Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Subscription Boxes!

In no particular order, here are my top ten favorite subscription boxes. This list is compiled from currently available subscriptions. There are a couple that I loved that are no longer in service. I like to get little fashion, a little beauty including skincare and a little something for the home. I find if I get too many subscriptions that are similar I just get bogged down redundant product.

Now that I've been blogging about subscriptions for almost two years, I've learned a lot about what I like and don't like. My biggest dislike is being unable to cancel from my account. My biggest like? Getting an amazing deal!

The price points of the boxes I've chosen vary considerably. Just because a box is cheap doesn't mean it's bad. Just because it's really expensive doesn't mean it's going to make you happier. I always keep in mind that not every subscription and not every box is always going to make everyone happy. Value is so subjective to the individual that what I like, someone else will hate with an all-consuming passion. This variable is part of what makes a mystery box so exciting. You never know what you are going to get and if you're going to like it or not.

Subscription boxes are also a great way to try new product or find new things you didn't know you couldn't live without. I didn't know I needed Baggu bags until I got my first one and realized that my life would be better with more of them. Especially with the plastic bag ban in my city. I didn't know that TooFaced made the most perfect eye shadow palette until I got one and have barely used anything else since. And that's just a fraction of how awesome subscription boxes can be.

So what subscriptions do I love them most? Here they are:

Popsugar Must Have Box- I always like to say that this is the box you will have to pry out of my cold, dead hands. If I had to drop every box but one, this is the one I would eat Top Ramen for. To me, it has the best combination of beauty, fashion and home, it's all in one box and the value tends to be slightly unreal. Another benefit? If you don't like something, the quality of the products included are usually good enough to gift to someone who will. So it's a win-win situation.

Cost: $39.99/month.
Coupon: Use MUSTHAVE5 or REFER5 to get $5 off your first box.
Rachel Zoe's Box of Style- This box is not cheap but it's always worth it. It's quarterly so you're not shelling out all the time and if you get an annual subscription, it's even cheaper. If you love Rachel Zoe's style, you need to check this out. Every box has a "Hero" item worth over $100 and also contains five other products for a total value of over $300. You've got to love fashion, be willing to get out of your comfort zone (the last box had a floppy fedora) and enjoy beauty products. And again, if you don't like it, the box inclusions are good enough to gift.

Cost: $100/quarterly.
Coupon: Get $10 off with this link (requires input of email you know you'll use to sign up with) or use BABBOS10 for $10 off.
Scentbird- I didn't know I was a perfume addict until I started getting this subscription. I've always refused to spend copious amounts of money on large bottles of perfume no matter how much I like them. Plus there's the whole "getting bored" of smelling the same way all the time but wanting to get good use out of that bottle you spent nearly a hundred dollars on. Not anymore! Scentbird has a large (but not comprehensive yet, though they're getting new additions regularly) selection of perfumes that you can choose yourself or have ideas given to you by filling out a scent profile. Each month you get an 8ml purse spray of whatever is in your fragrance lineup (queue). I think it's a really reasonable price at $15 and I *love* the variety I now have without spending a ton and without using up too much vanity space.

Cost: $14.95/month.
Coupon: Get 15% off with this link.
 wantable intimates
Wantable Intimates- I know I don't have a lot of reviews of this subscription but I still get it. I'm just really bad at taking photos of clothing so I'm always hesitant to post about it. They have an excellent profile system which allows you to completely customize each box every month. You can also skip whenever you want right from your account. They send... ohhh, such cute stuff! I got a romper last month and I thought I was going to hate it. Nope, loved it and I prance around in it regularly. They send good quality lingerie, sleepwear and shaping garments. They send socks and panties... They send leggings and tank tops. Anything you want, you can tailor your profile and get it.

Cost: $36/month.
Coupon: Rarely. Sign up for emails, they send deal links that way.
 love with food coupon code
Love With Food- Picking a snack box for this list was really difficult because there are so many of them. And so many types, healthy and not. Love with Food is on the healthy side of the spectrum. Anything organic, natural, GMO-free and tasty is likely to be found in a box. To top it off, the price really cannot be beat for the amount you get. Their customer service is great, the goodies are varied and tasty, both savory and sweet and if you don't eat the whole box at once, good for you.

Cost: $9.99/month.
Coupon: Get 40% off with this link!
Boxycharm- If you want makeup and full size products, Boxycharm is the way to go. I can't think of another subscription that does it as well as Boxy does. While they occasionally feature lesser known brands, they've featured Tarte regularly, as well as Tarina Tarantino and two of Coastal Scents Revealed palettes. It's not completely makeup focused, there is some skincare here and there but makeup is definitely the highlight. The one downside is they never run any coupons or specials.

