Monday, September 21, 2015

Beauteque Mask Maven September 2015 Review ~ Put Your Money Where Your... Face is!

This month's Mask Maven by Beauteque gave me a serious case of the smiles! I've never seen or heard of these Baviphat money masks but I'll definitely be using them. Because they're fun. And I like Baviphat. This shipment has eleven masks, seven are Baviphat Urban Doll Kiss and I don't even care. Normally I tend to fuss about variety but when things are this fun, I just can't.
I can't find any information or ingredient lists for the money masks which bums me out. I don't *think* they have alcohol in them which is a relief. Although I only think that because I looked for the characters that make up the word "alcohol" in Korean and didn't find them.

The Cost: $15/month plus shipping depending on where you live.

What You Get: Each month you will receive nine to eleven masks of any type or combination, including sheet masks, wash off masks, body masks, foot masks, hair masks, nail masks...

Baviphat Urban DollKiss Korean Won Lifting Mask- Four kinds of peptides and collagen work to restore moisture and keep skin supple.

Baviphat Urban DollKiss US Dollar Moistfull Mask- Using aloe and honey extracts, this mask will keep your skin hydrated and clear. And there's snail secretion filtrate which you know I love.

Baviphat Urban DollKiss Japan Yen Revitalize Mask- Herbal Extracts, aloe and rose help reduce redness and inflammation and leave your skin bright and happy.
Baviphat Urban DollKiss UK Pound Essential Mask- Ginseng keeps me away from this mask although it's the new favorite thing in skincare it doesn't agree with me.

Baviphat Urban DollKiss Swiss Franc Be Light Mask- Whiten and brighten! Flower extracts help even out your skintone.

Baviphat Urban DollKiss Euro Solution Mask- Packed with antioxidants via centella asiatica, fight free radicals and heal troubled skin quickly.

Baviphat Urban DollKiss China RMB Clean Mask- Hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts and vitamins will mosturize for daaays.
Hanaka Hydrogel Lip Patch- Three flavors available and I got strawberry. The other two are peach and rose. I've used lip patches before but I don't think they really work. Still, these are fun.

Hanaka Hydrogel Hyaluronic Acid and Cactus Eye Patch- I like hydrogels, especially for undereyes. Hanaka is a Taiwanese brand whose masks I respect because their ingredients are good and contain no alcohol.
Annie's Way Sheet Mask- This is another Taiwanese brand. The one I received is Salmon Caviar Extract. Since I had a good experience with salmon in the Botanic Farm eyegels, I'm totally using this.

FaceQ Aloe Moisture Mask in Aloe- A sheet mask from Taiwan with Aloe. No alcohol in this one! I've received a few FaceQ masks from Beauteque so far and while they don't have ridiculously amazing ingredients, they are definitely serviceable.

VERDICT: I really wish that there was a way to get ingredient lists for these kinds of things. This is probably one of the most fun Mask Mavens I've received but I want to know ingredients for those Baviphats. Ah, well. I'll use them anyway. At least I know which one contains ginseng and can avoid it. Although there are a lot of the Baviphat masks, there is a really great variety in ingredients which is nice. A little something for everything. Yay! I think that this mask box is worth it within the US but once you start getting into the higher priced shipping options, the value slips considerably. International shipping is a nice option to have, though, and value is always subjective to the individual.

If you would like to sign up for Mask Maven, you can do that here. Use code BITSANDBOXES10 to get 10% off your subscription! They ship internationally and depending on your country, the charges range from $3.95 (US) to $9.95 (Europe, etc). Obviously this is a better deal for US residents but if you're craving some kbeauty and you live where subscription boxes are not super awesome, you should consider this.


  1. I'm REALLY looking forward to this Mask Maven bag now. Baviphat has never disappointed me. Great review, and love the photos. I'm not sure I can use the U.K. mask and deface regal Queen Elizabeth. I may save that one as a unique keepsake of sorts. :)

  2. I love those Hanaka masks - so cute!!
    Renee C.

  3. I can't find where to buy those cute money masks to save my life! They are so adorable, I need them all! lol

    1. I couldn't find them anywhere either!! You should email Beauteque and ask about them :D