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Ipsy September 2015 Face Fashion Beauty Subscription Box Review

Ipsy is one of the most popular beauty subscriptions out there. If you want to see if you like getting makeup in the mail, Ipsy is a great place to start. While this may appeal to all ages, I think that the primary focus is late teens/early twenties or for anyone who getting a dose of new, mystery makeup. Although I shouldn't say that it's *only* makeup because there is an element of skincare but usually... makeup.
There is no information card included because everyone's bags vary so much. It makes sense but Birchbox manages to do it. I wish Ipsy would. They do usually have a card with some heavily made up, gorgeous women, who are considered "Ipsy Stylists", featured on it.

The cost is what makes this bag so appealing. It's $10 a month. It's really easy to budget that and the whole "getting a package in the mail" is pretty awesome. I think it is anyway. It's practically the best part! It's your own personal mini-Christmas.

The Cost: $10/month.

What You Get: Get five sample-sized beauty products in a cute makeup bag along with coupons to buy full sizes at online shops.

Ipsy x NYX Eyeshadow Palette 01- This was one of the main spoilers for the month. Every subscriber got this or a Glamglow sample.  This is a super sparkly copper and bronze and a dark brown with a slight shimmer. I haven't opened this because I just dug into my new Coastal Scents Revealed3 from Boxycharm. I freely admit to being terrible with eye makeup so I need shadows that are super easy to blend. I'm guessing that NYX probably isn't very forgiving. :( Coastal Scents hasn't been either. I blame my mother for not letting me wear makeup until I was 16. Do moms still do that these days?
Vasanti BrightenUp Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator- This gets pretty rave reviews and I've received it before but never tried it! What is wrong with me!? I'm on it this month. I will put this in my shower and remember to use it.

Bayberry Naturals Rosehip and Hibiscus Moisturizer- Okay, whoa. Be careful when dispensing this. I just had to moisturize my legs as well as my hands because I opened it and gave it a little squeeze. It's REALLY runny! Smells pretty good. It's oily (because it's got oil in it!) but the main ingredient is aloe vera. And can I just say.... I love it when natural brands do NOT put lavender in their products! Whee! I can use it. I feel like this might be a little too greasy for me to put on my face, though. I don't mind oil but I don't like it when it stays tacky.
Ash Cream Blush- Okay, this is a decent size sample but it's small. The writing that says the brand is even smaller. I think my eyes crossed. It *looks* like it says Evo but I did figure it out. It's an Evelyn Iona product. I don't really like cream blushes much. I'm biased, what can I say. This is a super tiny sample but it will last awhile.

Trestique Nantucket Nude Mini Matte Lip Crayon- I always take my pictures and then write up the reviews and many times I wish I'd taken a different photo. This looks like a crayon but it's not. I mean, it is but that's just the container! When you take the lid off (that's the part with the crayon tip), the actual lippie looks kind of like an eyeshadow stick with a blunt, rounded tip. It is retractable which is really nice. I wish I would have taken the photo with the lid off. :P Oh well.

VERDICT: This is a fun mix of products with skincare and makeup. There's nothing particularly stand-out but that's kind of normal. It's part of the reason I think that Ipsy is more suited to younger makeup addicts who are looking to build their stash. But hey, I still get a kick out of it and I'm older so you never know. For the price, it's a fun diversion. I do tend to save some things for stocking stuffers for my niece, though. I'm kiiiinda the best aunt ever. :D

If you would like to sign up for Ipsy, you can do that here. They do operate on a wait list program but there are ways around it (like sharing on Facebook).

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