Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beauteque Mask Maven October 2015 Review "Brunch" and Coupon Code

The Beauteque Mask Maven subscription is one of the best ways to get a plethora of sheet masks delivered to your door. There's always something interesting and fun, with an assortment of Asian beauty brands represented.

Since I like finding new brands to love, the October 2015 "Brunch" month is especially good for me. It's also all sheet masks this time around. Nine of them! I think I like getting just sheet masks but I can't deny that it's also refreshing to get some wash offs and foot masks, too. You'll basically get some of everything over the course of your subscription and I appreciate that.

The Cost: $15/month plus shipping (ships internationally)

What You Get: Each month you will receive nine to eleven masks of any type or combination, including sheet masks, wash off masks, body masks, foot masks, hair masks, nail masks, etc.

Botanic Farm Green Tea Mask- I like the Botanic Farm brand (they have the BEST eyegels) but this mask has alcohol in it, which I'm not happy to see. Only because my skin has been much less irritated since I cut it out of my skincare. But for those who don't have skin that's dry as a bone, it likely won't be that big of a deal to you. This mask basically has all the antioxidants. Get those free radicals under control, girls!

Mediheal ADE Cocoa Mask- This mask is about cleaning your pores. It has cocoa extract and coffee bean extract to control oil and tidy up your pores. I don't know if that's actually possible but hey, I do love mochas...
L'Affair Vitamin 3-Step Mask Pack- This kind of mask is always fun. First, cleanse. Second, slap on an ampoule (a serum that is usually a concentration of one or two important ingredients) and then put on your sheet mask. This mask has some really great ingredients so I'm excited to try it.

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Jeju Tangerine Mask- And not just tangerine but blueberry, as well! Have your fruit cup on your face! A hydrating and brightening mask with sodium hyaluronate in it. Yes, please.

Beauty Friends II- This is a brand Beauteque introduced me to earlier and I'm glad because it's an inexpensive brand with very good ingredients (and no alcohol!). I'm always happy to see sodium hyaluronate in an ingredients list.
Skinfood Yogurt Sheet Mask- I can't find an ingredients list for this mask which is a bummer. But it obviously has something yogurty in it. Probably lactobacilius ferment filtrate. Or however that's spelled.

Esfolio Egg Essence Mask- Normally you'd think someone would avoid egg on their face but not this time. This has no alcohol and does have sodium hyaluronate for moisturizing which is great! It also has mushroom extract and sadly for me, ginseng. I'm bummed that ginseng in Korean skincare is so big right now because apparently ginseng has a death wish for my face. /sigh
Skin9 Village Super Puppy Whitening Honey Pack- Waaaa!!! Okay, so these next two are my favorites. Great ingredients (and listed in English!) plus.... its a DOG face!! Yeaaahhh! So ingredients like niacinamide, royal jelly extract, snail secretion filtrate, sodium hyaluronate and a bunch of antioxidants make my heart go pitter patter. I'm using this one first. Maaybe I'll post a #maskselfie on Instagram when I do.

Skin9 Village Panda Honey Elasticity Mask Pack- This is a totally new brand to me. I thought maybe they were Taiwanese but they're not. They're Korean. This mask has a whole bunch of oils like argan and jojoba plus royal jelly extract, aloe and licorice root extract. Another batch of swoon worthy ingredients (but not as awesome as the Super Puppy). And this one is a panda face. I've done a panda mask before. These are kinda creepy looking but fun.

VERDICT: This month's Mask Maven has a fun breakfasty, brunch theme and some great masks. I'm excited to try some of these and am happily adding them to my stash. Sheet masks are such a great way to get hydrated, especially when you have dry skin like I do. It makes SUCH a big difference when you've used a good mask with reliable ingredients. If I want to look five years younger, I slap on a good sheet mask with some aloe, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate. Happy skin!

You can sign up for Mask Maven right here. Use code BITSANDBOXES10 to get 10% off your subscription. You won't be sorry! It's always nice having a fresh stash of masks. If you're just getting started with sheet masks, Mask Maven is a wonderful way to acquire a stash and also discover brands and types of masks that work best for you.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. Sheet masks are the bomb. (Did I date myself with that comment?)

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