Monday, September 14, 2015

GreekPack September 2015 Snack Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

I'm finding myself more and more pleased with GreekPack. These boxes are so interesting and fun. Part of it is knowing that the snacks come right from Greece. The rest of it is eating all the tastiness! I don't love everything that comes in boxes like this and I don't expect to. But GreekPack is really good at sending things I enjoy and desperately want more of. I wish they would open a shop!
I forgot to put one of the products in this photo. It had come a little unwrapped so I set it aside. Whoops!

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: You will receive six to eight carefully selected Greek treats and snacks.
Greek Coffee- How awesome is this?! Not only did they send Greek coffee but they sent a "briki" to make it in and a demitasse cup to drink it with!! I've never had a snack box do something like this before and I love it!
The coffee is basically powder. I thought that it might be the instant kind that dissolves but it's not. Apparently, Greeks drink their coffee strong, with sugar and with the grounds at the bottom of the cup. Hm.
I ended up making the coffee this morning. I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I like mochas. This is seriously coffee-y. I put the coffee, sugar and water in the briki and set it on the stove. When it started to boil a foam formed. Once it did that, I poured it into the demitasse cup. It tastes like strong coffee, I'll say that. My uncle loves it this way and apparently it's really common in Europe to drink it like this. I'm not a fan. I did have a lot of fun doing it though. 
You're supposed to serve it with water and cookies, which makes sense because it tastes awful. Haha!
Loukoumi- Okay, so this exploded powdered sugar all over everything in the box. I didn't care and just cleaned everything off. When I took a bite of this, I wouldn't have minded if it had exploded twice as much sugar. Sooooooo flavorful and delicious! This is a chewy candy that is the Greek version of Turkish Delight. It's made from sugar, honey, fruit juice and gelatin and has nuts added. I think mine had almonds and maybe pine nuts. It reminded me of the mastic gum that came in an earlier GreekPack. The taste is unusual but addictive. I ate the whole thing and wanted more.
Ouzo Candy- I need to find these somehow. Ouzo is a licorice flavored alcohol. It might be a liqueur. My husbands grandma loves it. I love licorice (but not so much the ouzo alcohol version) and these are fantastically licorice flavored! I used to get the Altoids Licorice but then they stopped making them. These would be a good replacement. I ate them all already.
Vanilla Cookies- These were added to go with the coffee. The labels are written in Greek and probably were made in Greece. They were also tasty. The info card says these are not of Greek origin but are popular in coffee houses.
Nescafe Frappe Coffee Kit- Sometimes I wonder how other countries get so lucky with products we never see in the US. It could be because Starbucks has cornered so much of the market that something like this never appears on our shelves. It's a frappe kit. I used this, too, because it was so cute. I put the coffee and the sugar in, then shook it with the blue lid on. It *really* foamed up quick. I then added milk to make it more palatable to me and drank it. Obviously it's just instant coffee but since it's new to me, it was fun to do.

VERDICT: I still love GreekPack. Since most international snack boxes don't tend to feature snacks from places like Greece and most import the snacks then ship out the boxes, this is a really nice way to get Greek snacks directly from Greece. The worst part is that you can't get more of anything. I want more chalvadopita and the loukoumi!

If you would like to try GreekPack for yourself, you can sign up here! Use coupon code BITBOX to get 10% off your subscription.

Do you get GreekPack? What do you think of it? I freely admit to partiality because of my Greek heritage. :D

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