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Jouer Le Matchbox Fall 2015 Cool Subscription Box Review

Jouer Le Matchbox is a quarterly beauty subscription that sends a beautiful box of Jouer cosmetics to your door every month. This is a great way to experience what Jouer has to offer at a very reasonable price point. I've been very pleased with the quality of the cosmetics I've received so far from Jouer and this is one subscription I look forward to for months before it actually arrives.
I took the survey when I signed up and was designated a Cool. Since that coincides with every other color "test" I've taken, I knew before I took their quiz what the answer would be. I think Jouer is doing a really wonderful thing with designating color families for certain skintones. I know I appreciate it because I look terrible in corals of any kind. So any color cosmetics that are sent will be tailored to your quiz answers.

The Cost: $45/month

What You Get: A curated collection of Jouer products personalized for skin tone and type valued at $100+.

Ready to Wear Cool Collection Palette- This is so much fun! I never expected to get a whole palette in one of these boxes but here it is! It's a cardboard palette with a magnetic clasp. It has a small square mirror, four shadows, a blush, bronzer and highlighter.

The eyeshadows are along rosy, plum lines and I love them. First, there's Wisp, a pale matte dusty rose. This is super pale. It's almost the same color as my skin. The there's Twig, a matte mauve which I looove. Rum is a deep shimmering plum with great pigmentation. Last, Havana is a sparkling jet black.
Swatches! I love the matte effect of Wisp but other than that you can't tell it's on my skin. Twig is so easy to use while Rum takes some blending and blending for me. Maybe that's just my brush, though. I ordered some more. Havana isn't as death-defying as it seems. It did induce some "scaries" but when used wet it's just perfect.  I love the hint of sparkle without it being teeny-bopper.
Perfect Tan Mineral Powder Bronzer- Truly perfect for all skin tones, this oil-free mineral rich powder bronzer promotes a healthy glowing complexion while protecting against free radicals with the powerful antioxidants of Japanese Green Tea Powder and Vitamins C & E.
We received the Suntan shade of this bronzer in a previous box (full size, too!) but that was just too dark for me. This works much better on my fair skin and I'm really happy I got a chance to try it this way.
Rose Glow Mineral Powder Blush- A lightweight, oil-free mineral powder blush refreshes the complexion with a soft veil of color. Light-diffusing minerals create a soft finish while Japanese green-tea powder, vitamins A, C and E protect against free radicals.
This is a unbelievably beautiful shimmering rose. I usually stay away from shimmers when it comes to blush but this is just gorgeous.

Camellia Highlighter-These lightweight cream highlighters instantly illuminate cheekbones, eyes, and décolleté, providing a stunning luminescence with a sheer finish.
This is described as a shimmering pearl white and is suitable for all skintones. I really am loving it because it's so subtle. I have the RMS highlighter which is similar but I feel that the Jouer one is less... brassy. It's going to become my go-to highlighter, I can tell.
Jouer Kitten Liner- I'm officially in love. I went through my liners a week or two ago and got rid of all the dry, boring colors. I don't have a whole lot of liquid liners and for some reason most of them are crazily blue. This, though. Talk about precision! I painted the most beautiful line on my eyelid with this liner! It was clean with the perfect amount of liner and was so precise that I was able to increase the width easily, as well as accommodate for my hooded eyelids. I think this is my new best friend.
This is also a brand new Jouer product and Le Matchbox subscribers are the first ones to get it!
Value: $28
Jouer Long-wear Eye Brightening Primer- This innovative, light-reflecting eyeshadow base preps and primes eyelids to extend shadow wear and prevent creasing. Multi-mineral pigments illuminate and even out skin tone around the eye area, while Chamomile Extract calms and soothes delicate skin. Convenient click pen ensures precise application every time.
I was surprised that this came out colored but it's basically neutral. I love the application method, why don't all eyelid primers do this?! One less finger to clean, imo. Does it work? I haven't put it to a major test yet since I just got it but I did use it. I didn't find that it made blending shadows any easier, I will say that. But it does make it stick. I think I might use this for when I'm too lazy to put on eyeshadow but don't want to look like I'm tired or something.
Value: $24
Jouer Lip Gloss in Pink Glacé- Loaded with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Seed Oil to moisturize, soothe, nourish, rejuvenate and protect, keeping lips smooth and hydrated.
This is a super pretty, long lasting shimmery nude-pink. It actually did keep my lips soft and is surprisingly long-wearing for a gloss. I'm really happy with it and could totally see myself buying the full size.
This is a deluxe sample, and while I wish it was full size (because it's gorgeous), I actually really, really like getting these sizes because they are so easy to conceal on my person when I'm out. When you have a tiny, sparkly clutch and you need to fit your phone in first, having a tiny lipstick is a necessity.
Last but not least is a Jouer Tote with a gold foil quote. Mine (obviously) says "I like long romantic walks to the makeup aisle" with the hashtag #jouergirl. This is a NICE tote, too. It's made of really heavy canvas and has a bottom! I prefer totes that have a bottom panel. This thing isn't small either. It could easily carry all my groceries. Love it.

VERDICT: I love it. I love getting the chance to experience Jouer at such an affordable cost. Getting a full, yet compact, palette is something I wasn't expecting and is so fun. I really am loving that highlighter, too. Everything is totally "my colors" and something I would wear. I will use everything included in the box, nothing will be going to swaps or becoming gifts. I'm sort of selfish with this box, I have to admit. I really like the fact that we are seeing new products in this box, as well. I hate it when we get a box that's got discontinued or older products (ohai, bareminerals) so this is pretty special. The other nice thing is that the palette was made just for Le Matchbox. You can't buy it or get it anywhere else, as far as I know. So there's definitely an "exclusive" feel to the box.

It looks like subscriptions are closed for the season but you can buy this box on it's own for $65. Considering the full prices for some of these products, that's definitely a good deal if you know you'll use everything.

Even better!! There's a coupon! Use code ALLURE25 and get 25% off your box (or any Jouer purchase). Surprisingly, that coupon works on the box. It's from my Allure Beauty Box from this month since Jouer was featured in it. :D Enjoy! If you add something small to your order after the box, you'll get free shipping, too.

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  1. I have fair, "cool" skin too and love all the colors you got!!! I have too much make-up and get too many beauty subs to justify getting this one but they really seem to hit it out of the park with each box... I really want it but just don't need it. :)