Saturday, October 10, 2015

Clean Bar Box October 2015 Soap Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

Clean Bar Box will keep you in soap heaven. This is one of the best smelling subscriptions you'll find, too. They send four small-batch soaps to your door every month. The scents are always seasonally appropriate so you know what October means!! Pumpkin Spice!
Clean Bar Box has a variety of box sizes to choose from so you can get the perfect amount for just yourself or you family. The soaps are vegan, contain no preservatives, animal products, petroleum products, parabens, or lauryl sulfates. They're made with coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter with some other ingredient differences depending on the scent.
The Cost: $19.99/month for the Large Box, $14.99/month for the Half-Bar Sampler. This review is for the Large Box. You can also get a box bi-monthly.

What You Get: Four new seasonally inspired scents of artisan crafted handmade vegan soap every month. The Large Box sends two ~5 ounce full bars and two ~2.5 ounce half bars of soap every month. The Half-Bar Sampler sends four ~2.5 ounce bars.
Pumpkin Spice- If there hadn't been a Pumpkin Spice soap, I would have been sad. I love Fall and Fall scents and that means anything even close to a pumpkin pie scent is totally up my alley. This is a spicy pumpkin for sure. Mmmmm!!!

Cafe Mocha- This  is a really wonderful chocolate scent with hints of coffee. With the addition of coffee grounds, this also makes for a nice exfoliating soap bar. Both this bar and the Pumpkin Spice bar are huge 5oz bricks of soap so they'll last awhile.
Orange Cinnamon- This scent combination is right up there with Pumpkin Spice. I love everything about this! So delicious,spicy and citrusy. Yum! This is a half size soap with approximately 2.5oz. If you're one person or even two, you  might want to consider getting the box with 4 half sizes like this.

Gold Moss- This is a really clean, almost masculine scent. It's sort of woodsy but also reminds me of cut flower stems. I'd love it in a candle, too.

VERDICT: Clean Bar Box is a great way to keep your soap stash fresh and get a constant flow of new, interesting and delicious scents. I find that the soaps can be a little on the softer side which is normal based on the ingredients. I like a softer soap and I think these are pretty great. The only improvement I think could happen would be for the recipe to make the bar just a little bit harder to prevent sloppiness. If you use a "soap saver" type sack, it works great for when the bar gets too small and you want to savor every last scrap of it.

If you would like to sign up for Clean Bar Box, you can do that here. Use code CLEAN15 to get 15% off a 3 month or longer subscription. Or use FIRSTBOX to get $3 off your first month.

If you missed out on this month or saw soaps you would like from past months, you are in luck! You can buy full size soaps in the Clean Bar Box Shop!

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  1. All of these scents sound amazing! Fall scents are always my favorite.

    1. Mine, too! I stock up on all my candles during this time of year :D

  2. I love bar soaps. I don't know if it's just me, but they seem to last forever! I ordered the cherry almond one back in June because it sounded all sorts of awesome. I cut it in half and it still took me 2 months to go through that half. But I do love that they're softer than other soaps. And it was still moisturizing enough that I could use it to shave with :)

    1. I love bar soaps in the shower so we go through one big one a month, I think. Maybe a little faster. That cherry almond smelled so good. Although, pretty much all these soaps have smelled amazing. I think that Cafe Mocha one is going in next.