Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ06 Spoilers!

We have the full spoilers for the NGQ06 Quarterly Co. Subscription Box by Nina Garcia! This box is $100 and is supposed to ship quarterly, even though it doesn't.

The theme is Travel Essentials! Mine isn't here yet (not til Monday) but it looks like there are some color variations on at least the Chic Buds Clutchette (I've seen Navy and Pink).

More specific info:

Baggu Duck Bag- $26- Our classic everyday tote that incorporates an inner padded pocket to cradle and protect your 13 inch laptop. It also offers a convenient pocket for your phone. Constructed of 100% recycled cotton canvas, the bag features two handles and a 40-inch adjustable strap that fits comfortably over your shoulder or across your body. Bag body is 16" high, 10" wide, 5.5" deep.

Chic Buds Clutchette Power bag- $49.99- Take charge of your battery life with the chic Clutchette featuring an ultrathin battery, built-in USB cords and room to carry your keys, lip gloss and other essentials!

Flight001 F1 Caffeine Supply Eye Mask- $16- plenty of in-air shut-eye, thanks to a light-eliminating insert that provides extra coverage across your nose bridge. Wide elastic straps and velvety lining ensure crease-free comfort

Flight001 Standby Champion Luggage Tag- $7- Rubber tag is transparent revealing the identification card in the back.

Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit for Her- $16-With 17 beauty, personal care, and style essentials, our signature petite pouch contains everything a gal needs.

Emi Jay Hair Ties- $11- Emi Jay hair ties are handmade from a soft and stretchy material that provide a comfortable, all day hold.

Jane Iredale Blotting Paper Compact- $11-Made from organic flax seed, which is even more absorbent than rice and linen, these all-natural blotting papers are gentle on skin while ridding it of excess oil for a shine-free finish and come in a sleek, modern compact.

Weleda Skin Food (1 oz)- $8- Weleda Skin Food is a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects skin with nourishing plant oils and extracts

Flight001 F1 X-Ray Passport Pink- $10- Protects your passport while making it easy to find your bag

What do you think? I was expecting more than one "hero" item. The Clutchette isn't nearly interesting enough or name-branded enough to count. This box is worth about $160 from what I can tell. I just feel like there is NO way Nina Garcia picked these things. I think Quarterly just used her name to sell another box. I unsubbed. How much do you want to bet that this is the last box "by" her?

Check out here. They have lots of boxes to pick from but they are TERRIBLE at shipping out on time.


  1. I hate to say it, but I am glad I un-subbed to this! I have loved the Nina boxes but with the exchange rate to Canada I just wasn't sure I was going to be happy with this box! The power clutch sounds awesome, but everything else is a little underwhelming!

    1. I'm so bummed! I'm glad you unsubbed, too, because with the exchange rate and shipping it would barely have broken even for you.

  2. I've decided that the boxes with celeb. names attached are mostly rip offs and cost way too much in the first place.
    I'm sticking to a few of the consistently best curated boxes in a very narrow category of " lifestyle" boxes. And the price has to be less than $50 no matter how often or far apart they curate a new box.
    I'm tired of makeup and skin care. I hate hair care products and nail polish.
    The snack food boxes tend to be overpriced except a few which don't tell you what's in the snacks in English. ( It's a huge downer for me to wonder what the heck I'm eating and sometimes, where it's from).
    I've never ever in my life bought a Geek type box and never will ( unless the Outlander box becomes a monthly box, and it's really NOT a Geek thing but a time travel love story in book format.

    Do you ever get burned out? I've thrown away about 50 subscription boxes, unused, this past week. It felt really sad but also good to de-clutter things I was never going to use. ( hair oil for years).

    1. I think I don't get burned out because I have the blog to keep everything interesting. Plus, a lot of it goes to gifting or gets swapped for exactly what I do want.
      I do admit that I would never get the amount of boxes I do if I didn't have this blog. I'd probably get Popsugar, Box of Style, Birchbox (for the points) and then a rotation of Allure, some kind of snack box or some kind of geek box.
      I definitely would be gifting subscriptions, though. I don't really do it now because I already possess so many things that I know members of my family or my friends would love to have and I set those aside all year.
      Geek boxes are definitely not for everyone. I think you really do have to be a gamer type in order to truly enjoy them. For me, the nostalgia is strong with many of them but my husband is the true fan.
      The Outlander box is tempting! I've read most of Diana Gabaldon's books although not the entire Outlander series. I saw the season premier of the show but it was just too hard because that is not what Jamie has looked like to me in my head all these years.

