Sunday, October 25, 2015

So Susan Lip Love October 2015 Review

So Susan is a cosmetics company based in London and they have a subscription called Lip Love! Every month, you'll receive makeup products from So Susan and their sister companies. They ship worldwide which is really wonderful.

The Cost: $15.95/month (The first month charges shipping, subsequent months have free shipping).

What You Get: You'll receive three full size makeup products plus one bonus makeup item and one bonus accessory in a super cute canvas bag.

First of all, please notice the adorable canvas bag that everything comes in. This is almost the best part of the Lip Love subscription. I love the artwork and every month has a different inspirational quote. Inside is lined, too, and the zipper is very sturdy and good quality. The bags will last forever.
Lip Parfait by Trifle Cosmetics- These lipsticks come in paperboard containers. The design on them is SO cute but I don't know how long they'll hold up tossing around inside a handbag. It seems like they'd get dirty easily. Either way, this color is an insanely bright red-orange. Totally not me. I'd wear it if it were on the blue spectrum but no such luck in this case.
"A lip treatment and lipstick in one beautifully whimsical stick, our Lip Parfait applies like butter to impart a soft, moisturizing shade of color to your lips. Infused with cocoa butter to keep lips plumped and hydrated all day long"  Looks like this is called "Summer Cone,"
Value: $18.95
Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up- This is a highlighter and waterliner pencil. It is wood and can be sharpened. It has a really great texture so it's easy to use on the waterline. It applies quite smoothly.
"An emollient waterliner that comes in an off-white color to instantly brighten your eyes. Simply glide along the lower inner rim and inner corner of eyes for a natural, refreshed “wide awake” look. Blend onto forehead, cheek bones, brow bone and along the nose to illuminate your features. Safe for contact lens wearers."
Value: $20.95
So Susan Statement Skin in "Starlight"- I've only been subscribing three months and this is my second Statement Skin. It's a different color than the other one I received (I think that was the August box but I'm not positive, I'll have to go back and check). This one is the lighter version. I have to say that I really love these as a highlighter. It applies smoothly and blends beautifully and provides such a gentle sheen. Some highlighters go too blaring and I think it tends to look plasticy on the skin. No such issues with this one.
"An instant remedy to lifeless, lacklustre complexions, simply glide Statement Skin across your forehead, down the centre of your nose and on your chin, and blend for the glow of outdoors radiance. The unique chiselled head enables you to cover large areas of the face, or target small pinpoint ones (like your cupid's bow), all without using a brush!"
Value: $20
So Susan Powder Primer- I don't think I've ever tried a primer in a powder form. I'm not sure if I think that would even work the way I would want it to. Well, now I have a chance to try it.
"An evolution in primers developed in a first-of-its-kind powder format, free from silicon and with SPF-15. Formulated specifically to reduce the layers of bases & creams you apply on a daily basis which may clog pores and increase skin sensitivity in the long run."
Value: $22
Peace Bracelet- This is blaringly bright. It's cute for a child (but I'm not one). I'll be passing this along to my niece who will probably love it because it has pink.
Value: $10.95

VERDICT: I actually like getting these So Susan Lip Love bags. The bags themselves are part of the charm. I do, however, quibble with their posted prices. I don't think that these cosmetics are quite worthy of the high prices. The packaging is cute but cheap. I doubt anyone would pay $10 for the plastic bracelet either. Two dollars maybe, not ten. But really that part doesn't matter in the face of the fact that I paid only $16 for this. Is it worth that? Absolutely! Definitely worth it. These are fun cosmetics to try and it's different enough from my other beauty subscriptions that it's refreshing to unbox.

If you're looking for makeup to experiment with, this is a very good way to get it. If you want to subscribe to SoSusan Lip Love, you can do that here. You can look around and see if any popups with coupons show on your screen, too. Remember that while you'll pay for shipping initially, it will be free for the rest of your bags.

Do you get this subscription? What do you think of the quality? That Statement Skin is my new favorite thing and the Waterliner is actually a really great, unobtrusive color on the waterline.

Also *cough* if you want to see more, you can check out my unboxing. I swatched the Statement Skin and the Lighten Up.


  1. These bags look fun! Think I'll sub soon, also I see you're wearing your Cluse watch!! Mines worn daily, love it.

    1. I love my watch, too! I think these bags are worth it. I'm guessing I'll end up subscribing again for another 3 month subscription after the holidays. I'm saving up for all the sub box black friday deals. :D

  2. I've been a subscriber since they launched in Feb and I love it! I'll use all the items in the bag, except the bracelet - my 4 yr old daughter took that in a jiffy! Also, that waterline pencil is the BEST thing ever - it is subtle yet super effective.

    1. I used it yesterday and it's PERFECT! Previously I was using one with a little shimmer but I think I prefer this one since it's matte. It's definitely fun!