Monday, October 19, 2015

Ipsy October 2015 Beauty Box Review

Ipsy is one of the most popular beauty subscriptions currently available. For the price, it's a fun way to get new makeup every month and I think it's an exceptional subscription for a teen or preteen. If you want to be the best auntie ever, this is what you give to your niece. And probably yourself. Hah!

If you're trying to decide between Birchbox and Ipsy, my personal opinion is that Ipsy has more makeup and is geared toward a younger crowd than Birchbox. Birchbox seems to send more skincare and items like fragrances and teas.
Birchbox has an excellent points system that earns you cash to spend in their store. Ipsy has a points system, too, but you can only use the points to redeem items from a small (frequently sold out) rotating list. Birchbox allows you to spend and earn points from referrals even when you aren't subscribed. Ipsy does not.

Both subscriptions send a plethora of products each month so there is a lot of room for variation. You can have more than one subscription and you are unlikely to get more than one repeat item for the month. With Birchbox, you may not even have one.

The Cost: $10/month.

What You Get: Get five sample-sized beauty products in a cute makeup bag along with coupons to buy full sizes at online shops.

Nourish Organics Argan Face Serum- This is a fragrance free, vegan face serum made with safflower oil, argan oil, rosehip oil and apricot kernel oil. I think I've tried this before but in a different container. Oh, wait, no I didn't. I actually used it in my soap making because this is purely oil with no additives. It makes a nice, moisturizing soap, I admit. :)

Touch in Sol Browza Gel Eyeliner in Mink Wink- Oh, what?! Kbeauty in my Ipsy bag?! Mink Wink is a dark brown but there are also two other colors. It's an auto fill liner from Korea that gets nice reviews on Sephora. I love how kbeauty is catching on! Belif at Sephora? Love it!
Value: $19
BWC Lotion- A fragrance free lotion with lavender oil. /sigh I'd love to try some of BWC's stuff but they all have lavender in it.
the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed- Committed is a pinky nude and is on my list of favorite colors of lipstick. This is a long-wearing, matte formula with a vanilla mint flavor. Love it!

Mica Beauty Creme Eyeshadow in Bronze- This is definitely a creamy bronze. It's not really my color which kinda bums me out because I'd be happy to try it otherwise. I like neutrals but once they go too coppery, I just can't make them work.
Value: $14? (I always feel Mica Beauty products are WAY overpriced. At the prices they charge, the packaging should be sturdier and prettier instead of cheap plastic).

VERDICT: Ipsy really is fun. For the price, it's always worth it until you're completely overwhelmed and need to destash. I forgot to mention earlier that there is always a cute "glambag" that the makeup comes in. They're always different and fun. I save them and send off swaps in them or use them to pack small gifts into.

If you would like to sign up for Ipsy, you can do that right here. There is a waitlist usually but you can get off by sharing posts on Facebook. Otherwise you may have to wait two months. Or hope they have a "no waitlist weekend" or something.

What do you think of Ipsy? I tried to stay away but yep, I'm back.

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