      I do have mass purgings, though. I'm doing one right now, actually. Most goes to gifts, some to shelters and some to swaps or sale. It's definitely necessary, that's for sure.

    2. You know, I want to thank you so much, Sarah, for your very kind response. I realized after I hit send that I was more or less posting about my purge of the very thing you write about on your blog... You are a very understanding and gracious lady.

      I don't know what it is about me, but after a few months of sub. boxes with only SAMPLES and the ones that are $100 and up that usually disappoint me ( Rachel Zoe's one being an exception), I truly do want the products out of my life. I am such a minimalist as far as clothing, makeup, hair, that I'm probably way out of the Subscription Box Junkie demographic.
      Now- if Sub. boxes had been around in the 80's, and if we had all these mobile Internet options, I would have been the biggest bling queen out there. But, I am the very same age as Madonna, and I lived the 80's and most of the 90's with wild abandon and great glee while pursuing a very responsible career.
      I was " MTV On Stage" every second I wasn't at work. Sub boxes would have been such a dream for me, especially things like Rocks Box, Rent The Runway, all of the color cosmetic boxes, and all of the shoe subscriptions ( which NO one ever reviews LOL).

      I got ticked off in Octobe because the Luxor Box " Most Requested" box was SO lame, then Pop Sugar just didn't send my Oct. box and tried to send it this week and I refused because I've seen it and I'm already tired of it, LOL. They did give me a refund for the box after not shipping it out after I emailed about it 2 weeks earlier. I love PSMH but I'm not ever going to buy any more of the more expensive seasonal LE boxes, I don't think.
      I will continue to get FFF with a discount coupon or special offer, hopefully.
      I kept OrangeGlad and Scentbird because they are both FUN little treats for the soul.
      I think VALUE is starting to enter the picture for me. Value is a very subjective thing. :)

      I dropped all the Asian skin care boxes and bags because I have specific creams I use in the winter time and that's all I'm going to use until I can't find the two any longer.

      I cannot watch the Outlander series because it was SO different in my imagination as well. I minimized the violence and maximized the sex when I was reading the books- ha ha.
      One good thing about the series on TV is that it renewed my interest in the books, which I dropped after the first 5, I think. I have now read every book (Amazon has a great deal on the later books in Kindle format and the Sir John Grey series, which I didn't even know existed). He was in and out of almost every book in the series after the first one, I think, then she wrote stories featuring him because she only releases a major " Outlander" Claire and Jamie book every 4-5 years. The Lord John Grey adventures are her " gap" books. It works out well.

      I will always support BOMC because every person should have the chance to discover new authors and pre-release books IF their editorial staff is strong and stays strong.

      Did you read " Fates and Follies"? I did. I liked it quite a lot. Much different than I thought it would turn out to be :).

      I donated so many sample boxes to our local women's shelter that they told me they are now working with a company to produce a kit to give each woman a sample sized personal care kit upon entrance. It seems that the samples were big hits because so many were luxury brands. Everyone needs to feel special because everyone IS.

      What I think I've done is actually pare my subscriptions down to the number that most women usually end up with. If you ever need to " pare", just order an expensive, over-hyped Limited Edition box from France or somewhere. It totally changed my outlook to see how a ripoff could be packaged so lovely and be so useless.
      All in all, some sub boxes consistently deliver the value and the FUN, and others try to ride in on their snobby descriptions and " limited memberships".

    3. I think once you've experienced a million different kinds of subscriptions, you get to a point where you know what you want and you know what you don't want.
      It's actually a good point to get to because once you pare down, you're happy more often with what you get. Know what I mean? If you're constantly disappointed, it's time to get rid of it.

  3. I received my box yesterday and I am so angry. This was just... wow, no.