Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box Review and Free Month Offer!

I am loving my Rocksbox subscription SO much! I didn't realize when I signed up just how much I would enjoy it. At first, because it's a rental program, I was a little skeptical. But after receiving some of the most beautiful, wearable jewelry (and falling in love with some pieces), I think I need to keep it up.
The way Rocksbox works is very simple. You sign up, fill out your profile, put a few things in your Wishlist and wait for your first box to arrive. Once it arrives, take everything out, admire it all and wear it as often or as little as you like.

The subscription is a month to month rental. You can wear everything you got and be seen in it, then return it all in a week if you want. As soon as your package gets scanned by the post office, your new box will be curated and sent. As many times in a month as can fit! Or if you like what you got and have an even coming up that a piece will be perfect for just keep the set and return it after your date.

The best part of the whole thing?! You have the option to buy the jewelry you love! This month I fell head over heels for the House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Ring. I haven't taken it off except to shower. I love it.
Guess what? Each month you get $10 of "Shine Spend." That's $10 to spend on jewelry that month. If you don't like anything enough to keep, that's fine. You'll still have $10 the next month. It doesn't add up, you only get the $10 but I've used mine already... Pretty good deal to get to test drive jewelry then get half the purchase price of the rental back to spend on buying it!

They have really great brands, too. Besides House of Harlow, there's Kendra Scott, Gorjana, Jules Smith, Wanderlust & Co, among others.

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: Three pieces of jewelry to wear as long as you want, $10 to spend on items you want to keep and free shipping and returns.

My favorite piece. I loved this House of Harlow Arrow Ring so much I bought it. You get to choose your ring sizes and this one is the perfect size for my right middle finger so that's how I wear it. I love it.
It's sparkly and dainty and just perfect for my small hands. I can never wear big clunker rings because I just look like I'm lifting weights or something. I've been wanting a new ring and this was too perfect and afforable to pass up. With the $10 Shine Spend and the discounted price, this ring was $20. Yes, please.
Speaking of big and clunky... This unusual cuff was sent by the stylist. The ring was on my wishlist but there are also pieces that the stylist picks for you. This is a Charlene K Agate Blue Quartz Cuff in Silver. I love the beaten silver of the cuff but not so much the big blue stone.
I still wore it, though. Why not!? It will go back and then a whole new set of jewelry will be sent to me so I might as well get some use out of it even if it's not quite my style.
SLATE Beaded Double Strand Necklace- I loved this, too!! I'm debating buying it. The silver bars slide along the chain and they're cut in such a way that they practically sparkle in the light. Plus it's dainty. And I really like the double strand.
I'm pretty petite so I like to keep my jewelry smaller. Some of the statement necklaces out there would wear me instead of me wearing them. So this is perfectly me. Decisions, decisions!

VERDICT: Another love session. I'm so glad I started getting this subscription because I'm finding new things to add to my wardrobe and enjoy. Plus getting to try before (or if) I buy means I get to figure out how much use I will get out of a piece. I'm so surprised by how much I love the House of Harlow arrow ring. Its not something I ever would have considered if I had seen it in a store. Now it barely leaves my finger.

If you would like to sign up for Rocksbox, you can do that right here! Make sure to use code bitsandboxesxoxo to get your first month for free!

The website is clean and easy to navigate, you can cancel your subscription or buy your jewelry from your account profile. I always appreciate a crisp, intuitive website design.

Have you subscribed to Rocksbox? What did you keep? Did you find it hard to resist buying certain items?

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  1. Very pretty items. :) I like the ring you bought and the necklace most of all. I would be thrilled to pieces to own House of Harlow jewelry.
    You know that House of Harlow is Nicole Ritchie's company, right? I bought a pair of really funky be sandals beaded with tiny multi-colored beads in an art deco pattern from Little Black Bag last year and on a discount site, they were around $175, I believe. Retail was probably twice that. I've wanted more things from the brand ever since then. :)
    It seems to me from your pics that the necklace also has a bit of a retro vibe and looks pretty with the ring for a night out.

    I didn't know you could buy things that Rocks Box sends. A high- traffic subscription blog which shall not be mentioned by name once had a super deal like you have now for a Rocks Box rental but never once indicated that the items could be purchased, which made it a deal breaker for me.
    Now I'm going to try this out. :)
    Thanks for the code, your link, and for the more detailed and accurate info about the subscription.