Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bare Bliss Box July 2015 and Mini Rant

Bare Bliss Box has never been my favorite box. I subscribed for six months with a Gilt City voucher and while I did find some really nice products, I still felt that it was not the best use of my money even at the discount I got it for.

Now, I'm unhappy with them because one of my all time favorite natural and organic brands just got thrown under the bus.

Kosmatology is probably my top brand for natural and organic goodies. The prices are reasonable, the products stellar and they all smell amazing! The owner is also really receptive to feedback and does an excellent job producing her products and providing customer service.

Every product I've ever received from Kosmatology has been fabulous. I can recommend their hand soap, foot balm, foot scrub and now this awesome lotion bar!

Here is the issue:

Bare Bliss Box is using old stock to furnish their new boxes. Instead of finding new product for their boxes, they are using leftovers from NEARLY A YEAR AGO! This is NOT awesome.

Why? Bare Bliss Box put a Kosmatology Spearmint- Rosemary Lotion Bar product from September 2014 in my July 2015 box. Now, I'm lucky because my bar turned out to be fine but others (it looks like it might be the Grapefruit scent) had poorly stored product that became dry. Here's the other thing. The expire date is 8/15. So not only is Bare Bliss sending out old stock but they're sending expired product!

I want to make everyone aware that this had nothing to do with Kosmatology or any of the other products and brands in the box. Even the included card with the coupon code is expired but Bare Bliss sent it anyway. The entire onus for this issue is on Bare Bliss.

Kosmatology is so amazing that the owner is picking up Bare Bliss Box's slack. I'm telling you, if you are looking for organic and/or natural skincare and pampering goodies, the customer service is second to none.

Kosmatology Spearmint-Rosemary Lotion Bar- This Herbal Fresh scent is fantastic. I thought I loved the "Mint Your Feet" but this might take precedence. I just love minty fresh scents and this is invigorating. These are paraben and petrolateum free and use a majority of certified organic ingredients. They are SO moisturizing and soothing. If you don't like scents, they even have an unscented version.

Also in the box:

Organic aah First Responder Gel- This has aloe and peppermint in it. Those two ingredients make this my second new favorite thing. This is a gel you can use on sunburns, insect bites and for itch relief. Or just whenever you want a burst of pepperminty goodness.

Jacq's Green Smoothie Face Masque and Scrub- A blend of sea kelp, bamboo charcoal and bentonite clay with almond meal to provide a refreshing mask with a scrub action.

Kiss My Honey- A natural lip balm with beeswax that is flavored Chocolate! No parabens, chemicals, preservatives or petrolateum. I'm a sucker for beeswax lip balms so this went right in my purse.

VERDICT: I know this was a far cry from a normal review but I'm so unhappy with Bare Bliss Box. Plus it's not a good sign when a box is scrambling for product. I definitely don't recommend it. I think that for the price, the samples are too small. What kills me is that for $5 more you can get a Kloverbox with full size awesome products!

In any case, forget Bare Bliss Box. If you want to try some natural and organic products, I recommend checking out Kosmatology. Or any of the other three brands represented in the box. The First Responder Gel is really nice.

So. There you have it. I don't like Bare Bliss Box but I do love Kosmatology and I'm not happy with how Bare Bliss Box is treating their customers and suppliers.


  1. I'm surprised Bare Bliss Box has lasted this long, to be honest. I don't think they're long for this world.

    1. If this is the kind of thing they do, then I can see why. There are SO many better options out there.

  2. So, when I was cancelling my 6 month gilt, I realized they did not send me the July box. I just got in a couple days ago. I for one can totallllly see how they are sending out older stuff. They are sort of the worst. I was very unhappy

    Great Review!

  3. I've dropped ALL natural beauty subs like Vegan Cuts, Kloverbox, Petit Vour, Gourmet Body Treats ( not sure they are still in business) and Goodebox ( dropped years ago) because they are, overall, STINKERS. Oh, and the Conscious Box beauty boxes were the WORST of the worst.

    There is some sort of arrogance on the part of the owners- or a lack of ability or will to continue to curate great boxes with all- natural products which can be hard to source- that they have highly desired goods and after a while, hubris takes the place of quality goods.

    I've seen it with all of the above and more who went out of business ( and some I've probably forgotten through the years).

    However, I found a new box that's new and unorthodox, and they tell you exactly what's in the products. The only thing added which might bother some people are the fragrances, which are pretty strong in some products.
    It's the Butter Box by The Butter Bar. I am not paid to say anything about their box or their products, I'm just happy to have found something so lovely. :)


  4. Great review Sarah, Kloverbox is my fave, think it's an outstanding sub with amazing customer service. I almost jumped on bare bliss but the fact that they were spamming every instagram account that was about a beauty product or sub a few months ago really turned me off. It seemed desperate, but to send EXPIRED product is just, wow! No thanks.

    1. omg, was that these people!?! I hated that instagram spamming! I learned how to delete messages just so I could delete all their spam! Ugh. What was I thinking!? If I'd realized this was them, I wouldn't have subscribed just on principle!

  5. Thank you so much for your support and shedding light on Bare Bliss Box's error. We hope this doesn't tarnish our reputation with our customers or potential customers. If anyone received a mini lotion bar please contact us and Bare Bliss. We supplied Bare Bliss with replacement product for the expired bars but they now have no record of who received them.

    Also we generated a new coupon code for 20% off Kosmatology with the code BARE20. It is valid thru September 30th.