Cost: $21/month.
Coupon: No coupons ever.
 allure beauty box
Allure Beauty Box- Of all the lower priced beauty sample boxes (and I'm talking Birchbox and Ipsy), I think Allure Beauty Box (formerly Sample Society) is the best. I know, shocking, isn't it? Neither Birchbox or Ipsy is in my top ten. I find the brands to be better, the sizes tend to be bigger and just plain more fun. I can't put Birchbox on my list because the best thing about them is their points program (not their boxes) and Ipsy... well, if I was a preteen girl, then yes, it would go on my favorite subscription box list but I'm not. And I don't like that they've had questionable product issues. The Allure Beauty Box has been revamped twice which isn't really in it's favor but they're still sending brands like Estee Lauder and Butter London so they stay on my list. Plus, at the price, it's a fun little pick-me-up every month.

Cost: $15/month.
Coupon: Rarely, use this exact link to get $5 off if you're a new subscriber. (Not a referral link)
 barkbox coupon
Barkbox- Yes, I have dogs so I get dog boxes. I've had a lot of them and some are much better than others. Barkbox hits a nice middle ground between price and quality. For the most part, dog boxes tend to send a variety of treats and toys and Barkbox is no exception. They've got a wonderful program called Scout's Honor where they will exchange one product per box if your dog doesn't like it. I've never used it because I donate any toys my dogs don't like to the shelter near my house. Barkbox also has an Allergy-Friendly box which is more than most dog boxes do. They stick to single source proteins as much as possible and won't send typical allergens like chicken or soy.

Cost: $29
Coupon: Use this link to get a free box added to your subscription.
Kloverbox- Of all the subscription boxes that focus on natural and organic products and sustainability, Kloverbox is my favorite. Very often full sizes are included and I love getting home products, too. I love my Baggu bag I got from Kloverbox so much, I bought more. It's a little more expensive but most natural beauty boxes are. And the curator is very good at vetting her products as well. I've never received anything that was not up to standards.

Cost: $25
Coupon: BAB10 for 10% off
 bespoke post
Bespoke Post- This is a subscription box for men. I think it's one of the best "man-focused" subscriptions out there. Every box I've received has been full of high-quality products well-worth the cost of the box. The fact that you get to choose your box each month or skip if you want to, just adds to the awesomeness. These boxes make fantastic gifts, as well. I'm planning on gifting a couple for Christmas.

Cost: $45/month
Coupon: Rockin' deal on Groupon right now!

Runners Up:

Flicker Box- My favorite indulgence. I love candles. While I find this subscription to be a little more spendy than I want it to be, the curator has excellent taste in choosing candle companies and scents. I've discovered several great companies and purchased candles separately from being introduced to them via Flicker Box. They have a new bi-monthly option that I think is the best choice.

Cost: $39.95/month.
Coupons: Rarely. Mainly during the holidays.

OrangeGlad- Of all the sweets in the sweetbox sea, OrangeGlad is the only one for me! I find they have the best variety and styles of sweets. They ship 2-Day Priority so everything arrives fresh and delicious. The hardest part is not eating everything all at once. And the sadness when you discover you can't get more. OrangeGlad works with small bakers and confectioners that you normally would never know about so it's a LOT of fun to get one of these. And they just lowered their prices!

Cost: $19/month
Coupon: SHOPSWEET for 15% off.

Last Thoughts:

So there you have it! I really wanted to put a kbeauty subscription on my list but I can't. Most are too new to be able to make a good judgement of, too expensive or not quite what I'm looking for. I'd also love to put a geek/gamer box on the list (1Up Box or Geekfuel) but they really have too much filler for the price right now. I would love a geek box to come out that has about 5 items including a t-shirt and collectibles with no stickers, magnets, tattoos or air fresheners. One day, it'll happen. I do have a few subscriptions I'm keeping my eye on that are too new to really judge. Those would be Burke Box Whole Home, My Texas Market and Snakku.

Now you know my top ten favorites. What are your favorite boxes? I'm always open to trying something new!

*referral/affiliate links were used in this post. I'm always ridiculously happy if they get used so thank you in advance if you choose to use them :)


  1. YESSSS. I knew Popsugar and Rachel Zoe would be on your list. :D Definitely yes to Love With Food and Bespoke Post too! I'd include Fortune Cookie Soap and Golden Tote for me (heh)... and maybe FabFitFun too.

