Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Freshly Meal Subscription Service Review and Coupon Code

Freshly is a weekly meal service that features pre-made meals. All you have to do is thaw and heat. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner or any combination thereof, sent right to your door.

I decided to try this because well, it's a subscription and that's what I'm all about. And because I'd like to lose ten pounds with a minimum of fuss. I do love to cook and try new recipes but sometimes I get in a lazy mode and don't feel like it. In this heat, I do NOT feel like slaving over the stove or turning on the oven.

Their plans are straightforward. The Freshly Fit plan is all your meals for the week for a total of 21 meals. The Freshly Flex plans allow for 12, 9 or 6 meals a week. I chose the Freshly Flex 12 because that's what my Groupon was for.
I do not think I would do this without a coupon because $10/meal is a little much. However, if you are the type that eats out a lot and you're trying to stop, this is going to save you a LOT of money. Eating out is expensive!
While I chose to do this for weight loss (and laziness) purposes, these are not expressly low calorie, low fat or low sodium meals. Freshly meals are made with the best, all natural ingredients and are ALWAYS free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, added sugars and hormones. High in protein and nutrient dense veggies, nothing is artificial. These are tasty meals that give you your protein and veggies each day. This is exactly what I'm looking for.
The portions are generous and the ingredients and nutrition information is easily available on their website. I think most meals are under 500 calories which is nice. I like to hit my calorie goals for the day and these keep excess snacking under control because they contain so much filling food. Not that I'm going to say no to a delicious piece of chocolate if it fits my intake for the day. :)
Orange Ginger Chicken with Veggies
I've been very impressed with my meals. The Lemon Garlic Salmon was tasty with no fishy taste at all. The Peppercorn Steak had nice pieces of meat with no fat or gristle and a pretty good sauce. I added more pepper. The only thing I haven't liked was the Orange Ginger Chicken and that was only because the sauce was a little sweet for me.
Lemon Garlic Salmon with Veggies
This has been working really well for us because it's just so easy in this hot weather. Grab it, microwave it and boom, a perfectly legitimate meal that taste better than a Lean Cuisine. It's not gourmet but it's definitely worth eating.

I actually ended up ordering more meals because it's been so nice to have them. My husband eats the breakfast ones and he also said the Chicken Burrito Bowl was good. So was the BBQ Chicken with Beans. I got a couple new ones coming in the next shipment (along with some we know we like).

If you'd like to sign up for Freshly, you can get $25 off your first purchase with my referral link.

I really recommend it for portion control, as well. I've been eating these for the last week as my regular meals then adding in my own snacks. They've got so much protein that they keep me pretty full so I don't wander around looking for more food. So far I've lost five pounds (but that's also because I've been working out four days a week and counting my calories-including my Freshly meals).  Five more to go!

Here is what Freshly says about itself:

We use the best ingredients: Every Freshly meal is all-natural, fresh, and packed with nutrients. They’re always free of gluten, antibiotics, hormones, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners.

We do all the work: You shouldn’t have to become a chef and a nutritionist to eat healthy. Our gourmet meals are created to optimize your health and your life. All you have to do is heat and eat.

We guarantee your happiness: A great meal makes us all happy. We are excited for you to taste and experience Freshly. And if you're not happy with your meal for any reason, let us know and we will make it right - 100% of the time.

I have to say that it's been really nice to have these Freshly meals on hand and I've been impressed with the quality as well. So if you've been thinking about trying this, I do recommend it. I'll update with new meals that I try and how I like them.

*affiliate/referral links were used in this post. I'm always thrilled when someone uses them! Thanks in advance!


  1. I wonder how this plan compares to Bistro MD. I had the 7 day a week plan with 2 snacks per day. I got extremely tired of poached or broiled fish and chicken, though. I had the ability to choose each entree' and vegetable dish but they did take away some choices if you went for the more " premium" selections, like buffalo and crab dishes, first off. I think the daily caloric intake was around 1100 calories per day and had all the " nons" you mention as well.

    The dry ice container 4 days' worth of food contained was massive. I got 2 Fed Ex. deliveries with dry ice as the coolant ( in thick plastic pouches) and then a huge styrofoam container twice a week.
    I expect the neighbors thought we were involved in something to do with organ transplants, ha ha.

    Have you ever considered Jenny Craig? It's cheaper quality food, for sure, but it's so easy and affordable.

    1. Oh, this looks very similar! Do they change their menu each month? I should try this one for fun just to compare.
      I find the easiest thing for me is just to monitor the calories I intake (I use a website called MyFitnessPal) and get a lot of protein to keep me full. I just can't do a deprivation thing, I can't give up my snacks but I'm happy to work them into my allotted calories for the day.

      But these pre-made meals have been a lifesaver in this heat. Or maybe a hunger-saver... And mainly for my husband.