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OmNomBox September 2015 Asian Snack Subscription Review and Coupon Code

OmNomBox is a snack subscription that sends a plethora of Asian snacks every month. That means snacks from countries like  Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea Cambodia and China can all appear in your box to tantalize your tastebuds. This is the first box I've ever received from OmNomBox and I'm pleased to see full sized snacks and a drink!
I always love it when snack boxes (especially Asian ones) include information about the snacks in the box. On the OmNomBox website they mention that they often include bonus snacks and/or kawaii items and this month there's a bonus snack! Woohoo!

The Cost: $25/month.

What You Get:Your OmNomBox can include Asian chocolates, candies, chips, cookies and other interesting snacks. Ever box includes a drink! There will be a mix of full size snacks and multiples of sample size snacks.

Hapi Ramen Crunch Cracker in Original- These are addictive. Like.... really addictive. They taste like seasoned dry ramen noodles. I love ramen and I love crunchy so this is like the perfect snack for me.

Tohato Caramel Corn- I would open this if I didn't already have two caramel corns open already. Although the information says this is more like a puff kind of like a cheeto. Even more irresistible. Must. Wait.
Sangaria Royal Milk Tea- This is a Japanese Milk tea. Insanely, it's reminding me of a book I read recently and I can't think of anything else. I'm a little nervous to try it since it seems impossible that something like this could be good.

Pocky Almond Crush- One thing I will never complain about is having too much Pocky in a snack box. Never. I could get Pocky every month and be so happy. This is like super Pocky because it has two layers of chocolate with almonds in between. Omnomnom!
Meito Soda Mix Candy- This is the bonus snack! A nice big bag of individually wrapped hard candies. These are flavored cola, soda, lemon, grape and... apple? I'm assuming. Cola is always my favorite. These are slightly fizzy, slightly sour candies and I love them. If I wasn't currently eating Pocky, I 'd be nomming these.

Bourbon Petit Lemon Sandwich Cookies- Lemon creme cookies! I don't think I've had an Asian snack like this before! It's always fun to get something new. There's a lot of cookies in here, too.
Glico Green Tea Crackers- Green Tea creme sandwiched between biscuits. I don't really like matcha flavor so I gave this to my husband.

Fujiya Home Pie- I nommed this already. Both of the little crackers/cookie things. I wish there had been more than one of them.

Bourbon Chocoliere- A shortbread type cookie with chocolate cream filling. Yay, there's two!

Pineapple Cakes- Okay... These have kind of a... pastry outer shell with a fruit filling. It's almost like a fig newton but not because it's pineapple.

Salt and Seaweed Senbei- Two thin rice crackers with seaweed flavor. This is why I love info cards. Knowing this is seaweed flavored means it goes right to my husband. :D

Alfort Milk Chocolates- A slab of milk chocolate with a cookie attached. These weren't my favorite but they weren't awful either.

VERDICT: So many treats to try! I think one of the best things about Asian snack boxes is getting full size products. It's so nice to be able to snack for a couple of days on a certain product. I'm glad to see so many full size products in this box. Even though I prefer full sizes, there's a definite benefit to getting small individually packed smaller snacks- more new things to try! I appreciate the fact that multiples are included (though I really wish the Fujiya Home Pie had had a twin). Getting a drink in every box is pretty sweet, too. OmNomBox is a great way to get ALL Asian snacks instead of just Japanese, too.

If you would like to sign up for OmNomBox, you can do that here. You'll be signed up to get the November 2015 box. Use code BITS3 to get $3 off your first box!

What's your favorite thing to find in a snack box?

*This box was complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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