Monday, October 12, 2015

BeautyFix October 2015 Beauty Box Subscription Review Plus Get Half Off Your First Box

BeautyFix is the beauty box that gives me the most expensive and most unusual skincare items. This box does have makeup but not a lot of it. I prefer the fact that it's mostly skincare and getting some of these fancy schmancy spa products is fun!

Every box arrives with an information card explaining what's in the box and in some cases how to use it. It also has coupon codes if you decide to purchase one of the products found in your box. This month it's 20% off.

The Cost: $24.95/month or $34.95 one time charge.

What You Get: Each month, we'll be offering a different BeautyFIX box, featuring full- and travel-size of the latest and greatest products in skin care, hair care and makeup, worth at least $100.

Avene Thermal Spring Water- This is the full size can! That's pretty nice because for just being water, this is pretty expensive. The best way to use this is to spray it on your face and immediately apply a moisturizer. The moisturizer will help lock in the hydration the spray gives and doesn't allow it to dry on your face which can make it even drier. I like to keep one of these by my bedside and spray it on myself when it's too hot to sleep. 
Value: $18

Follimedica Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women- This is 2% monoxidil. It apparently really works for growing your hair back if you're losing it for age-related reasons. My hair is always falling out and it's always been on the thin side so I don't think I need it. Yet, anyway.  **Please see comments for more information about this product** And please take note that it expires 12/15-- not coo.
Value: $35
Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair- This cream has a lot of peptides in it which is awesome. I'm not super thrilled to see lavender oil in the ingredients. Not only because of my allergy but because it's a known skin irritant. Ah, well. Can't win 'em all. 

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream- This is a cream for under your eyes that will depuff and diminish circles via the powers of caffeine. While that is unlikely to actually happen, what this little tube actually is (and why don't they just market it this way?!), is a tube packed with antioxidants and aloe which has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and moisturizing effects. What does that mean? Use it everywhere, why only spread the goodness under your eyes?!
Value: $11

Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment- This is one of the weird things BeautyFix tosses in from time to time. "Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment visibly improves the appearance of dull, tired and aging skin in just a few minutes with results lasting up to 24 hours. Lift Technology creates a lattice-like barrier over the skin for an immediate tightening and brightening effect while vitamins A, C and E support collagen production, cell renewal and neutralize free radicals. Soothing aloe vera extract diminishes dark circles and puffiness for a revitalized glow."
So I think it's the silica that's the "trick." I'm totally trying this tomorrow to see what happens. As long as I don't break out! I have a hot black tie date on Saturday!
Value: $18 ($9 each- They better be magic)
Cargo Eyeshadow in  Moreton Bay- So funny! I got yellow in my Allure Beauty Box and now I have purple from this one. I could paint myself in UW Husky colors! I don't think I've ever used Cargo before. Definitely not their shadows. It says they won't crease or fade, we'll see!
Value: $16

Osmosis Colour Eye Pencil in Plum- Yaaas!! An eye pencil that isn't black! And even better it's purple! I've never heard of this brand but I'm totally down for adding plum to my collection.
Value: $14
Replenix Neckletage- First of all... who names something so ridiculous?! Who, around the boardroom table, suggested that and who nodded and agreed that "Neckletage" was the perfect name?! No. In any case, this has a nice collection of ingredients including squalane, niacinamide, ceramides and peptides. I'll use it. I'll even use it on my "neckletage" although I'll probably just use it on my face too. Or actually no, because it also has lavender extract in it. My neck is NOT going to go chicken on me.

Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream- Mineral-rich cream specially formulated to protect hands and safeguard them from environmental and household damage. Instantly improves skin’s moisture level, smoothes rough, dry skin and restores suppleness.
I've been using hand cream lately. Actually that's not true. I've been using my facial moisturizers as hand cream and been very pleased with my hydrated hands. My goal is for my hands to look as young as my face. Or at least as young as possible. Yes, I put my retinol cream on the backs of my hands and fingers at night. Am I weird? Probably.

VERDICT: Alright. This wasn't the most fascinating Beautyfix but they did give me a bunch of super awesome skincare products. Or maybe the fascinating part is the strange array of products we received. Haha! I was actually pleasantly surprised to see makeup (and over the moon about getting a purple eyeliner). I think my personal pleasure factor for this box will be realized after I try the Roloxin. I hope it works really well. Nothing will replace Botox (and these cost more) but there's no needles involved. Every time I look at the Neckletage, I can't help rolling my eyes a little. That name! But I'll use it. Especially because hydration is going to become more of a challenge as Winter creeps up. *I have to make an addendum to this because I didn't realize the Follimedia expired in 12/15. Unacceptable.*

If you would like to sign up for BeautyFix, you can do that right here. Your first box will be $12.50 and subsequent boxes will be $24.95 plus tax. I think they're worth it. There is a large "novelty skincare" element about this box that I really love. You're not going to find this stuff in any other box. Except maaaybe New Beauty Test Tube and they're way more expensive.

What did you think of this months box? And did you try the Roloxin yet?!

