Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2015 Hero Item Reveal Plus Get $10 Off!

It's finally here!! The Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter Hero item has been revealed!! I've been waiting for this and it is everything I'd hoped it would be!

A custom cocktail ring by Alexis Bittar, designed exclusively for Box of Style!!! How awesome is that?! EXCLUSIVE!!! It's also adjustable so you can decide which finger you want it on. I love that. According to am MSA commenter, customer service said the ring is initially a size 7 and can be adjusted from there.

Here's the blurb:

"Valued at $198, this ring with 10k gold-tone plating is set with Swarovski crystals and adjusts to fit you perfectly. It's the stunning piece you need to add a little sparkle to your holiday style, no matter the occasion."

Um and guess what?! The Winter box is worth over $400 and will include accessories, beauty staples and lifestyle finds to make your winter glamourous!!

Give me all of it! In fact, give me two. I think I should get another one for gifting.

Ships December 1st!

Get $10 off with my referral link. It will ask you for your email address. Make sure you use the same email address that you would use to subscribe to the box. Their system isn't perfect and it appears the address needs to be the same. They might have fixed that problem. Oh, and the spot for the promo code is nearly invisible. It's right above Billing Information.

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  1. If the photo's anywhere near the actual size, which it could be, then it screams " fake cheap ring" to me. I don't wear simulated diamonds but probably would have liked this ring without the clear stones and maybe colored stones or genuine semi-precious stones.
    I also think the price is extremely high for a gold plated ring with crystals ( not even CZ).

    JMO, and I may end up loving it ( but I doubt it). I would expect to see this sort of thing from Jewel Mint or a costume jewelry counter in a mall somewhere. Just not my style at all.

    Rachel needs to tone down the bling when she's selecting things, and pick things * SHE* would wear.
    Again, my opinion only.

    1. It's going to depend totally on what the real thing looks like and the actual size. I have tiny fingers and they're easily overwhelmed by large rings. Rachel Zoe has apparently been loving all things Alexis Bittar these days. However, she probably only wears real diamonds, too, but you know we will never see those in a subscription box :D

      It's not my normal style either but neither was the hat and I love that thing! I'm hoping the ring is gorgeous and perfect! *fingers crossed*

      Oh, and yeah, definitely that price for it is ridiculous.

  2. I think I'd rather have something very simple and clean in either sterling silver or 14 kt. gold without all the bling. That's my style, though. I don't wear clear crystal rings because I value my diamonds so much. Add one fake ring to a hand with diamond jewelry, and it makes it ALL look fake, IMO.

    Rachel could have gotten a small and simple Tiffany's bracelet for the price of that crystal ring and it's clean, classic, forever in style and durable. Plus, Tiffany's packaging for their sterling silver is truly lovely. Probably many subscribers to Rachel's box have never enjoyed Tiffany's signature sterling silver pieces, and would really enjoy the experience.
    OTOH, maybe most people will find a crystal gold plated adjustable ring to be luxurious. I could be the " odd girl out" on this one, :). It's happened many times before.