Friday, September 4, 2015

Burke Box August 2015 Whole Home Subscription Box Review

Burke Box Whole Home is a subscription box by Burke Decor. I think this is the August 2015 box because it shipped to me in August but didn't get here until September. Either way, I'm thrilled with the contents.
The Whole Home Box theme for the month is "Fall Forward." It's all about getting cozy and I have to admit, their idea of cozy and my idea of cozy are the same. Since this subscription is still in it's beginning stages, there have been a few bumps but overall I think this is a fun home-related box.

There are a lot of options when it comes to subscribing. I am subscribed for the bi-monthly option but you can get it once a month or quarterly, as well.

The Cost: $49.50/month. It's $55 for a one time box with no subscription.

What You Get: A surprise selection of some of our favorite home goods  - from champagne flutes to aprons , desk accessories to throws  - it's everything you need to keep your home looking freshly styled. $120 worth of items for $55!

Honey Grand Cup by Sir/Madam- This is a gigantic mug! Perfect for the quantities of tea that I drink or even a bowl of noodle soup. This says "honey" on it and when I first pulled it out, I thought it was going to be a honey pot or something. But no, it's a huge mug that will absolutely be put to good use.
Value: $16
Christian LaCroix Paseo Embossed Black Notebook- This is gorgeous! I love the embossing. The texture is so nice. It has both a ribbon page-keeper and an elastic band to keep the notebook closed. Handy for journal keeping or logging trip details.
Value: $15
Pine Cone Hill Windsor Platinum Fringed Fleece Throw-This is a super cozy blanket. In fact, I'm wrapped up in it right now. Our weather has been so bizarre. First it was the hottest summer on record and now it's freezing cold and rainy. Which is normal but I think I got used to the heat. It's so cold I can't feel my fingers but I can't bear to turn on the heat in September. This is huge and fairly thick. Platinum is a good color name for it. It's a little bit shiny (I think that's the acrylic in it) and a nice soft gray. It's 50" x 70".
Value: $98

VERDICT: I thought this was a nice themed box. Since I never expected Burke Box to have a theme, it's pretty nice. Plus, it's like this box was made for me. Now, I would never spend $98 on a blanket unless it was a duvet or something but I would spend $25. And I can never have enough throws. The mug is perfect and it's nice to get one because my husband broke one the other day. The LaCroix notebook is almost too pretty to use. Since I just got a super nice notepad in my Aster Market box, this will have to go in the stash. Or maybe swaps for someone who is a real notebook user. I tend to stick to notepads and those field notes notebooks.

There are a few box themes to pick from right now. You can see them all right here. I might try one of the spa ones but so far I'm loving the Whole Home.

You can sign up right here. The boxes have been improving mightily and I'm intrigued enough to continue subscribing, especially through these winter months. Whoever curated this months box has just my style.

If you subscribe, boxes are $49.50 but you can snag a one time box for $55. Both are great deals. I'm just so thrilled to have a home decor subscription because there are not enough of them out there.

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