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  1. I love BeautyFix! It's my favorite box. And I love your reviews - I know you say you're not an "expert" but you are my skincare guru! You know so much more than I do about ingredients plus you make me laugh. :)

    I didn't know I should moisturize after the Avene Thermal Spring Water. And it would have never occurred to me to use the caffeine eye cream on my whole face! I really like the purple Cargo eye shadow and totally jealous of your plum eye pencil! I got black - which I like too but... I have quite a few now. By the way, that AHAVA hand cream stinks of strong floral... it bugged me so much that I had to wash it off my hands after about 10 minutes. And I might steal your idea of using face cream and/or retinol on my hands!!

    1. Ooo! Thanks for telling me about the Ahava! I didn't open it but I strongly dislike floral scents so it will become a stocking stuffer for my mom.

      And thank you! Some eye creams have such good ingredients that it seems a waste to use it only on the eye. And for me, mine would expire long before I could use the whole thing. This way I get all the goodness.

      Once I saw a photo of Christie Brinkley. We can all agree she's gorgeous. Whether or not she's had work done is irrelevant. But the photo showed her hands. Her face is glorious but her hands! The hands immediately gave away the fact that she is not as young as she looks. I'm hoping to mitigate that. Not because they'll give away my age but because... Ew, those were gross looking hands. I'm probably vain... /sigh

  2. Yes! Everything my face gets at night, which is around 13 steps tight now-my hands get too! They lok pretty good do it must be working! K-beauty ftw! I thought the same thing about the Cargo shadows, you're ready to go root for the dawgs!

    1. Oh, good!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I thought maybe I was taking my anti-aging skincare a little too far :D We will have the best looking hands ever!

  3. I wrote them a letter about this, and you should all know this, too. I find it irresponsible. Minoxidil is a BIG decision. It's not one of those things anyone should "trial" just to see if it works. It requires time and care, it has side effects and once you start using it, you really should keep using it. It's nothing to take lightly. I can't imagine the subscribers would make good use of this, and they shouldn't jump to use it just because they got a free product. Also, they don't understand that if they stop using it, many women will experience hair falling out again, and they will likely lose even more hair and take a long while to grow it back. While you're on minoxidil, it is known to make hair grow on other parts of your body. Also, the most expensive FULL SIZE product, the minoxidil has to b used for several months to see results - and it EXPIRES 12/15! It's a drug. It expires barely 2 months from when received. WTH? What deal did you cut with this company to take their expired product off their hands to put it in the box?! Just so everyone knows, minoxidil is a toxic substance and it's extremely toxic to cats. So if you do have this pattern of hair thinning an use this stuff, and you have cats that you cuddle up with, mine likes to go after my hair, so if your does too, please consider your poor animals. Really, you shouldn't even be sleeping next to your cats if you use it. It's really not worth it. Personally, I think something like minoxidil should not be included in a sample box. That's something that people should be required to talk to their doctor about and then decide and purchase on their own if it's what they choose. You get it in a box, it suggests it's just another hair product to throw on, and it's not. A lot of people do not read the inserts thoroughly, and from what I see, the companies to not seem disclose appropraite warnings beyond the usual possible effects. While minoxidil may have a high success rate, it actually doesn't "regrow" hair in most people. It only stops what you have from falling out. So I don't know where these companies get off saying it's likely to regrow hair. It does give a little disclaimer saying that it may not, but come on. This is all science available to anyone if they look it up. There is a second ingredient often added called tretinoin that is supposed to aid in regrowth. This stuff does NOT have it. Good thing because that is too toxic, too, at least for me to consider. Dermatologists know this drug and tell you this right away. I know because I have a friend who suffers from hair loss and considered it. Once you start minoxidil, it has to be used for life. That comes from a dermatologist who told me, and I verified that myself. It's all over the internet. It may not be ended once you start treatment. It doesn't say that clearly on the pamphlet. It just says if you stop then your hair will go back to falling out and it's useless to you. Plus, your body builds up resistance like with many drugs, so it likely becomes ineffective after a while. You're right back where you started. Why use a nasty chemical when you're inevitably going to be back to square one, and if you use it forever, you build up toxicity in your body. It has a carcinogen rating of 2, and a 3 for reproductive damage. I'd have to really be going dang bald to even think about using this stuff, and even then, I'd try every other alternative before I'd use this. That's the last product I'd want a full size of, but you kind of need it since it takes a long time of regular use to see any change.I encourage you to do your research before you put that crap on your head. I would NEVER give my family/friends a box of minoxidil. Ever. Never ever. Even if they were totally bald.

    1. Thank you for sharing this information. I added a note to my post because I would like to make sure that other readers see what you have to say. I absolutely agree that it is irresponsible of BeautyFix to include a product like this without making any kind of effort to make subscribers aware of it's side effects and capabilities. I think it's absolutely unacceptable to send a drug like this with an expiration date of 12/15. Because you are right, if someone is using this according to packaging instructions (and assuming they'd talked to their doctor, were aware of the side effects and had all available information and were actually a candidate for this drug) it would expire before they could even use it all!
      For a multitude of reasons, I agree with you. This product shouldn't have been included. And thank you for making me more aware of it. I appreciate it so much.