Monday, September 14, 2015

Modcloth Stylish Surprise Available Now!

Modcloth sells pretty cute clothing. They also have a fun sale every so often called Modcloth Stylish Surprise.

It's basically a mystery box of clothing. You pick your size, then hope something is awesome and fits you perfectly. I decided to get a shoe, dress and apparel one. The dresses are $20, shoes (only size 6 is available, lucky I have small feet!) are $10 and the apparel category is $15.

Check it out here! Apparently they sell out really fast. Last time I tried this, they refunded my money because they oversold.

This time the sale started at 9am PST and I was up for it!

Have you gotten anything interesting in your Stylish Surprise? This will be my first one.


  1. This is my first one too! I'm not even sure it's really my style but everyone was all excited in the blogosphere and my sizes were still left 20 minutes into it so... I got a dress and 2 shoes! I hope I like at least one thing - can you say "addiction"?

    1. Oh, yeah, I can say it. Loud and proud! Woohoo!!