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The Cannonball Collective Summer 2015 "Torn and Frayed" Kit Review

The Cannonball Collective is a truly unique and special subscription. It's more than a box, it's about enhancing your life in ways you probably wouldn't think of on your own. At least I didn't. It's truly an experience and a wonderful opportunity to add something special to your life.
This quarter, the theme of the Cannonball Collective box is "Torn and Frayed." It's a carefully curated collection of items to help you get a little creative while getting a little more sustainability out of your clothing. Or whatever you choose to work on.
The initial experience of opening the box was part of the fun. This is a beautifully prepared and packaged product.
Everything arrived in a logo tin. I love that there is container for the contents. It's always nice to be able to keep items like this together in one spot and this is the perfect avenue for that.
Each box will arrive with the printed magazine that explains what you're getting, why it was chosen
and how the theme pertains to life and happiness.

The Cost: $95/quarter

What You Get: A curated kit of Amazing Goods designed to bring a little fun and inspiration to your life along with a printed Cannonball magazine edition.

I had a lot of fun exploring this box and figuring everything out. This is one of those boxes you get to savor for days.
This box focuses on repairing your old denim and worn clothing. It's based on the work of mender/tailor Luke Deverell at Darn & Dusted. It also contains sewing products from England's Merchant & Mill's.
And in case you need a little help while doing your mending, Cannonball Collective has included a drink recipe to help you loosen up.
Merchant & Mills Wide Bow Scissors- These scissors are made in England and are of black steel. They are incredibly sharp and easy to handle with the nice big finger holes. The thin, narrow tips make snipping strings and stitches in hard-to-get places easy, too.
Value: $15
Merchant and Mills Long Darners-Long needles with long eyes suitable for thick thread or yarn. There are 8 needles in here. I'm embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to figure out that this was even a container. :D Too long.
Value: $8
Merchant and Mills Dressmaking Pins- Nickle-plated pins! Good for all sorts of things, I have to admit. Pins are so important when mending and/or creating. It's the first thing I always do- measure and pin- when hemming.
Value: $6
Marukawa Fuken Gum- A fun little extra. Probably so you don't grit your teeth so hard when you stab yourself or focus too hard.
Merchant & Mills Tailor's Thimble-The capless tailor's thimble has an open top for tactile fabric control. It protects your finger without affecting dexterity. British engineered. Lacquered to prevent discolouring, size medium. I prefer to have a top on my thimble. Either that or I'm doing it wrong because I did manage to stick my finger with a pin because I wasn't paying attention. Whoops. Some re-learning is in order to use this type of thimble.
Value: $7
Fujix MOCO Thread- I've never worked with thread like this before so this was interesting. It's made of six strands and is, as the info card describes, somewhat "fluffy." It took a bit of spit and a twist to thread the darning needle but it worked. There are three colors: cream, indigo and orange.
Value: $6

Japanese Fabric Swatches- These are sized for patching up your jeans or what-have-you. I think they're fun and while I might not use them for my jeans, they'll definitely be incorporated into something fun. Probably a coin purse.
While no actual directions are included on how to perform the mending process, they do include a card with stitches you can use.
Along with some examples of what you can do with what you've received. Not really my style, I don't think but certainly fun.

VERDICT: Cannonball Collective is about exploring and having a personal adventure with each box. I am actually really excited to get my favorite fabrics out and practice a little with thread this thick and a darning needle. It's a look that I've never considered. And it definitely has it's own style. I searched everything in my closets and none of my jeans needed patching. The only thing that did was one of my husbands sweaters and there was no way I was going to practice on it. Once I get the hang of it, I'll try it but right now I'm not super hot at it. I know because I tried. However, now my creative juices are flowing and I have several ideas for practice. Starting with a patchwork coin purse.

I would like to see more value in this box based on the initial cost. Yes, Cannonball Collective is unique and interesting and adds a challenge to your life but the contents equate to about half the cost of the box. The other half is invested in intellectual stimulation and getting you out of your rut. Not everyone will be willing to pay to receive something like that and I understand. I also wish there was an actual project included. Mainly because I don't have anything worn out and while I may have enough of a sewing background to figure something out, not everyone is like me.

Since this is the very first box, I'll be curious to see how the next box turns out and what the theme is. If you sign up, you'll have the option to skip if it's not something that interests you that quarter. I think that's nice option to have. So if you don't sew, you can skip and see what the next box will contain.

If you would like to know more about Cannonball Collective or sign up to receive a box, you can do that here. I believe if you were to sign up right now, you would receive this exact box.

What do you think?

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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