Monday, October 12, 2015

Powered Geek Box October 2015 Review

Powered Geek Box is part of the rebranding effort by Power Up Box. Since they're in the middle of the shuffle right now I think this particular box might have hit a few snags. The interesting thing about Powered Geek is that you can choose between two box sizes. There's a Premium box with 6-9 items and a Deluxe box with 4-6 products. Both will include a t-shirt.
There was no information card so I'm not sure if there was a theme or not. This box had six items. I'm pretty sure it's the Premium box but I'm not positive. I hope it's actually the Deluxe. That would make me feel better.

The Cost: Deluxe- 19.95/monthly + shipping, Premium-29.95/monthly +shipping

What You Get: Exceptional items varying from the most awesome, epic, amazing, t-shirts, action figures, comics, and so much more.

Superman Socks- I thought these were pretty awesome until I tried them on. They're painted to look like Superman. Which means when you put them on and the fibers of the sock stretch out, it no longer looks good. Sad.

Super Mario Bros. Wallet- This might be the best thing in the box and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It's made out of nylon (I think- the tag just says man-made materials). I'm giving this to my nephew. He'll love it.
Call of Duty: Ghosts T-shirt- Powered Geek Box doesn't have a female/male option when it comes to T-shirts so I picked Medium with the rationale that if it wouldn't fit my husband, I could at least wear an oversized t-shirt. This medium was pretty small so it was definitely mine. I totally wore it.
Twisted Lip Pops- This is a fun Halloween addition. It's like a ring pop but when you have it in your mouth it looks like you're wearing weird teeth. This also will go to my nephew.

MugBoy Coaster- A rubber coaster with a Gameboy on it.

Nintendo Controller Dog Tags- Two metal tags. One blank and black and one with a controller printed on it.

VERDICT: I'm going to be really honest. Powered Geek could do better. This is a fairly expensive box for the geek box market and I expected better. These items were small and felt cheap. I doubt the cost of these items would make up for the price of the whole box. At times, I can forgive that issue if the curation is amazing or there's at least one product that is really awesome or limited edition, that type of thing. But I'm not seeing that here. Although, I'm looking at this from the perspective of a Premium box. If this is a Deluxe box, I'm still bummed about the quality of the items but the lack of value is less of an issue.

Maybe it's because of the shuffle of rebranding because I have seen some nice boxes from Powered Geek (under the Power Up name) so I know it's possible. Hopefully next month things will have settled down and the box contents can live up to the new name. I do like that there's a t-shirt in every box.

If you'd like to give Powered Geek a shot, you can do that here.

What do you think? Have you been subscribed to Power Up Box?

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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