Thursday, July 2, 2015

StyleQuarterly "Summer Nights" Final Box Review

This is the last StyleQuarterly box. I'm so sad because I really loved the curation. This box was a one-woman show and it got so popular she couldn't keep up with it all. Instead she's going to work on a new venture involving curated gift boxes. Send one to yourself or one to a new mama or as a birthday gift.

This box was $44.95 quarterly and is more of a lifestyle box than a beauty box. I signed up for emails be notified when her new company, Feted, launches. It seems like lifestyle boxes are the hardest to keep alive.

I have to admit that this box was not what I was hoping for. I was so excited about the "Summer Nights" theme and the teaser of "things you need to attend or host a summer party." I was expecting a more party vibe.

Black and White Cotton Scarf- Since StyleQuarterly used to be Pashbox, I'm not surprised to see a scarf in the box. But I would have liked one that was a little more summery colored. And this isn't very high quality because it is shedding strings everywhere. I shook it and it was like snow onto my floor. Sad.
Value: $10

Apothea Co. Love Potion No. 18- This is a bath and body oil with a Vanilla Pomegranate scent. It uses all natural ingredients including grapeseed oil and sunflower oil. This bath and body oil will leave your skin beautifully scented and refreshed.
The info card mentions that one of the oil bottles leaked in shipment to her and got on the labels of the other bottles but my label looks fine. This is so pretty I hardly want to open it.
Value: $20
This is the most boring photo ever. Sorry about that! :D

RoundAbout Botanicals French Green Clay Mask- Clay masks seem to be everywhere now! And for a good reason in my book. I love clay masks. I think they do a really great job of cleaning out my pores and absorbing excess oil. Since I do have combination skin, I usually use a nice moisturizer afterwards to prevent dryness.
Simply add water to clay and apply to your face evenly. Rinse off completely in 10 minutes.
Value: $10

Salus Shower Bombs- I love shower bombs. LOVE them. I really need to learn how to make them because they're fairly expensive for what they are. There are two scents in this box: Almond Blossom and Hawaiian Dreams. I think I'm going to start with Hawaiian Dreams because... Mmmmm! If you use these make sure to set them on the floor just outside the shower spray. Otherwise the water just dissolves them way too quickly. Salus Natural Body Care has tons of scents to choose from and I'm so tempted by several of the scents.
Value: $2.75ea
Faux Crystal Pendant Necklace- This long chain necklace features a pendant with a cluster of contrasting stones and metal bar accents. The stones come in 4 colors, black, purple, blue/red and white/blue. It has a 30" chain.
This is pretty and I like it even though I don't usually wear gold. For a costume jewelry necklace the chain is nice and sturdy. The more I wear it, the more I like it.
Value: $15?
Leaf Cutter Designs Recipe Dice-This simple idea is so fun and unique. Shake the dice and let them do all of the dinner deciding for you. You'll always get something different and tasty. The dice are made of solid wood and feature more than 60 seasonal veggies, hearty grains, meats, flavorful spices and succulent herbs.
This is pretty funny. I think I'll be gifting this because it's so cute and I really don't have issues with planning dinners. I love to cook and can generally whip up something from whatever is available in the kitchen.
Value: $16

VERDICT: This is probably the most beauty heavy box I've received from StyleQuarterly. I would have loved to see a home item in place of one of the mask or body oil. Even something like summery patterned napkins. This box just doesn't have the pizzazz of the last ones. All of these products are very nice, though. I'm still sad it's her last box but wish the theme had come through more strongly. Part of that is because I long for a truly home and fashion focused box but there just isn't one.

What did you think of this last box? I feel kinda bad being disappointed in it. Of course, maybe there's more beauty because people were sad the last one didn't have any. Can't win 'em all! :D


  1. I LOVE shower bombs too! And I hate to pay for them!! But I know I'm not going to make them... if you ever decide to make them and sell them, let me know. ;)

    1. Bahaha! If I ever make some I'll send you a batch for testing. I wonder why they're always so expensive because really, they aren't made out of much...

  2. Innnnnteresting. My box was missing the scarf and my necklace had one less stone on it than yours.

    1. I admit I was surprised to see the scarf because it wasn't in the information we got via email. It's not high quality and it wouldn't surprise me if it was a way to get rid of extra stock from when StyleQuarterly was Pashbox. It was used as packing material.

  3. My Love Potion oil leaked all over everything in my box. Including my scarf which was damaged anyway, it was in 2 pieces and shredding everywhere. I was ok with this box and was going to give them another shot but they're canceling.

    1. I think if you contacted them, they would definitely make it right. They are closing down their business but I would definitely email them about your issues.