Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PetGiftBox September 2015 Small Dog Subscription Box Review Plus 50% Off

PetGiftBox is one of several dog boxes I get. I like it a lot because it's completely different than any other of the ones I get. Well, I mean, they're for dogs but there have been no toy or treat overlaps beyond the obvious like a bully stick or something. So I like it because there are never-before-seen toys and treats.
The price is on par with other dog boxes but you can find some REALLY great coupons and deals for it so you don't need to pay full price. That's a great perk. PetGiftBox also puts a lot of thought into themes and this month is no different. Everything in this September box revolves around the "Hawaiian Lu-arf."

The Cost: $28.99/month-to-month down to $18.99/month if you get a year.

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Hula Girl- This toy was a hit with Bugsy. I wasn't too thrilled with all the little bits attached because Bugsy ripped them right off. I always worry about him swallowing things like that but he generally just spits them out. I call this his "dolly" and he's been carrying it everywhere. He has not desqueaked it or put holes in it yet.
Value: $10

Hawaiian Bandana- Super cute but way too small for my dogs. I can't imagine this fitting any dog at a 20lb weight either. For a 10lb dog, possibly.
Value: $4
Cocotherapy Five Star Gingered Pumpkin Dog Treats- Tiny stars perfect for training!! These aren't crumbly so they can go in a pocket. And they're not so huge that you make your dog fat while trying to get him to understand the difference between 'sit' and 'down.' 100% all natural, limited ingredient, grain-free treats don’t contain any oats, rye, barley, rice, wheat, corn, or soy, and are excellent for dogs with food allergies or dogs with sensitive stomachs. They have one calorie each and are made with coconut oil and coconut flour!
Value: $9

Ultra Chewy Passion Fruit Tropical Mini Bones- I tend to prefer treats made in the USA and these are not. They're made in Ireland. Bugsy was not too thrilled with these treats but Dexter nommed them right down.
Value: $6

Not Pictured:
Cool Treats Pina Colada Smoothie- These are really great frozen treats but mine was smashed and gross so I didn't take a picture. I didn't want to get anything dirty so it went in the trash. Dexter loves these so I'm bummed mine was damaged but they're relatively cheap so it's not a big deal.

VERDICT: This box was not my favorite, mainly because of the treats that weren't made in the USA. Maybe I'm too picky but I just... After that whole China thing, I'm careful. I was lucky at the time because while I did feed my dogs the brand of treats that was bad, I did not get the actually contaminated batch. But it made me a lot more conscious of what I give my dogs. I will say that I think this is the first time I've received a treat that was not made in the USA from PetGiftBox. Its one reason I like them so much.

I don't recommend this box for dogs under 10lbs. There really isn't a box (that I know of) that caters to the tiny dogs, mainly because the toys will always be too big or too heavy. Also, dog boxes don't tend to have a high value ratio so if you're looking for a spanking good deal, you'll need a coupon. You will however, get your money's worth, for sure.

Right now you can find one month of PetGiftBox on Groupon for $9.99 HERE. If you are reading this and that deal has ended, you can also get 50% off your first box with this referral link. Don't forget that PetGiftBox also has CAT (!!) boxes. :D

What do you think of PetGiftBox? Do you know of a box for tiny dogs?

*referral links were used in this post. This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  1. I get the petgiftbox for cats, and I like the fact that it doesn't have too many treats or toys in it. It seems like every month I get a balance of useful things, like brushes and deodorizer spray, along with a few goodies for my furballs.

    1. I've always wondered how cats like the cat boxes! It sounds like you get more accessory type items than dogs do. I don't get very many things that aren't treats or toys.

  2. i would not be concerned with products made in the EU. much better standards than US. for dogs, for humans, for cosmetics, etc.

    1. I didn't think about that but you're right!