Sunday, November 29, 2015

All the Things I Couldn't Resist this Holiday Season

In case you need something to make you feel better about your own spending, or if you want to chuckle quietly to yourself about how good you were, I'm here for you.

I admit, I did a little of both. I spent some but I was also proud of all the things I said "NO!" to. That can be really hard when you're staring at a $11 set of It Cosmetics brushes that you don't really need but totally want. Except that $11 is about half of what a super awesome subscription box could contain.

My favorite purchases were definitely subscriptions. They're my favorite because they were such a ridiculously amazing deal.

1. First up, six months of Glossybox from Gilt City for $74 using a 25% off coupon code on an already amazing deal of $99. I probably should have gotten the one year but ah, well. Use GOLD20 for 20% off when you checkout!

2. Second favorite? Birchbox!! One glorious year of Birchbox for 30% off (code ACESONLY) plus $20 of points for $62.50!! That should maybe be my first fave. What a deal! Especially considering I earn $5 on every box just for reviewing product. By the time I'm done, I'll have MADE money off of this subscription. The code is still available and non-aces can use PARTYON for 25% off subscriptions.

3. My next purchase is also off of Gilt City. A 4 month subscription (with a coupon) to BeautyDNA for $34. That's so cheap there's really no use resisting. If you're new to Gilt City, you can get $25 off your first purchase (I think it has to be over $50?) with my referral link. Use GOLD20 if you're not new for 20% off.

4. Fourth is NOT a subscription but rather something from a box. From BeautyFix, actually. I fell in love with HydroPeptide Solar Defense Sunscreen. I've been wanting to buy it for awhile but it's so expensive ($44). I used a coupon at Dermstore and got it for $33. Still expensive but I "need" it and I know it's something I'll use. Update: DOH! I just found it on Amazon for $20. I bought it. I'm going to see if they're the same then send the other one back.

5. I also got a December Dottiebox for $18 (instead of $22). I liked the businesses that they're featuring that month and I was planning on getting it anyway. I'm glad I waited a bit for the deal. It's just a one time box, too. No subscription necessary! It's still available.

6. MissionCute had a Black Friday box that might still be available. It's $34 and has over $100 of adorable, small-business goodies in it. I tend to sporadically subscribe to MissionCute because I like what they do but not everything wows me. We'll see! You can use MISSIONTEN and get $10 off either the Deluxe or Mini boxes! That's a deal.

7. I also got three months of Bonjour Jolie. It's a period box but it sends full boxes instead of loose product. I was SO bummed to see that I had used a 15% off coupon and then saw that MSA had one for 20% off. /sigh So if you sign up, use code BLACKFRIDAYMSA (til 11/30).

So now you're wondering what did I resist! Here is what I resisted (so far, I may cave).

LaRitzy Box at 40% off (code BF40)! Why am I resisting?!

Planner Packs at 15% off. I really WANT to decorate my desk calendar I use for blog planning.

I also resisted Saffron at 40% off because I have ten billion soaps and I'm not huge on natural stuff. However, my temptation was more for reviewing on the blog.

I resisted the Tarte 25% off sale and did not buy the new Tartlette 2 or the In Bloom palette.

I resisted the Studio Calico $5 Grab Bags. This was really, really hard.

I resisted Yogi Surprise at 30% off. I'm not a Yogi. I can't buy something just because it's on sale! Right??

I resisted Mantry at $35 instead of $75. They aren't worth it and when I would have reviewed it on the blog, it would mainly be to tell people never to pay $75 for it.

I resisted Ulta and their It Brushes. I resisted Sephora and their $10 deals. Although part of that is because two of them sold out in my cart.

I also resisted OwlCrate, even though they never have coupons, because I can scope out the book that was sent and get it from the library instead. That was a hard one, though. (BLACKFRIDAY1 takes $4 off 1 month, BLACKFRIDAY2 takes $13 off a 3 month and BLACKFRIDAY3 takes $25 off a 6 month sub).

There are a few things I'm hoping I'll be able to find a deal for on Cyber Monday. I really, really want the BareMinerals BareSkin in Bare Shell. I cannot find it in a Kit, I can only find it separately but no coupons so far have given me any percentage off of it at Macys, Sephora or Ulta. Bah. I do have to admit that I really, really like the new Honest Beauty Tinted Moisturizer. Even better than my Bobbi Brown... I never thought that would happen.

Oh, and I also really, really wanted that Rifle Desk Calendar from Birchbox but it was sold out by the time I realized I desperately needed it! Drat! I hope they restock.

I'm guessing I'll probably cave on Studio Calico, Planner Packs and either LaRitzy Box or Saffron. So many good things!

OH!! And I just learned from Brandy at Hello, Subscription that TooFaced has Mystery Bags for $35 worth over $130 on sale TONIGHT at 12am PST!!! I'm staying up for that. I'm not even bothering to resist!! I think you can use this link (its a referral link) to get 20% off. Free shipping is at $50.

What did you get?! Or at least what are your favorites? Make me feel better about how I want to get some more stuff! Haha!

