Monday, October 19, 2015

PetGiftBox October 2015 Small Dog Subscription Box Review and 50% Off Coupon

PetGiftBox is a pet subscription that caters to both dogs of all sizes and cats. This review is for the October 2015 Small Dog box for dogs under 20lbs. The theme this month is "Howloween" for obvious reasons. PetGiftBox does such a great job on themes. Of course, the dogs don't care but I think it's fun.
These boxes always have a great mix of toys and treats, too. Even better there's a good variety between the toys so you're sure to get at least one that's the kind your dog likes. If your dogs are like mine, most toys get played with unless they're those heavy rubber kind. My dogs are about 17lbs.

The Cost: $28.99/month-to-month down to $18.99/month if you get a year.

What You Get: A themed box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Candy Corn Plush Toy- This is a candy corn about the size of my head. It had one squeaker which is now gone but this was definitely the big favorite in this box.
Value: $4.99
Super Squeaky Skeleton in the Box- This is INSANELY squeaky. Ear piercing. And Bugsy loves it. I hid it (when he wasn't looking) up high on a shelf in a different room. He found it. /sigh.
Value: $6.99
Exclusively Dog Pumpkin Smoocher Drops- These are definitely the highlight! These are wheat, corn and soy free treats made with pumpkin. The dogs *love* them. They have an interesting texture and while they're a bit larger than my usual training treat, they don't crumble and can go in a pocket nicely.
Value: $7

Bark Bars Spooktacular Cookies- These are a weird kind of treat. I've tried giving these to my dogs before but they don't really like them. I'm not sure what it is. There are two gigantic treats here.
Value: $4
Boo-Bat- This is a crinkly flat bat. Bugsy was so obsessed with the other toy that he barely played with this one. However, I did find it later inside Dexter's crate so someone liked it. :)
Value: $8

Halloween Boo-dana- These things are always too small. Our friends have a 6lb chihuahua that this will fit but these bandanas don't even have enough length to make even half of the knot needed to keep it on around my 17lb dogs.
Value: $5

VERDICT: Another great box by PetGiftBox. My dogs are both rat terriers and I'm totally used to destuffed toys. I don't expect a dog box to be able to cater to the insane drive to disembowel anything even remotely soft or squishy. I do expect them to provide a variety of treats and toys. PetGiftBox does a very good job of that. With dog boxes, I expect the value to be at least the price paid and this month's box exceeds the monthly cost, so that's also nice to see.

If you'd like to sign up for PetGiftBox, you can do that here. Get 50% off  the October box with code HALLOWEEN!

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions belong to my and my dergs. :)

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