    1. Yep, you were totally right!! FabFitFun was close but their website is awful, cancelling is a pain and there's virtually no customer service. I do love what's IN the boxes, though :D FCS can suck it >:|

  2. I love Herbal Bliss, My Butter Box and MaskGenie! Also love Flickerbox, Kloverbox and Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is a new favorite too

  3. Top 10? Hard to narrow it down, girl. :)

    I love most of your list. :)

    Mine would be:
    1) Rachel Zoe BOS
    2) Pop Sugar, including the LE boxes
    3) Luxor Box
    4) Golden Tote
    5) Fab Fit Fun with a $20 discount- never full price
    6) Ipsy over Allure as the budget choice
    7) Butter Bar Box
    8) Chococurb, Orange Glad, Treats box and 30daysofcandy.com. ( I can't choose between the foodie boxes)
    9) The two Beauteque.com monthly subscriptions
    10) Boxycharm ( although not always- it has been iffy IMO).

    I change things up frequently because I get bored with the same brands and so forth. So my top 10 changes sometime except for Pop Sugar and now Rachel Zoe ( who has a new TV show in the works) :)

    And there are a few companies who are loved by people here who have double billed me in ridiculous ways after I had CANCELLED my subscriptions with them, one in particular whom I will never ever trust again, and I hope very much that the same thing doesn't happen to you, because they are extremely " hush hush, we'll make it right unless you TELL" about their money grabs. Just saying you deserve better!!


    1. Haha! It was so hard to pick ONE snack box and I definitely considered Chococurb. YUM!!! There's a few new snack subs like Treats Box and Snakku that might end up on the list sooner or later depending on how they keep it up.

      I have to change things up, too, except Popsugar! It does totally depend on the individual experience, doesn't it? Because there are some boxes people LOVE that I just can't love (or like) no matter how hard I try. It's part of the fun!

    2. Love keeping some things and changing others around.
      BTW, the book club of all book clubs is BACK. Not sure if it was " alive" during any of your adult years, but from the time I was in HS, my go-to source for the best new fiction, biographies, mysteries, you name it was Book Of the Month Club. My mother, before me, was also a subscriber, as I have found very old copies of classic novels which say " Book Of the Month Club Edition" on the book jacket.
      I highly recommend trying the reboot of BOMC.com plus there are deep discounts in place right now for their re-launch. This book club is an American institution.
      I'm just SO happy!!! :)

      Chococurb needs more love. They put a lot of thought into their chocolate and they also pack it so well in the warmer months. I tried to drop it because I love snacks more than meals, but I couldn't quit them. :) Lovely owners, too.

    3. Chococurb should go like hotcakes for the holidays. I got my mom one for her birthday and she loved it. I think I'll do it again for her but a longer subscription.

      Totally just signed up for Book of the Month Club :D

    4. Amanda, I totally remember book of the month club from my younger days! Had no idea they were relaunching, so thanks for that! My faves are similar to yours Sarah, love love love Rachel Zoe and PS. Love Kloverbox and Allure has been fab lately. It's so hard to choose, I get somewhere around 15 subs. It's outta control!

  4. No KBeauty?!?! Shocked!!!!
    The only 2 on your list that I get are BoxyCharm and Love with Food - both in my Top 10! I'm not actively getting more than 10 on a regular basis... too expensive for my budget. :( I would love to add Kloverbox, Allure and maybe PopSugar to my subs.
    My other favorites are BeautyFix and Target boxes (I know it's not a sub but they've been having boxes every month and I keep getting them!) I've also been enjoying GlobeIn and I love Birchbox for the points as you said. I'm excited about Play! by Sephora and I will get my first FabFitFun - $20 off. :)

    1. Omg, the second I get my invite to Play! I am subscribing. It might turn out that Play! boots out Allure. They've got the brand clout for it. I do love BeautyFix but they've had a lot of issues so I couldn't put them on. Right now they're doing fine, though, and I am subscribed. Between the Target and Walmart boxes, I think the Target ones are better. I just wish they were subscriptions!

    2. Add me to the " Waiting for Play!" list. And I've written over 200 reviews for Sephora.com and have been extremely loyal to them for makeup. Kinda feel shunned over here, LOL.
      I think they should have gone national or not at all. JMO.

      Beauty Fix had their " three strikes" with me, then they were out. I don't miss them at all. Just differences of opinion about what constitutes a " full" beauty box, I guess.
      I love Clean Bar soap, I think it's awesome, but I am a liquid body cleanser user. I wish there was a boutique brand for just liquid cleansers- in gorgeous colored glass bottles.. and no lavender scent. :)

  5. I feel the same way, I HATE it when a subscription service makes it difficult to cancel or do it straight from your account. Anyway I really like Bespoke Post too, even though it's geared towards dudes. The Rachel Zoe Box of Style is on my wishlist too!

    1. I've got some great knives (yes, plural) from Bespoke Post. Along with a French Press, ridiculously awesome dopp kits and the coolest canvas duffle bag. I mean... Uhh, my husband got all those things? :D Getting to pick your box is pretty great.

      I get a little smile on my face whenever I think of Box of Style. I love it!