Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hamptons Lane "50 Shades of Chicken" Subscription Box Review and Coupon!

The Hamptons Lane 50 Shades of Chicken box is hilarious. I'm sure that's not what you were expecting to hear but I have to admit to giggling after I opened it up. So many puns I must resist!

Hamptons Lane sends boxes of premium kitchen utensils and specialty foods. This particular box is geared toward cooking with chicken and I'm actually very excited about using some of the recipes included. Not to mention the spices.

The Cost: $47/month.

What You Get: Curated artisan ingredients, handy kitchen tools with unique recipes delivered in a monthly themed box.

50 Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook- I have to start with this because it's the best part. It has some fantastic recipes in it but it also...
Well, it has some steamy passages in it. If you've ever wondered how a chicken felt being trussed up or being basted with dripping juices, this book will clear up any misunderstandings. And let me be clear-- I never read 50 Shades of Gray. I'm not one for romance novels. Well, that's not quite true. I did open the 50 Shades book to a random page and was so horrified by the terrible writing that I put it right back.
The recipes are normal with funny names like Happy Ending Chicken and Erect Chicken with Spicy Tomato Potatoes. Its not just whole chicken recipes but all kinds so there's lots to try.
Value: $12
Norpro Non-Stick Vertical Roaster- Well, funny about Norpro. I'm related by marriage to the owners! Ha! And I liked Norpro before I even knew that. I've never used a vertical roaster before so this will be a first for me. I'm hoping it fits in my oven okay. I can't get a picture in my head of how it will work for me.
Value: $8

Chicken Trussing Rope (aka Butcher's Twine)- I've never used this for chicken but I have for beef. I just ask my butcher for some and he gives me a length. Now I can save myself some time. The description says "This chicken bondage rope holds up to high levels of heat." Cheeky.
Value: $2
Spiceologist Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme All-Purpose Rub- There is nothing I love more than lemon and thyme. In fact, I have lemon thyme in my garden. But this uses pink peppercorns, thyme, lemon peel powder and black peppercorns. Everything I love! I'll definitely be using this (and for more than just chicken).
Value: $5
Calivirgin Lusty Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Of course there had to be something lusty and virginal in this box. This is an award winning olive oil with lemon juice added. I really like it when olive oil has a little added oomph. Especially when using it as a drizzle. This company has a LOT of olive oils with flavor... so tempting...
Value: $7
Jacobsen Salt Co. Lemon Zest Flake Salt- This bright, fresh salt is combined with the juice and zest of lemon for exceptional flavor. I really like Jacobsen Salt. They harvest their salt off the coast of Oregon. Since first trying their salt last year, I've really fallen in love with flake salt. I know it sounds weird and you'd think that salt is salt, but it's not! When you get a good flaked salt, you can tell the difference.
Value: $4

VERDICT: I got this box as part of a two for one promotion and I am loving it. I thought I would love the Summer Picnic box better but this one wins for sure. There are some really fantastic recipes (without really strange and hard to find ingredients) and everything in the box is useful to me. I think $47 is a little on the high side but the truth is that I would send a Hamptons Lane box as a gift in a heartbeat. This is a lot of fun. It does seem that most specialty food boxes tend to be more about curation than a deal. They tend to come out right around what you pay for the box. Except Mantry. That one has the worst value ever.

This particular box is still available and I do suggest it. You can look at all the boxes available and choose the one you want. Each month you'll receive an email detailing the contents of that month's box and you can choose to get it or skip it. I love it when subscriptions offer a skip option.

If you are a new subscriber, you can get $10 off your first box with my referral link. For that price, I do think most of the boxes are worth it. If anything, you need to get the 50 Shades of Chicken book for someone in your life. Someone you know should be able to appreciate that hilarious book.

Have you subscribed to Hamptons Lane? Do you enjoy the boxes you get?

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  1. If I was a cooking person this would get me to start cooking esp that cookbook, lol.