Monday, September 28, 2015

Treats Snack Subscription September 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Treats Box is an international snack subscription based in California. I think this is their second month and I've been really happy with both the selection and the size of the treats included. The September 2015 box features treats from Korea!

Treats Box has two boxes to choose from. This review is for the Premium Box and contains 8-10 snacks a month. The Standard Box has 4-5 snacks in each box. Shipping is free within the US. International shipping is available but an extra charge will apply depending on the country.

The Cost: Premium Box- $24.95/month, Standard Box-$12.95/month

What You Get: Either 4-5 or 8-10 fun treats and snacks from around the world.  Each month's box will feature snacks from a different country in the world.

Lotte is Korea's largest confectionery and the 8th largest conglomerate there. They do a lot of things besides snacks but the business was actually started in Japan selling chewing gum. Orion and Lotte are two of the top three confectionery companies in Korea so a good portion of these snacks are from those brands.

Lotte White Cookie Pepero- I had set these three snacks on the table downstairs and my husband got to them. Big mistake. Luckily, this is a nice sized package and there was still two left when I finally figured out what was going on. Hah! Deeeelicious!

Orion Chocoboy Biscuits- These are like chocolate mushrooms. Well, sort of. The stem is a cookie and then the cap is chocolate. So cute and tasty, too. I got about five. Ugh. That is the last time I leave anything where my husband can find it. It's my fault because who could resist such packaging and tastiness (and he didn't know that I wanted to take pictures of the actual product).

Lotte Kancho Choco Biscuit- These are wafery balls filled with chocolate. There was a lot of chocolate in this months box. Now the weather is cool enough to ship it! Unfortunately I did not get to try these because they were devoured without me. Sadness.
Lotte Binch Chocolate Biscuits- These are individually packaged cookies with a layer of chocolate on top. I didn't really like them enough to eat more than one. That could have just been because there was so much other good stuff to eat, though.

Haitai Sweet Plum Candy- Haitai is a division of Orion. These candies are very good. One thing I like about Korean and Japanese candies is that the fruit flavors actually taste like real fruit. I might have polished off the whole bag by myself... :D
Orion Cuttlefish Peanut Ball- Okay, before I read what these were, I ate one. One. They taste like fish. Blech. They'd be great except for that. I put them on my husbands desk to see if he would eat them.
Cosmos Hot Chicken Ball- The Cosmos brand specializes in "fried cookies" which I'm guessing is what these Hot Chicken Balls are considered. They are addictively tasty and hot enough that my mouth burns after a few handfuls. I can't stop eating them, though.
Orion Choco Pie- This is the snack that Orion is most famous for. Are they tasty? Yes. And there's FOUR of them! These aren't gourmet or anything but yummm. Marshmallowy, chocolatey, soft cookie deliciousness.

VERDICT: I really like Treats Box and I appreciate the full size treats! And getting four ChocoPies was pretty great, too! I wonder what the next country will be! I think snack boxes that do a rotation of countries might be more fun because you get to try so many different kinds of treats. You're not likely to get repeats that way either. Part of the attraction of snack boxes like these is the adventure contained within. My husband and I have a good time trying everything and discovering what we love (and what we don't). It turned out neither one of us would eat the Cuttlefish Peanut Balls but that's part of the experience. And now I know to avoid anything even remotely related to cuttlefish. Blech. My waistline appreciated that, though. Haha!

If you would like to sign up for Treats Box, you can do that right here.  Use code BITBOX15 for 15% off! The October box has treats with ties to the Adriatic Sea, The Balkans and the Red Keep from Game of Thrones. It's gonna be gooood!

*I received this box complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are miiiiiine. Also, Chocopies are way too tasty.

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