Tuesday, August 25, 2015

GeekFuel Gamer/Geek Subscription Box Review

This is my first GeekFuel and I'm totally hooked. One of the best things (besides the geeky awesomeness) is that every box includes a T-shirt! And this months T-shirt is the best thing ever! I know, I know, there's a lot of geek boxes out there (Loot Crate, 1UpBox, Nerd Block, etc) but I think my favorites will always be the ones that guarantee shirts. Sorry, Loot Crate but it's true.

The Cost: $24/month.

What You Get: Every box will include a t-shirt, a full game and over $50 worth of awesome geeky goodies to appease the gamer at heart.

Super Awesome DeadPool T-Shirt- Um... If you don't think this t-shirt is awesome, send me yours. Because I love it. Aand I got it in my husbands size. I'm totally bummed. I first had it in my size and then changed it. Yeah. Kicking myself now. The good thing? If I really want to, I can buy another box! Tempted. They're still shipping August if you want to buy this box!
Value: $14.99
GeekFuel MiniMag- This is a little magazine with silly stories, interviews and inside info. Definitely good bathroom reading. Er... not that I would know...

Aaru's Awakening Download- A full game download of Aaru's Awakening 2-D scroller. I have a friend who basically lives for 2-D scrollers so I'm giving this to him. Although, I better check his Steam playlist first because he might already have it. Then I'm keeping it.
Value: $15
Funko Adventure Time Keychain- Finn! So Adventure Time was the whole reason I signed up for this crate but the full awesomeness of the box is keeping me subscribed. You could get Finn or Jake. Oo.. if I did buy another box, I could possibly get a Jake!
Value: $6
Fallout Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Currency- These are great magnets! Besides being super magnetty (yes, mine is already on my fridge), the fact that I now have Fallout currency is pretty sweet.
Value: $4?

TMNT Sour Apple Lollipop- Looks like green ooze. Probably tastes like it, too. I don't think I want to find out.
Insight Editions The World According to Spiderman Hardcover Book- This is pretty cool. It's full of little extras and pullouts. It also has a poster which I should have taken a picture of. Whoops. It's a fun coffee table book for gamer pads.
Value: $16

VERDICT: I love it!! I'm totally staying subscribed (see you later, too expensive Nerd Block!) because a) T-shirt and b) all this stuff is fun! I've gotten a lot of gamer boxes and I was really impressed with this one. Of course, it helps that I'm a fan of everything represented in the box. It probably won't always be like that but I'm in for a couple more for SURE!

If you want to sign up, if you do it quickly enough, you'll get this exact box! Get it for the t-shirt! Or the bottle cap! Or whatever! It's all good. Buy it! It'll say which box you'll get on the website. Right now it says August.

I haven't seen any coupons for this box, so you'll have to buy it full price but I think $24 is pretty reasonable for what I got. What do you think?

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