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  1. I didn't resist much... 1 yr of Birchbox &!tge LE Charmed Life box (30% off), 3 months of KloverBox (20% off), 3 months of Herbal Bliss (10% off), a few that had discounts for first box only that I plan to cancel after the first box: Flicker & Flame, LaRitzy, Baklavva Box & Mantry for my husband. Honest Company (first bundle 50% off) which I might keep / skip as needed if I like the products.

    I also bought individual products from companies with discounts: Kosmatology (30% off), Sudsy & Co. (20% off), Ellovi mint chocolate body butter (buy one get one free), the Bella Terra trial box for $20.

    I really have resisted a few things (not much obviously) but not sure why I'm resisting BeaytDNA? I've resisted the book boxes because I use the eLibrary like you. I resisted Glossybox, Dottie Box, Saffron, Clean Bar Box, Treatsie, Sephora $10 deals, Butter Bar, Bonjour Jolie, Bespoke...

    1. Yes!! I'm so glad you got in on that Birchbox deal! So incredibly worth it!! And Kloverbox is one of my favorites, I'm sure you'll love it. I feel like I should tease you for getting the Baklavva box! :D The Mantry deal is the best chance for trying it, too, so that'll be fun! Especially not paying $75! I still think that's highway robbery.
      I love Honest Company! I only need about two deliveries a year, but they'll send you an email every time it's about to charge you and you can just move the date back further. I'm hoping by the time I finally cancel, they let you do it from your account and not on a phone call.
      What'd you get from Kosmatology? Tell me it's something minty! And I don't know why you're resisting BeautyDNA. The last product I got from them was $140! However, BeautyDNA pretty regularly goes on sale so it's not like this is your only chance. There will be others.
      You did some good resisting, too! Those were some excellent deals. I admit I was really tempted by that Treatsie one...

    2. Yes, the Rosemary Spearmint hand soap that I've been wanting to try since people got it from KloverBox! The mini lotion bar with that scent too. :)

    3. The baklavva is for my hubbie too - Dec is his bday month as well as Xmas... And he's impossible to buy for.

      I got my Missha Time Revolution Toner yesterday so I just used it for the 3rd time - it feels so hydrating! I love it! I'm also having fun playing with my new "Digital Moisture Monitor for skin", thanks!

    4. Haha!! You got one!! I'm so glad because it's really so much fun. I love the Rosemary Spearmint scent. My soap is loooong gone.

  2. Hahaha, nice! :)


    a) made too many orders on Birchbox because of that 30% off (including an annual sub)
    b) also went for the 4-month Beauty DNA deal
    c) got a year's subscription to Love With Food for 15% off
    d) took advantage of Fortune Cookie Soap's 35% off (hehehe)
    e) got a Black Box from Bespoke Post while grabbing a box for my brother
    f) purchased some of Sephora's $10 deals (there were some pretty good ones!)
    g) ...and went to Macy's to grab an awesome Origins deal + a nice MK coat

    Oops? ;)

    1. I knew that FCS sale was going to make you happy! What'd you get? Ten tubs of Whipped Cream? And definitely, I approve of Bespoke Post for man-gifts. I probably should have mentioned that I got a 2 month AND a 4 month BeautyDNA subscription... *hates admitting to insanity*
      I admire your tenacity in getting outside and into an actual store... I am not that brave. Crowds. *shiver*

    2. Hahaha, I actually ended up getting some shampoo bars and some of their new mini gift sets! Yesss, I love Bespoke Post... will need to find another Groupon/Gilt City deal later on. XD Both? HAHA, I LOVE IT.

      It wasn't too bad! There actually wasn't too many at our local mall.

  3. Hey Sarah,
    Our team here at Saffron saw your blog post and we are going to send you a free box! You may have a million soaps but ours is the best!!! Email us at with your address (we'll look for the email). Thanks for the shout out.

    1. Thanks, Michael!! I'm excited to review it! I'll be in touch.

  4. I totally over did it.....

    - Sephora beauty aid peace joy kit and the nest trio rollerball parfume
    - 100 percent pure cherry mystery bag
    - with neiman marcus coupon the sulwhasoo skincare for mom
    - Kevin Rose and the popsicle box
    - memebox - I missed the mask bundle so I bought like $100 worth of masks and mud masks, lol
    - Julep - I'm getting like 22 new polishes. It is an addiction
    - Zchocolate for business associates - I just got my lux box and those chocolate are delicious. Plus they are having a a cyber Monday special - check it out if you love chocolate

    My Christmas and birthday shopping is DONE!!!!

    1. ah yeah I also did the annual Glossybox...

      No shopping for me until next year....I can't promise though.

    2. goodness, I forgot I also got studio Calico - the project life mystery kits (2) and the card kit (2) - hopefully there will be some Christmas and Birthday cards there....

      sign, I have this feeling there is more....

    3. I've never even heard of zChocolates! But they have so many good flavors now that I went and looked. So far I resisted the Studio Calico kits but I have three in my cart currently.
      Are you excited for all your goodies to get to your door?! When you get all those masks you are going to have to sit down and spread them out all around you and bask in the goodness!