Friday, October 9, 2015

Allure Beauty Box October 2015 Review

I really enjoy my Allure Beauty Boxes. This October 2015 one showed up unexpectedly today and that's definitely not something to complain about. Yay! Now I finally get to dig in. I've seen a few spoilers but not paid a whole lot of attention. I tend to always find something to love about the Allure boxes.

I do have to say that since the rebranding, they've really been doing a great job packing the products in! It seems like it used have five products usually but now there's been six a couple times in a row. Allure is a little more expensive than Birchbox and Ipsy but the brands are consistently better.

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Five or more deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products as well as fragrance.

Jouer Daily Repair Treatment Oil- I actually have this in a full size. It has rosehip oil, antioxidants and bioretinol in it. This is considered anti-aging but really it's good for anyone, especially dry skin. I'm surprised the mini-mag doesn't mention the fact that it smells strongly of rosemary. I use this at night as the last step in my routine. It's a nice, light oil that doesn't feel greasy at all. The main oils used are sunflower and jojoba. I like it.

Bumble and Bumble All-Style Blow Dry Cream- I remember first discovering this brand in high school. At the time, the only place you could get it was Gene Juarez salon. At least around here. Bumble and Bumble has popped up a few times in these Allure boxes. Mostly styling product type things. I don't like getting hair products in my boxes but I know it's always going to happen. Hair is important. I'd just rather have other things instead. :D
This is a lightweight styling cream that helps fight frizz without weighing your hair down. Hm...
Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque- Well, that is certainly a mouthful. This is a cream cleanser that can also be used as a moisturizing mask. It uses aloe, glycerin and grapeseed oil to moisturize. It smells wonderful!

Rituals Ginkgo's Secret Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba Hand Balm- I love Rituals packaging, so pretty. This is a full size product worth more than the cost of the box itself! It also smells absolutely divine. It's very thick, rich and creamy without being greasy and the moisturizing effects last quite awhile! Love it.
Value: $17
Cargo Eyeshadow in Oz- Gross. Of all the colors, I get a barfy puke yellow. Who uses yellow?! Or rather who uses yellow and can make it look good? Not me. I can barely make blue look good. This eyeshadow can be used wet or dry. It's suggested to use this Oz color on the inner corners and isn't as bright as it seems in the pan. Hm. I don't know about that. This is another product worth more than the cost of the box!
Value: $16
Kryolan Lipstick Matt in Aurora, Eos and Nike- Whoa! Talk about bright! These are three matte lipsticks with a creamy formula. The mini mag says they're moisturizing, too. Aurora is a cranberry red, Eos is shocking tangerine and Nike is fuschia. I didn't open this because I just can't see myself wearing these colors. But I do think it's nice to see Kryolan in here! I hope we see more.

VERDICT: Once again, I'm happy with my Allure Beauty Box. While I don't like the Cargo Eyeshadow color and I'm perpetually against hair products, this box is definitely worth it for me. Especially because I love the Rituals hand cream. I'm pretty excited to try the Red Flower cleanser and I love having a mini of the Jouer Treatment oil.

If you would like to sign up for the Allure Beauty Box, you can do that here. I know the link looks weird but it's the real one. I think it's because Allure doesn't sell anything else? Who knows. It's kinda weird but the box is worth it. :D

What did you think of this month's box?

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  1. Thanks for the always positive reviews even if things don't work out for you! I was missing the Cargo eyeshadow but I called Allure and they're sending me one in pink, yay for getting to choose. I love everything about this box, the hand cream is amazing and I love the Jouer oil, it's all great.

    1. Sorry, double post deleted, lol. First one didn't post I thought...

    2. LUCKY!! Dangit! I wish they'd forgotten mine, too! LOL! I'd way rather have the pink! That hand cream... /swoon I'm actually really glad you commented because I've been wondering how their customer service is regarding missing/damaged product. Good to know that they took care of you so well. :D

  2. Great recap! I was actually hoping for the yellow shadow (love trying new things and I don't have that shade!) and that's the shade I got! It actually translates pretty well - does not look yellow on the skin, at all (I'm fair with warm undertones). You should swatch it and see if you like it ^_^

    1. You are braver than I am! I'm fair and cool, do you think that makes a difference? I need to go find where I put it now. :D