Thursday, October 22, 2015

HorrorPack October 2015 Horror Movie Subscription Review and Coupon Code

In case you were wondering, yes, there's a subscription box for everything! Introducing HorrorPack, here to scare you once a month with four brand-new, frightening DVDs or Blu-Ray discs every single month.

I freely admit that I'm not into horror movies. I get insane nightmares just from previews for these kinds of movies. However, if you LOVE to shiver in your boots and deal with suspense and adrenaline rushes, this subscription is probably something you need.

I believe this is the inaugural month and this pack was sent to me for review purposes so that my horror loving readers could get an idea of what they might find when they subscribe.

The Cost: $19.99/month for DVD's and $24.99/month for Blu-Ray

What You Get: Each month, our team curates four DVDs, ranging from classic horror titles to modern independent festival flicks. You'll hit all the sub-genres, from slasher to ghost story to thriller and everywhere in between.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose- This stars Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson and Jennifer Carpenter is Emily Rose (the same girl from Dexter).

Plot summary:

Based on a true story about a single lawyer (Laura Linney), who takes on the church and the state, when she fights for the life of a priest (Tom Wilkinson), who has performeda deadly exorcism on a young woman. Linney must battle the cocky state lawyer (Campbell Scott) as well as her own demons, as she realizes that her career so far has not led her to fulfillment.
The Barber- This one maaaybe I could watch. Probably not. I hate suspense. I'm the crappy person getting up to walk around fifteen times on movie night or bring in more snacks, just to be able to relax. This stars Malcolm McDowell.

"As 24 hour darkness descends upon the small town of Revelstoke, Alaska, local barber Dexter Miles knows all to well the signs of approaching winter. But it's while cutting the hair of Sherriff Corgan that he is surprised to learn that the body of Lucy Waters has been found. A woman he murdered days prior and hoped wouldn't be found til next Spring.
Discover a chilling layer in a weary town through the eyes of a serial killer."
Pro-Wrestlers VS Zombies- This movie looks entirely ridiculous. It was apparently a Kickstarter movie and has some wrestlers in it. (can you tell I think it's a great idea?)

From Wikipedia-
After Shane "The Franchise" Douglas accidentally kills a fellow wrestler in the ring, the deceased wrestler's brother Angus (Ashton Amherst) decides to take matters into his own hands by summoning an ancient demon to seek revenge. He's granted the power of necromancy and Angus wastes no time in tricking Shane and Rowdy Roddy Piper into traveling to a remote location by promising them money in return for a personal appearance. Once there, Shane and Roddy must fight their way through hordes of flesh-eating zombies and stop Angus before he takes his revenge any further.
The Orphanage- Can I just say that Guillermo Del Toro is really good at scary? So that "kids" movie, Pan's Labyrinth, that was by him, too. And I had nightmares about that pale thing that had eyes in it's hands. That movie was CREEPY! I wanted to love it but it scared the crap outta me. 

From IMDb-

Laura (Belén Rueda) has happy memories of her childhood in an orphanage. She convinces her husband to buy the place and help her convert it into a home for sick children. One day, her own adopted son, Simón (Roger Príncep), disappears. Simon is critically ill, and when he is still missing several months later, he is presumed dead. Grief-stricken Laura believes she hears spirits, who may or may not be trying to help her find the boy.

Just the cover creeps me out. This got pretty good reviews (especially compared to the other ones included).

VERDICT: There's a bunch of different genres of horror in this months HorrorPack. There's the ridiculous, scary, creepy and suspenseful. It's a pretty good mix, I should think, though I'm not an expert judge.

I should note that you will never receive the same movie twice. Even if you subscribe to both DVD and Blu-ray discs. There must be a lot of Horror movies out there.

Subscription plans start at $19.99 per month for 4 DVDs or $24.99 per month for 4 Blu-ray discs. Both plans offer free shipping to US subscribers and economical shipping prices internationally.

HorrorPack ships worldwide. As long as you have a player that can read region 1 DVDs or region 1/A Blu-ray discs, you can view the films in the pack. The packs ship out the middle of each month.

If you'd like to sign up, you can do that right here. Use code ITFOLLOWS for $3 off your first Pack.

What do you think? Do you love Horror?!

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. I'm seriously terrified of horror movies but I know not everyone is.


  1. I love scary movies but don't watch them very often anymore since my husband isn't a fan. I've seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose - is was pretty good. And I'm 99% sure I watched the original sub-titled version that The Orphanage is based on… it was creepy goodness!

    Between our streaming Netflix and DVDs that you can get at WalMart for $5, I think I'll have to pass on this sub box but it seems like fun!

    Some of my favorite scary / horror movies are: Silence of the Lambs, Frailty, Nightmare on Elm Street 1 & 3, The Others, Aliens (does that count or is it Sci-Fi?), The Omen, Psycho, what else? I know there are a bunch more!

    1. Yep, it does look like most of these are $5 each. I wonder how many other horror fans would receive movies they've already seen. I'm pretty sure that Wrestlers vs Zombies would be new to most people... ROFL!

      I think Alien counts as Sci-Fi but it was definitely super scary. To me, Scream was a horror movie. That scared the life out of me!! And yet it was hilarious. :D

    2. Oh, and if you haven't watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil, look it up immediately. It's a horror spoof but it's so good even I loved it (although I closed my eyes many times).