Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Little Roots Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

Our Little Roots is a monthly subscription that sends soil, seeds and plant markers every month. You'll get to choose the type of plants you want to grow- fruits, veggies, flowers or herbs. They also take into account the climate and time of year when sending seeds.

You'll receive everything you need to start a garden of your own. I'm big into gardening but I have been working mostly with plants and flowers. Shrubs not seeds. I seem to kill all my seeds. Actually, I take that back. I kill everything I try to grow indoors. Outdoors, seeds seem to do just fine.
Our Little Roots is designed to get children interested in gardening, nature and how things grow. To get them outside and exercising their creativity and away from electronics. Although, in my opinion, electronics are just as great at allowing creativity and I don't discount them as learning opportunities especially in this day and age. However, I totally agree that getting outside and digging around in the dirt is also good for a kid. :D

The Cost: $11.95/month

What You Get: Non-GMO seeds, soil, and stakes delivered monthly

In this months shipment, I received USDA Organic soil, a bio-degradable bag for planting in and non-GMO Cinnamon Basil seeds. And just the thought of cinnamon basil makes me happy even though I had no idea there was such a thing until now. I think I'm going to use only half of them and save the other half for the spring when I'm less likely to destroy everything.
Since there were no instructions on the intended process beyond what was printed on the seed packet, I went online to their website to figure out what the intent was behind the inclusions.

Basically, you can pour the dirt in the bag and grow some of your seedlings. When they're strong enough, you can plant the whole thing outside in the real dirt without disturbing them,

Not all the seeds are going to fit into that little bag, though. It seems like a tray would be better since you need to plant them a certain distance apart but technically this is to get kids outside so I think it's better to just do it that way. Speaking of, it looks like that's exactly what Our Little Roots will be offering for the next months shipment. Peat pots!

So when Spring rolls around, I'll plant my basil seeds outside and hope for the best!

VERDICT: I really, really love the idea of Our Little Roots. Not only do I think it's fun for kids to learn about plants and how they grow, it's just fun to grow things you can actually use! With that being said, there is a distinct lack of directions. I live in a colder area. There is no way we get 6 hours of sunlight at this time of year for a long enough period for something like basil to grow outside. And if we are supposed to grow it inside... How do I do that? Because everything I know about growing things inside = death to the seedling.
I will keep the cinnamon basil until spring and wait until we get 6-8 hours of sun, then plant them according to the directions on the back of the seed packet. It's just disappointing that a subscriber would have to wait that long to enjoy/use something from a subscription. I think it's something Our Little Roots could work on. Sending seasonally appropriate seeds for the zone the customer is in. Maybe they do and I just received a review box that doesn't take that kind of thing into account.

With the switch from a bag to a peat pot, I think this would be pretty fun. I just wish I lived in an area with more sun and heat!

If you would like to sign up for Our Little Roots, you can do that here. Use code BANDB to get 25% off your first box or FIRSTROOT for $3 off!

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine. affiliate links were used in this post.

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