Monday, August 31, 2015

Kloverbox August 2015 Detox & Diminish Review and Coupon Code

Kloverbox is my most favorite eco-conscious subscription. They send natural and organic skincare products, healthy snacks and sustainable living household products. This month is beauty heavy with skincare focused on keeping your skin clean and happy.

The theme for the August box is Detox & Diminish. That means charcoal and getting rid of fine lines. I'm all about both of those things since my skin and volcanoes apparently could be best friends if ever in close proximity. Something about charcoal makes my skin glow.

The Cost: $25/month.

What You Get: Receive premium products to sample from top brands and hand-picked by health conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Angel Face Botanicals Super Detox Facial Cleanser- This is black! All that charcoal-y goodness! This has activated charcoal and argan oil, essential oils and plant extracts. Wash your face with it and it will be clean. It claims to remove toxins but there's no scientific evidence that that is true for your skin. 
Activated charcoal does have adsorption properties and is regularly used as a filter for water and air. It has minor capabilities with treating certain forms of poisonings. It has a very porous surface so organic impurites get caught and held in the tiny mico-pores. At least thats my non-scientific explanation. So basically it's awesome but there are no studies that show these benefits apply to the skin. Either way, I like it in my skincare.
Value: $13
Jacq's Organics Fancy Detox Soap Bar- This is a black soap with chunks of color. It's made with activated charcoal, clay, shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter. It's also got aloe plus lemon and anise essential oils. The combination of scents gives it a sort of "new book" smell. I love charcoal soaps. So does my husband. He likes it as a shower soap because it keeps his skin clear. I like it as a face soap because it cleans my face and gets rid of excess oil. It's not going to cure all the worlds ills but it does make my skin look good.
Value: $3
Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash- I've received this product in a box before from a subscription box that shall remain nameless because I'm not happy with them. Besides that, the jury is still out on whether this works as well as it says it does. Personally, I like a whitening treatment that works fast (and not one that takes a month or more to show results). Aaand not to mention this is messy and a whole lot of work. I don't have five minutes to hold an ashy liquid in my mouth. Just brush your teeth! Get some Crest Whitestrips (or this super awesome stuff I use which is basically magic but not for sensitive teeth).
Mychelle Dermaceuticals Wrinkle Spot Treatment- Now this is the creme de la creme of this box. It's valued at far more than the actual cost of the box and is packed with awesome ingredients. I am really excited to use this because it has so many peptides in it! Peptides are great for hydrating. I also am pleased to see that Mychelle doesn't overstate it's abilities. This rollerball serum will plump up your skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. The only drawback is the alcohol but I think the other ingredients may combat that addition.
Mychelle is a great brand if you're looking for cruelty free, natural products with no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, ureas, petroleum, artifical colors or fragrances.
Value: $38.50
Traditional Medicinals Tea- I love getting tea samples! I might be the only one but I love getting new kinds of tea to try. This is Lemon and dandelion root. They're both caffeine free which I'm glad about because I currently am low on decaf versions.

VERDICT: While this Kloverbox seems a little light, there are some great natural goodies for me to try. The value is concentrated in the Mychelle Wrinkle Treatment and it's good that it's an excellent product otherwise I might be looking for a little more value spread. I'm SUPER excited to try the Angel Face cleanser. One of the best things about Kloverbox is the opportunity to find and try new products with a healthy and ethical bent. You'll find natural, organic, vegan and eco-conscious products in Kloverbox. Each box is carefully curated around a theme and will encourage an expansion to your brand horizons. I like it when there is more than just beauty in the boxes.

If you would like to sign up for Kloverbox, you can do that right here. Use code BAB10 to get 10% off your subscription.

What do you think about activated charcoal and your skin? Am I the only one that loves it? :D

*affiliate link was used in this post. this box was sent to me for review purposes. all opinions are mine.


  1. Hi Sarah - You should give smart ash a try - it is just like tooth powder and you brush your teeth with it for 2 minutes - I am not sure where 5 minutes comes into play- but you just dip your wet brush into the powder and then brush away for 2 minutes. Whitestrips and other whitening products (even if you don't have sensitive teeth) are really damaging to the enamel on your teeth which is why I am glad to try this out. It isn't abrasive.

    Also, it doesn't hurt to swallow it. I mean, I don't swallow my toothpaste as a rule, so this is the same - you wouldn't want to swallow it, but it isn't harmful if you do.

    1. oh and wanted to add - I used this over the weekend and noticed that my teeth looked brighter and whiter immediately.

    2. Good to know! The instructions from the first SmartAsh I received indicated that you were supposed to use it like mouthwash and swish it for 3-5 minutes. But this one doesn't say to do that but maybe those other instructions were to "detox" your mouth *rolls eyes*.
      It's good to know it worked for you so swiftly! I personally prefer my once in a couple months whitening solution in the formed tray from my dentist.
      Unless the tooth whitener uses acid, it is not damaging to your enamel. Luckily, most don't, they use carbomer peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which while it can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation in some people, has no permanent effects. Not even the whiteness is permanent, darn it.

    3. I have receding gum lines so a lot of those solutions are just too much for my teeth (too sensitive!!) I read that smart ash helps remineralize your teeth enamel and help lessen sensitivity, so I am hoping that will help me.

      I would never use this as a mouthwash - that is too funny that they wrote that! haha

    4. Oh, yes! SmartAsh is definitely going to be better for you. You should do a before and after review! I bet a lot of people would be interested to know how it goes (including me!).

  2. I've never gotten Kloverbox but I've been eyeing it for a while... it always has a couple of products that I REALLY want! I recently cut back on several subs (budget) but I really want this one... do you think they'll offer more than 10% if I wait until closer to the holidays? Have they had a Black Friday deal in the past?

    1. Ten percent is (I think) the most they usually do with a coupon but they did have a buy 2 get on month free on Black Friday last year! So you could wait. I'm saving up budget for Black Friday myself because the sub box deals abound! The Popsugar one was amaaazing. :D

  3. I'm going to try to be patient... thanks Sarah!