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Buddhibox September 2015 Yoga Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

BuddhiBox is dedicated to delivering a wide variety of products meant to enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle. Each box contains items to enrich your life, body, mind and soul. BuddhiBox is committed to sending ethically sourced, cruelty-free products created with intention. They work only with organizations and businesses that follow ethical and eco-conscious practices. BuddhiBox also strives to send organic and vegetarian items when at all possible.

Each BuddhiBox is carefully packed and will include healthy food, supplements, beauty products and yoga accessories to encourage and uplift you. Each month, BuddhiBox also chooses a charity to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each box. This month is Sgt. Pepper's Friends, a non-profit dedicated to facilitating pet adoptions.

There are two Box choices, Yoga and Jewelry. Prices start at $11.95 for two to three product samples. The box in this review is the BuddhiBox Yoga. When you sign up you'll be asked several questions to help personalize your box, including whether you want only vegan items. That is a wonderful option!

The Cost: $30.95/month.

What You Get: Each month, delivered straight to your mailbox, you will receive a mix of 4-6 samples and full size products all dedicated to pure and mindful living.

Yoga Anytime One Month Gift Card- One free month of yoga class streaming with Yoga Anytime!
Value: $18

Rickaroons Vegan Macaroons- As someone who loves macaroons (but isn't vegan), I had to try this. It is definitely coconutty-licious. I don't know if there are more flavors but this one is Chocolate Blondie and was quite delicious. I had planned on only eating a bite but ended up eating the whole thing. And it is not a small treat, either. :D
Value: $3

Each Buddhibox also comes with heavy cardstock print of a yoga pose. You can collect quite a few and enjoy the full benefits each position provides. Close your eyes, pick five and go!
No Sweat Laundry Detergent- Maybe I'm strange but I *love* getting things like this in my boxes. This detergent has a special enzymatic ingredient that eliminates odors caused by bacteria and oils found in sweat. Since my husband spends half his life in the gym and likes to wear white t-shirts, I can hardly wait to put it's powers to the test! It also erases stains, protects fabric and preserves fit. It's basically magic and if it works like I'm hoping, I'll have to buy more.
Value: $6

Co Pur Hair Mask- This is made of 100% natural ingredients and is a moisturizing mask for your hair made from coconut, avocado, bergamot and lavender oils mixed with shea butter. I'm a little concerned that it is no longer the consistency it should be. When it arrived it sloshed like water in the jar. Now that it's cool, it's hardened but only fills half of the jar. It says it's heat sensitive on it. I'm pretty sure that it's totally fine but also that it's lost it's original consistency. I'm hesitant to open it and test it to be sure because I'm allergic to lavender. Boo.
Value: $22
Essential Nest Ease Up Headache Relief Rollerball- Omg. when I saw this I was so excited! I do struggle from time to time with migraines (mostly when I forget to take the medication that keeps them from happening) and tension headaches. I was SO sad when I saw that lavender is mixed in with the peppermint that I love and sweet almond oil. My dang allergy to lavender is REALLY cramping my style! I checked out the Essential Nest Etsy site and the "Just Breathe" sounds amazing!
Value: $14

Ground 2 Table Spice Blend Packet- Is it bad that every single time I looked at this my brain automatically thought "Ground Zero?" Literally every single time. Maybe it's because it arrived around the anniversary or maybe it's because I was there in the aftermath and have a really strong attachment, I don't know. Brains are so weird. This is a small seasoning packet and that's the whole point. Instead of buying a huge jar that eventually goes to waste because you don't use it fast enough, and consigns the container to the recycle bin, Ground 2 Table encourages only using exactly what you need to avoid waste. This is an organic blend with no salt, sugar or GMO's.
Value: $2
Love Bags Reusable Snack Pouches- Two of them!! Okay, so I've really been getting into the whole reusable bag thing since my city banned plastic bags. These seal with velcro and you can just throw them in the dishwasher to wash them! What the crap!? How have I lived this long without these?! And there's two! (Obviously, I think that's awesome since I mentioned it twice. :D)
Value: $11.95

VERDICT: I'm really impressed with this months Buddhibox! If you're a yogi, you'll love all the free access to different yoga classes and sites. Every month has a new one, it's a great way to find the perfect site for you. Plus, every box seems to include a type of aromatherapy to enhance your life,  your meditation or your mind. This month is especially awesome because it addresses your lifestyle, as well, including things for your laundry and home that help you life a more sustainable, eco-friendly life. So awesome!

Buddhibox really provides a way for a more authentic and mindful yoga life. It includes products for every aspect of your lifestyle and encourages you to be thoughtful of yourself and your environment.

If you would like to sign up for Buddhibox, you can do that right here. Use code YOGAEVERYDAMNDAY for 10% off your first box!

What do you think of this month's Buddhibox?

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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  1. So sorry you couldn't try Ease Up! I'd be happy to send you Just Breathe if you send your contact info!