGiftBox, you can use my referral link to get $5 off your first box or you can use code bitsandboxes to get 25% off your first box. They both probably amount to the same thing if you're just getting one box.


There's a Groupon Deal for PetGiftBox! You'll get 3 months for $25 and if you buy by 7/18 you can use coupon code FUNTIMES and get it for 15% off!! That is a crazy deal! And if you use Ebates, make sure to activate it because you'll also get 6% cashback.

 Bugsy working hard for his hot dog:
*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine. Referral/affiliate links were used in this post.

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