Monday, September 21, 2015

My ModCloth Stylish Surprises Arrived Today and I was Definitely Surprised

So Modcloth finally had a Stylish Surprise sale that I managed to catch. These things disappear faster than lightning so you have to be on top of it. In fact, one of my Surprises got cancelled. So no shoes this time around.

Instead I got two Dresses and two Apparel. I got a Small and a Medium of each because I can go either way. I'm a four but sometimes I'm a six and sometimes I can be a two in dresses. I figured I would be more likely to find something that fit if I got a wider variety. I'm glad I did.

The Dresses were $20 and the Apparel were $15. Shoes were $10 but mine were refunded. Here's what showed up:
Sunny Girl Top- This is a medium and it's pretty big. I think I'm going to keep it. I just hate that I can't wear a real bra with it. That might mean it goes up for swaps. It's so pretty, though, and drapes so nicely. /sigh
Value: approximately $30
Black Swan Clothing Watercolor Whimsy Dress- I'm not quite sure but I think this is one of my Apparel surprises. I'm actually surprised that it's a dress. I thought it must be a tunic or something. It's kinda cute and it grew on me when I tried it on. At first I was not enthused but it has a pretty neckline and the mesh makes it fun. Not loving the baby vomit yellow but the blue looks good. I don't know.
Value: $89 on sale for $13.90 (haha!)
When I first opened up my box, I was NOT happy, thinking they sent me the same dress. Well, they're so similar they might as well have. A man must have packed this box because I can't believe a girl would do this to another female.

Chi Chi London Premium Metallic Lace Midi Prom Dress with Bardot Neck- This is a size 4 and it's the Small Dress Surprise. I'm not sure if that's the small or the medium but it ended up not mattering. This was a return. There was makeup on the inside. And I don't wear that color makeup so it's not mine. Second, I know why it was returned. It's has a manufacturing defect. One arm is significantly smaller (width wise, not length) than the other. I had to have my husband get me out of it that's how tight it was!
Now, besides the fact that Modcloth is sending defective returns out to other customers, this dress is gorgeous. I'm considering removing the sleeves entirely and seeing if I can't make it work some other way.
Value: $69 (maybe but it was a return!)

City Triangles City Studio Juniors Lace Fit and Flare Dress- This is strangely a size 9. It must be the medium. It's a little big but I'd consider it a 6 in actuality. Now that I've looked it up, it appears to be a prom dress. I will say I felt like I was fifteen wearing it but my legs looked so fantastic, I'm thinking if I remove the weird glittery rhinestone belt (that doesn't go all the way around), I might be able to get away with this. It has two layers of petticoats. :D
Value: $89 on sale for $55 at JCPenny

VERDICT: Okay, so I'm not happy with Modcloth for sending out returned items that are dirty and defective. BUT they gave me an immediate refund on that dress so that was good. I appreciate that. I'm still grumpy that they put in two almost identical dresses but that's the nature of the beast. Yay, mystery boxes! Haha! Now I didn't love anything but the three items I paid for are all wearable. I'm pretty sure someone should talk me out of wearing a dress that was meant for prom when I'm practically 40. I can't help feeling I'm still in my twenties, though. I think that's the hard part. Wrapping my brain around that.

So! That was my Modcloth Stylish Surprise. What did you get? Someone please tell me you got something you loved!!

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