Thursday, October 8, 2015

Monthly Munchy October 2015 Subscription Box Review and Half Off Coupon Code

I think this is the first official month of Monthly Munchy. I was intrigued because they include snacks and desserts made in-house. The goal is to provide a box with sweet, salty and signature. Signature being their own special creation just for the Monthly Munchy box. Baked goods, freshly prepared? Sign me up!
Since this is the first box, I really had no idea what to expect. I was both pleasantly surprised while also seeing some areas that could improve. Nothing wrong with that, this is their very first box, after all. It looks like this is sort of a dream project for the owner. Can't deny the awesomeness, everybody needs to eat. Haha!

The Cost: $32.95/month

What You Get: Each box will have 2-3 Salty/Savory Snacks, 2-3 Sweet Snacks and 1 Munchy of the Month (this quantity can and does increase depending on what the munchy is for the month!)

Cajun Apple Cupcake-in-a-Jar- I'm assuming this is the Signature Munchy but since there is no official designation, I'm not positive. It... Well, it didn't make the trip very well. It is quite the sloppy mess. It is supposed to be apple cupcake slices with Cinnamon Cream Cheese filling. I love the frosting. The cake part is a little weird but I'm guessing it's from being screwed into a glass jar and then tossed all over the continent. Plus, such cute packaging, too.
Value: $10?

Kettle Heroes Pumpkin Pie Kettle Corn- There's no denying that this is the flavor of the season and I have NO problem with it!! Give me all the pumpkin spice. This is tasty without being overly sweet with just the right amount of crunch. It's not going to last long.
Value: $6
Poore Brothers Salt and Vinegar and Original Potato Chips- This was included because of national potato day and I'm always a fan of potato chips. They're a little boring compared to the rest of the contents but crunchy and salty are two of my favorite things. And the Salt and Vinegar version are delicious. So good I ate the whole bag and I'm supposed to be watching what I eat this week!
Value: $3?
Udder Delights Perfect Pecan Macaroons- Theeeese are to die forrrr! Yum! And I don't even like pecans. These were made especially for Monthly Munchy by Udder Delights in Arizona. If you're wondering how fresh they are? They posted Oct 2 about baking them on their Facebook page. Soo, yeah. Super fresh :D
Value: $6?
Dave's Chocolate Chip Muffin- This is an individually wrapped chocolate chip muffin. It has no ingredients list, sadly. It's very soft and fluffy but needs more chocolate chips. What doesn't, amirite? Which reminds me that the included paper said that we should be seeing chocolate showing up in boxes now that the weather has cooled.
Value: $2

Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleine- I like madeleine's but my favorites have always been the Donsumor ones. This was was dry, sadly, and lacked the rich flavor I love.
Value: $2

VERDICT: I think this is a really fun sort of combination snack and dessert box. One thing I would really like to see is a list of ingredients, especially for the Signature Munchy. I think that would be very helpful for people who need to avoid certain ingredients. I'm a little bummed my Apple Cupcake in a Jar got so tossed around in shipping. I'm sure it would be fantastic if it arrived the way it was supposed to be prepared. Or maybe it just needed a little more time to cool before the lid was put on, who knows. That cream cheese frost is really good, though. This box is on the fairly costly side and it would be sad if the signature monthly was something you couldn't eat because most of the value appears to be tied up in it. I'd be happy to see one more product as well.

The potential is definitely there for Monthly Munchy. I can only imagine it gets better and better as feedback rolls in. If they send donuts... Hopefully next time they'll package things a little more carefully to minimize movement during shipping. And it's definitely nitpicky but I would have liked to see one less sweet treat and one more salty/savory one.

If you would like to sign up for Monthly Munchy, you can do that here. For a limited time, you can use code FIRSTBOX50 and get 50% off your first box. For a little over $16, you absolutely should try it!

Did you get this box? What did you think? Did your Apple cake make you happy? :D

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  1. I'm using your discount code to give it a try. Nov. will probably have a " pumpkin" treat, and I strongly dislike pumpkin and the spices used in pumpkin cookies and such, but maybe they will surprise me.
    Sad about your apple cupcake thing. It even looks mangled. I'd write and ask for a replacement or substitution with the photo as proof of damage. It seems like it would be very good if it arrived in the proper condition.

    ( Have you seen the new " Baklavva" subscription for--- baklava? I'm having severe cravings already)