Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Popsugar Must Have Neiman Marcus Limited Edition 2015 Spoiler

 popsugar neiman marcus spoiler
Popsugar Must Have has released a spoiler for the Limited Edition Neiman Marcus box! It's a Mela Artisans Tray.

I don't see anything quite like it on the Mela website so maybe it's exxlusive to the box? Or possibly exclusive to Neiman Marcus. The trays run from $100 to $150 so they aren't cheap!

Personally I'm loving the tray. It's my style. But I am passing on this box (for now at least) because I decided to get the Holiday Luxor Box and I'm planning to get the PSLE Holiday box as well.

What do you think?

If you want this Neiman Marcus box, you can pick it up here. Dont forget to activate Ebates and save $3 (although $3 when you're spending $250 isn't much!).

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  1. For the first time, I'm passing on this box as well. I got myself the luxe provence box and that is my budget for this year, lol. I will look forward to the review and hopefully swap for things I might want.

    1. That's what I'm hoping for, too. I passed on the Luxe Provence, too. But mainly because OuiPlease has been driving me nuts. I know, not fair but maybe when my year sub is up I'll try Luxe Provence instead.

    2. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! I just received the box and it's the worst assortment of junk ever assembled! I don't think Neiman Marcus carries any of the items in the box! I paid $250 for a load of junk you can get at a garage sale for about $12! Candy, nail polish, cheep necklace and sunglasses? WOW. I am so glad I didn't wait until Christmas morning to open this box of crap. It would have ruined my holiday. The tray pictured is fine, but very heavy. I would have never purchased this for myself, and the price point on it should be about $19.99, realistically. There is nothing in that box that anyone would pay more than $10 or $15. It's horrible. I just canceled my subscription of almost four years. I hope everyone else who receives the Neiman Marcus box does the same. Horrible.

  2. I stumbled on to your site through instagram and love it :) I have my first popsugar must have box arriving in the next few days and I signed up for the Rachel Zoe box of style. Thank you for doing the top 10 post! Is the holiday luxor box the Dec. special edition box from Does PSLE stand for popsugar limited edition? Sorry for all the questions, I'm a total n00b when it comes to subscription boxes :)

    1. Yay! I love Popsugar! I hope you love your first box. PSLE does stand for Popsugar Limited Edition- they do one each season plus one or two more targeted boxes during the year (like this Neiman Marcus one and then they did a fitness one with Target). The seasonal ones are $100. Last year I LOVED the holiday one so I'm going to get it again this year. And you are also correct about the Luxor Box. They had a special one-time box for sale that ships in December but I think it sold out in three days. I haven't subscribed to Luxor Box but I did pick up the one time box because of the spoiler.

      You are going to love the Box of Style! It's only shipped three boxes so far but it is FUN! If I were going to sign up for only two boxes, you've chosen the same two I would. :D

      Welcome to the addiction and Happy Unboxings! ;)