Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ06 Theme and Hints

Finally! Quarterly needs to change their name to Semesterly at this point. The Nina Garcia box now has a theme!

Travel Essentials!

I'm pretty sure she knows a lot about traveling and I'm pretty excited to see what her favorite "on-the-go beauty products" are.

Plus tech gadgets! This makes sense because she's actually really into technology and she even has a pair of the GoogleGlass glasses! Lucky girl.

So, we will see some assuredly luxury beauty and hair products. I'd love to see a tool but we did just get a whole box of haircare so probably not. Something to travel with that's techie... Probably not earbuds because we already got those in an earlier box. 

I'm hoping for a glorious piece of jewelry!

Sign up here for the Nina Garcia Quarterly box. It's $100/quarterly (or however often they ship during the year. So far it's twice).

I am warning you ahead of time, though, that this box likely won't ship til Christmas. I'm joking. Sort of. The website says it's supposed to ship in August but I wouldn't count on it. You have to be a flexible sort to put up with pushed out shipping dates with Quarterly. Luckily, they don't charge until they ship so your $100 is safe until then. Aaaaand update to say that the box is now shipping in September. :D

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  1. The tech gadget part reeled me in. You are like the Supreme Enabler. :)
    Used your link.