Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So Susan August 2015 Lip Love Beauty Subscription Review

So Susan is a London based beauty subscription that delivers worldwide. Actually, they're a cosmetic company that has a subscription called Lip Love. It's not all about lips, though, and while I love all the lippies, I'm glad. I was first introduced to So Susan with a concealer quad. I dismissed it without even trying it. Then this months Boxycharm had a Statement Skin highlighter that I immediately fell in love with.
Lip Love sends a monthly cosmetic bag with an inspirational quote on it. Each month you'll receive three products plus one bonus makeup item and one bonus accessory. Two of the products will be revealed and the rest will be a mystery until it shows up at your doorstep. 

The Cost: $15.95 + shipping (varies depending on your country). Shipping is only charged for the first month. Subsequent months receive free shipping.

What You Get: Three So Susan and/or Jelly Pong Pong products plus a bonus makeup item and bonus accessory in a canvas cosmetic bag.
Jelly Pong Pong Goji Blush in Lotus- "A moisturizing blush formulated with a powerful blend of silicones, mineral and organic pigments for a silkier application and the second-skin look of a cream encapsulated in a powder compact. Powered by our proprietory Goji-3™ Complex enriched with antioxidants that help minimize fine lines."
I thought this would be too peachy for me but it's not. It's actually very pretty and blends nicely. There are a few more crumbs left in the pan after a brush swirl that I wish weren't there but I like it.
Value: $17.95
So Susan Haute Light in Eggshell- "A universally flattering ivory cream crayon that brings your best features to light! Made with White Truffle extract & Eyeseryl® peptide to help reduce eyebags and increase skin elasticity."
This can be used as a primer for your eyeshadow. It can also be used as a typical highlighter for brow bone, down the center of your nose, inner corners of your eyes, etc. It's totally matte and easy to use and blend. I've been playing with it and it's definitely something I will use.
Value: $19.95
So Susan Statement Skin Highlighting Crayon- "An instant remedy to lifeless, lacklustre complexions, simply glide Statement Skin across your forehead, down the centre of your nose and on your chin, and blend for the glow of outdoors radiance. The unique chiselled head enables you to cover large areas of the face, or target small pinpoint ones (like your cupid's bow), all without using a brush! Powered by Organic Chia Seed to help keep skin softly hydrated and Silk Peptide to promote skin suppleness and elasticity."
It seems a little strange to have two highlighting products in the same bag but I'm not complaining because they're different enough. And because I kind of love highlighters. :) This is luminizing, blends ridiculously well and gives a truly youthful glow to the skin. 
I hate it when highlighters are too blaring but this gives a perfect, soft sheen. I now have it in two colors- Starlight and Candlelight. This swatch is the Candlelight. You can see Starlight here. Starlight is lighter, Candlelight is warmer. I'm thinking Candlelight in the Summer, Starlight in the Winter for me. They're both very, very similar and both gorgeous. Oh, and the crayon wedge shape makes it really easy to use, too.
Value: $20.95
Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigment Lip and Cheek Cream in Fig Jam- Wow. Talk about bright. However, it's not as bad on the skin as it looks in the pot. It's very creamy and smooth. On the lips it gives a nice pink tint. I don't really like cream blushes but this seems to blend pretty well. It's growing on me now that I get over that crazy hot pink.

So Susan Strengthening Cuticle Oils- This is a set of cuticle oils. Each color has a different property. Since mine came loose from the card I have no idea which is which but there are: Sea Algae, Coconut, Citron, Almond and Jasmine. Actually, they smell distinct and they are fragranced so I can tell which is which. They're supposed to have different properties but I think almond oil is almond oil. I will say that the doefoot applicators apply lots of product. I actually like that. At least you know you got oil in the right spot. However I think next time I will wipe it against the edge of the container to get the extra off. 
Value: $25.95

VERDICT: I am really liking this So Susan subscription! I'm glad I got three months. All full size products, all pretty and all useful! Plus the bag is adorable.  I like everything (although the Paradise Pigment is my least favorite) and everything can be incorporated into my makeup routine so I'm happy with that.

I ended up getting a three month subscription. When I went to the website there was a popup that gave me a coupon code for a free creme blush if I spent $30. So I got the 3 month sub ($42) and put the blush in my cart ($16), used the coupon code making the blush free and because the original total was over $50, I didn't have to pay any shipping! So if you get a popup, put your email in or whatever it makes you do and see if you get a code like that.

You can choose your first month from an array of older bags. That means instead of August (unless you specifically choose it when you sign up) you can get one of their previous months bags and then your official subscription will start in October. Or at least that's how I understand it. Personally, I think August is the best.

Sign up here for the August Bag! Their website leaves a lot to be desired, I'll say that. It is ugly and clunky to use.

Do you get So Susan? What do you think? So far so good for me!


  1. So Susan accidentally sent me a bag from another month, and they're sending me this one as well.
    I think the quality of their cosmetics is very nice. I also think I got a lot of different things for $23 shipped from the U.K.
    I like both bags although the one I have has brighter and deeper pinks and mauves than August's bag, which don't really blend well with my ghostly pale skin but that's not a fault of the company. They seem to have sent a whole other palette tone with the Lotus Goji Blush this month, which is nice to see in a single company's subscription bags.

    I really love the highlighting crayon- type stick that was in August's Boxvcharm box and I am eager to get the August So Susan bag and try out the Candlelight.
    If a person is looking for a fun and different makeup subscription that's in the lower price range but has a very good value, this one delivers.
    They also have very nice CS people.


    1. The value is great and the cosmetics I've received so far are better than most. That highlighting stick... /swoon